Platinumsong is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Platinumsong is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current The Wind Chasers
Given Kit: Platinumkit

Apprentice: Platinumpaw

Warrior: Platinumsong

Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut The Wind Chasers/Roleplay
Owner None

Platinumsong is a stunning, beautiful, longhaired, blueish-silvery grey she-cat with eyes that change colours along with her emotions, tufted ears, and a fluffy tail. Her powers include, Empathy and Illusion Manipulation.

Platinumsong is currently a warrior in the The Wind Chasers.


Platinumsong is an outgoing and responsible cat who is harmonic and creative. Due to her empathic powers some of the emotions she feels in others change her personality along with her emotions, which in turn creates a whole new cat but it wears off at moonhigh (if changed during day) or sunhigh (if changed during night). She strictly follows the warrior code and is unwilling to have kits or mates within another clan and may dissaprove of such relationships however if she is to do so she would love them secretly but never tell them or interact with them unless they tell her first then she will pursue the relationship and would never have kits with the tom in fear of her clan finding out.


Platinumsong is a pretty, long-haired, silvery grey she-cat with a blueish tint that may appear purple in sunlight. Her eyes change colour with her mood (a trait she got from her empathy powers.) however her eyes are a bright, teal-blue colour by default, she has a range of eye colours to fit all her moods. Her fur is sleek and long and has a fluffy feel to it, her ears are tufted and a darker shade than her pelt colour and her tail is striped, thick and fluffy like that of a squirrel.


As she is a Wind Chaser cat she is born with powers (and may gain some during her life.) Her powers include: Empathy and Illusion Manipulation. her Empathy power was gained at birth and discovered during the first moon of opening her eyes when she felt the emotions of her mother when her father died and replicated them. Her Illusion manipulation powers were gained during her apprenticeship when she changed her appearance and created various mouses to mess with the other warriors.

Her illusion ability can last as long as she likes but if she wears it for longer than a day she will begin to lose energy and will weaken.


Coming Soon

Life Image



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