Pollenkit is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current AutumnClan
Past Rogue
Kit Pollen, Pollenkit
Age approx 3 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Malcom
Mother Gingershade
Sibling Ashwoodkit
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Meerkat
 Pollenkit is a ginger tabby tom with green eyes. He is the son of Malcom and Gingershade and the brother of Ashwoodkit. He is a kit of AutumnClan, having returned from his abusive father after he got sick of them.

Unlike his sister, Pollenkit wasn't affected negatively by his father, being his favourite for his tougher and seemingly unforgiving nature. However, Pollenkit only wanted to show that he could be a tough tom and when Malcom eventually rejected both of them, he realised that being tough wasn't everything. Since then, he has still retained a bit of his toughness, although has also developed a soft spot for his shy sister and is a lot more open and friendly.



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Unlike his shy and mentally scarred sister, Pollenkit is an open and friendly, yet somewhat prickly cat who hardly thinks about his past. Due to being his father's favourite, Pollenkit never suffered the abuse Ashwoodkit was given. This also made Pollenkit think that being tough was what his father wanted and adopted a more fierce and unforgiving side.

Things changed when Malcom rejected them both, when Pollenkit began to realise that Malcom never was quite right in the head. He became friendlier and softer for his sister, finally building a bond with her. This helped him to develop an empathetic side, which often comes in handy when he tries to find out about problems his sister is having. However, he still kept his slightly tough exterior, although uses this less than when he used to.

Pollenkit is a very ambitious cat, a personality trait that he never really faked. While he only has a little bit of clan blood, he is determined to be leader one day and often thinks about it.


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Pollen was born as a loner, with his sister being Ashwood. Their mother Gingershade, who was forced into leaving her clan and becoming a rogue again by their father Malcom, is upset and angry by this and very reluctantly leaves them to go back to her clan. They are looked after by an unknown she cat, who had taken the place as Malcom's new mate and attempted to leave with them when their eyes opened, although Malcom hid them from her when she left him. Life under the sibling's father were different for both. Pollen wasn't treated badly by Malcom, while Ashwood was. Inspired by his father and thinking that being tough was how he was going to stay the favourite, Pollen begins to join in on Malcom's attacks on his sister, despite only being quite young and hardly doing any damage to her. Pollen's young life continued to be good until two moons later, when Malcom got bored of both kits and chased the young kits out. Realising that his father wasn't right after all, Pollen becomes a better brother and fixes his relationship with Ashwood, becoming friendlier and far more open. The two tried to find their adoptive mother, although ended up in a better place when Gingershade found them walking through the territory. Elated that her kits were alive, she took them back and renamed them Pollenkit and Ashwoodkit. A moon after joining the clan however, Ashwoodkit dies from a sickness. While Gingershade is devastated, Pollenkit acts strong, something he's used to. He is first seen in the roleplay licking his chest fur as his mother joins him.



Malcom- Living


Gingershade- Living


Ashwoodkit- Deceased, residence unknown


Kratos- Living

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  • Pollenkit was originally going to be the son of Jumpclaw and an unknown she cat, although Meerkat later decided to make him Gingershade's kit.
  • Pollenkit is a biromantic asexual.
  • Pollenkit's warrior name will either be Pollenstorm or Pollenfrost.




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