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Pine That Clings to Cliff
Pine That Clings to Cliff
Current Tribe of Stars that Shine
Pine That Clings to Cliff
Pine That Clings to Cliff
Pine That Clings to Cliff
Age 34 Moons (Approx. 2.84 Years)
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father River of Ancient Waters
Mother Wren That Chases Dawn
Siblings Unknown
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Rainlegs

Pine That Clings to Cliff, or Pine, is a slender tortoiseshell she-cat with soft eyes. She is a prey-hunter of the Tribe of Stars that Shine.



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Kithood and Adolescence

Pine That Clings to Cliff was born to the Tribe of Stars that Shine in the late spring, under the gnarled roots of a pine tree overlooking a sharp cliff. Despite having several litters before, Pine's mother died while giving birth to her, and she was found a few hours after the death by clanmates who grew worried when the kit-mother was gone for so long. Pine was the sole survivor of her litter, and due to her slender build, she was deemed a prey-hunter for the tribe.
Growing up, Pine always had a deeper religious connection than many of her kin, and would often dream of walking alongside her mother at night. She would sense changes when a prophecy was proclaimed when she was only five moons old, but after that, her senses were nearly diminished as their ancestors cut contact with the Tribe.
Pine later became a to-be, and trained harder than most to prove herself better than all of her many older siblings, who ignored her as a result of blaming her for their mother's death. She became a prey-hunter very early into her training, at only ten moons, as her skills were honed and sharp. She continued to help train the to-bes, and led several notable hunting parties.


Pine continued to help her tribe, and grew to become one of the most notable huntresses. She is first seen in the roleplay bringing the news of a large eagle near the cave. With the help of a cave-guard, she brings it down, and carries it back to camp.
She is seen periodically leaving and entering the cave, socializing with the other cats, and hunting. She often travels down to a stream, where she pines for her family's acknowledgement.
Many moons later, she is seen at midnight, running into camp. While hunting, she is spooked when she feels danger in the air. She runs back to camp, and after seeing that her camp was okay, she calms down, but looks to the stars, wondering if her ancestors were returning, and what message they were bringing with them after so many moons of silence.



River of Ancient Waters: Deceased; Tribe of Endless Hunting Member


Wren That Chases Dawn: Deceased; Tribe of Endless Hunting Member


Eleven Unnamed Cats: Statuses unknown, most likely living
Two Unnamed Kits: Deceased; Tribe of Endless Hunting Members



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Pine That Clings to Cliff

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