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Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan, WinterClan
Copperkit, Phoenixkit
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Famine; Reincarnated
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Waspclaw
Mother Chinook, Sageflower (adoptive)
Siblings None
Mate Sandfang (formerly)
Kit Several unnamed kits
Mentor Grousestar
Leader Position
Predecessor Grousestar
Successor Flashstar
Deputy Position
Predecessor Cloudwhisker, Foxcloud
Successor Foxcloud, Fallingleaf
Owner Rainlegs

Phoenixstar is a small, stout, thick-built she-cat with a thick, fluffy flame-and-white coat, and bright yellow eyes. She was a kit of WinterClan, named Copperkit by her mother, but was taken to become a kittypet when her mother left the clan after her birth. She was renamed Phoenix, and remained there for some time, until she was stolen by a nearby AutumnClan border patrol. Being a newborn, though, still, she had no recollection of her home.

She was raised by a barren queen, Sageflower, and the clan had the kitten keep the name her twolegs called her. She was apprenticed to Grousestar, and was later named Phoenixclaw at her warrior ceremony. After the current deputy had died, Grousestar appointed her to the position, when he was very old. On the brink of his death, Phoenixstar realized she was pregnant with Sandfang's kits. Distraught, she stepped down from her rank, and begrudgingly became a queen. Despite her efforts, all of the young queen's litter died very shortly after their birth, and she stepped back up to her former rank as deputy. Grousestar died within the next moon, and she was appointed to the leader position.

As a young leader, she had to be determined to prove herself. She left Sandfang as a mate, and set her eyes on stronger warriors: most notably, Pepperblaze. Although the tom shared some of her affections, he never voiced it, and she remained heartsick over him the rest of her life. She led AutumnClan into many battles, but it was under the reign of her successor that her clan's fearsome reputation fell to the state it is today. She later died, giving up her last three lives to a shattering famine, but her spirit has been allowed to reincarnate into Cardinalflame.



Phoenixstar is very cobby in build, and small. Her shoulders are wide, and her legs are stout and thick. Her face is rounded, with a shorter, blunt muzzle. She has very large, tall, straight ears, with tufts of ginger fur at the tips. Her bright yellow eyes are small and round, and sit a little deeper in her face than most. Sharp tabby markings sit on her forehead and the sides of her eyes, as well. Farther down her back, the tabby stripes grow large and marbled, with much softer edges. They grow more and more difficult to see as they near her belly, and nearly vanish altogether on her tail. A few sharper stripes appear on her legs, right before her elbow. At that point, white fur covers her elbow and down. The white extends up to her belly, and covers her hind legs up to the hock. She dons a white chest and a white muzzle, neck, and nose, as well. Her coat is a bright gingers, but her sharper tabby stripes range to a darker brown color.
Her coat is rather thick and shaggy for a typical AutumnClan cat. Her coat is a double-coat, which is associated more closely with that of a WinterClan cats', being suited for colder weather. Her undercoat is very soft and downy, often shedding in tufts instead of hair-by-hair. Her outer coat is longer and thinner, just adding to her bulk. Her paws are large and flat, and despite a short stature, she is considered very muscular among her clanmates, which aids her in her leadership.
When most approach her, it is made very clear at once that she is in command. Her voice is loud and sharp, almost having a bark-like quality to it. She keeps a proud stance, with her legs shoulder-width apart, which gives her a strong stance. Her chest isn't often puffed out in pride, but she keeps a defiant look on her face and eagerly greets any opposition. She always keeps her tail above her head when stalking around camp, and is known for her aggressive tendencies.


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Although clearly not built for the tree-dotted terrain of AutumnClan, Phoenixstar adapted to life in the forest fairly easily. Her short, thick build allowed her to take down larger prey, but her shorter legs marred her ability to run. She wasn't very fast, nor could she easily climb trees, but what she lacked in nimbleness, she made up for in brute strength.
Much like the cats of her WinterClan heritage, she is skilled in battle. Though she cannot make light, flighty moves, with jumping side to side, ducking, or turning quickly, she can charge and force a cat down with her strong forelegs. This isn't the most effective way of fighting, but she has shaped it to her advantage, and could easily dominate most other small, slender, "flighty" cats.


Kithood and Adolescence

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Sandfang: Deceased; StarClan resident


Four unnamed kittens: Deceased; StarClan residents


Waspclaw: Deceased; StarClan resident


Chinook: Deceased; unknown residence

Adoptive Mother:

Sageflower: Deceased; StarClan resident


Crowstar: Deceased; StarClan resident


Larkstar: Deceased; StarClan resident
Eelstream: Deceased; StarClan resident
Fishtail: Deceased; StarClan resident




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Love Interests

Sandfang (formerly)

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  • She is reincarnated into Cardinalflame.
    • However, it is not a true reincarnation, as Cardinalflame has been described as struggling to get along with Phoenixstar's spirit, showing that Phoenixstar merely has partial possession of the kits' body. That means that if Cardinalflame were to grow stronger, she could expel the leader's spirit from her if needed.


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