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Pheasantwing (TSF) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Pheasantwing (TSF)
Current The Storm Fronts
Past SummerClan
Age Approx. 31 moons at death (2.58 Years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Cancer
Debut None
Last Post None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling Many; Unknown
Mate Obsidian
Kit Sebastian
Owner Leggy

Pheasantwing is a tortoiseshell she-cat of oriental descent. She was originally of SummerClan, but was lead to The Storm Fronts by a mysterious tom who later vanished. She became the mate of Obsidian, the leader, and later had their only child, Sebastian. She died of a sharp pain in her head less then half a year later.



Pheasantwing is an oriental-built, graceful, tortoiseshell she-cat. Her pelt is long, smooth, and soft, and she keeps it fairly glossy, often taking time to groom it.
Her legs are long, and her frame slim, small, and slender. She has a long tail, and a triangular-shaped head, with a long, rounded, small muzzle. Her paws are small and round, with short, white, clean-kept sharp claws. Her skin is a pale pink, along with her triangular nose. Her ears are large, like most oriental cats, but are very rounded at the tips.
Her eyes are large and very round, with a slight slant to them. They are of a light, yellow-green color. Her whiskers are long and white, and her teeth and well-kept and very white for a wild cat, much like her son's.


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Pheasantwing was originally of SummerClan, being one of a large litter of siblings.
One day, shortly after her warrior ceremony, she went on a patrol with only one of her sisters. She left to check on a noise she heard, and after finding nothing, came back to find her sister being killed slowly by a large tomcat. He offered to spare her sister if Pheasantwing agreed to come with him, and she accepts. She says a quick goodbye to her sister, and departs, being wary of the tom at first.
He leads her to The Storm Front's camp, and vanishes as soon as a guard noticed her and invited her in. The tom was no where to be found afterwards, and after much questioning, she discovered that none of the cats had ever seen him before.
She is accepted into the group's ranks quickly, and falls in love with the leader, an oriental-built tom named Obsidian. She later gives birth to his only child, Sebastian.
She is shown to be a wonderful mother, often doting on her kit, but dies very suddenly when Sebastian was five moons old. No cat was able to determine her cause of death, although in the days prior she complained of a great pain in her head.



Obsidian: Deceased; Unknown residence


Sebastian: Living


Stanley: Living


Ivy: Living
Cas: Living
Rose: Living


Unnamed sister: Status unknown; most likely deceased
Several cats: Statuses unknown; most likely deceased


  • Despite being virtually kidnapped, she grew to love her adopted home, and when given the choice to go back, she declined.
  • She died due to a cancer, which hid its symptoms until a few days before her quick, though agonizing, death.




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