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Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Age 36 moons (3 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Throat torn while defending Sparrowstar from a fox
Debut SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 27
Last Post Unknown
Father Unnamed
Mother Unnamed
Siblings None
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Sparrowstar
Apprentice Tawnypaw
Owner Sorrel

Poolcloud is a small, long-furred silver-and-white tabby molly, with blue eyes.



Petite and short, Poolcloud is noticeably smaller than most mollies, being one of the smallest of her clan. Despite her small stature, Poolcloud is a little on the plump side, and she has a rounded face and features. She has a short tail and legs, and her size gives her a young look; she could even pass for an apprentice. More coming soon


Soft-spoken, gentle and kind-hearted, Poolcloud is a quiet and sensitive molly, who is always happy to do what is asked of her. Playful and a kit at heart, she always prefers to wander outside camp, preferring to have no apprentice to teach. She loves nature and peace, and she is frequently seen basking in a patch of sun whether it be Winter or Summer. Despite her love for having time to herself, Poolcloud always loves hanging out with her closest friends, especially Sparrowstar or Sedgecloud.
Despite her gentle personality and soft appearance, Poolcloud is hard to pin down, fiercely loyal, and she will fight for her clan safety, to the death if necessary. She takes a long time to forgive those who have done her wrong, if at all - she is very stubborn and will not allow anyone to mock or endanger her or her clanmates. She isn't the bravest of warriors, often being one to flee rather than fight, but sometimes she ignores her fear and places what she is fighting for first.


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Poolkit is first seen wandering out of the nursery when Blizzardstar loses a life. Newtkit asks her what's going on, and Poolkit replies she's not sure. Leechkit comes out of the nursery, and Poolkit notes in her head how the other kits are bigger then her. Poolkit asks Horizonfall what has happened, and she explains that Blizzardstar has lost a life. Poolkit wanders away, and sneaks out of camp via a hole in the camp wall. She begins to explore the territory, and notes that she didn't know it was so big.
After a while, Poolkit accidentally gets lost. She is chased by a fox, and trapped in a hole. Forestpath and Tigerstorm attack the fox as Poolkit climbs an apple tree. Poolkit helps by distracting the fox with an apple, and Forestpath takes Poolkit back to camp as Tigerstorm finishes the fox. Later, Tigerstorm questions Poolkit, who explains that she got lost. Tigerstorm forgives Poolkit, but her punishment was up to Blizzardstar. Tigerstorm asks if she wanted to be her apprentice when the time came. Poolkit is suprised, and asks why after all that had happened. Tigerstorm says that it was actually a good idea to go up the apple tree, and that she would become a great warrior. Poolkit, enlightened, happily thanks Tigerstorm.
While playing with Autumnkit, Poolkit crashes into Blizzardstar's paws. Blizzardstar scolds her, asking why she left the camp. Poolkit retorts that she got lost. Poolkit asks what her punishment is, and Blizzardstar decides to make her clean the Elders' den for a moon and remove the Elders' ticks. Poolkit is shocked and angry. Seething, she stalks over to Maplesky to ask how to remove ticks.
After cleaning out the Elders' nests and removing ticks, Poolkit watches Pelli and Knifeflight arguing, and she is shocked to learn that Knifeflight killed her own kit, Corpsekit. Afterwards, to get her mind off it, she decides to play with Knifeflight's daughter Twistedkit. The two enjoy play-fighting, and Poolkit says that she likes playing with Twistedkit.
Poolkit remembers that she forgot to put the moss in Bramblewhisker' s nest, so she goes to do it. Bramblewhisker snaps why she is doing apprentice duties, she softens, seeing Poolkit's face. The elder remarks that Poolkit reminds her of her sister, and  Poolkit asks who she was. Bramblewhisker tells her about her sadly, that she died. Poolkit says that she is sorry for her loss.
Knifeflight then appears, and Poolkit hides Twistedkit in the elders' den. Later, Poolkit, seeing Knifeflight approach Deathkit and Crimekit, yowls that she is a murderer. Thunderrumble attacks Knifeflight, who is killed. After, Poolkit sits next to Twistedkit, playing with a stick, and asks if Blizzardstar might consider changing Deathkit's and Crimekit's names.
When Blizzardstar appoints Mintnose as deputy, Poolkit whispers to Twistedkit and Autumnkit that Mintnose can't be as she is a new warrior. As the clan begin to turn on Mintnose, Poolkit defends Mintnose, but is ignored, so she frustratingly goes to find Blizzardstar. She tells Blizzardstar to change the deputies, before going back to camp. appoints Tigerstorm as deputy, and the clan calms down. Poolkit is then made an apprentice to Tigerstorm. Tigerstorm calls Poolpaw by her new name, and tells her to meet her new denmates.


Poolpaw greets the apprentices, and Barbpaw shows her to a nest. Poolpaw asks about his training, and Barbpaw replies, also stating that she was lucky to have Tigerstorm as a mentor. Twistedkit, her siblings and Leechkit are then apprenticed, and Poolpaw cheers for Twistedpaw. Tigerstorm takes her out for training on her first trip as an apprentice. Over the weeks, Poolpaw becomes worried about the disease of rabies plaguing the Clans. After Blizzardstar murders Shadowforce, unbeknownst to SpringClan, Poolpaw is suspicious of the scents on Blizzardstar's fur.
After some time, Poolpaw accidently crosses into AutumnClan territory, not hearing Tigerstorm's indications for her to stop. Poolpaw is threatened with her life by Jaystep, who is AutumnClan's deputy. Jaystep demands to know what happened to Shadowforce, and, out of fright, Poolpaw says that Blizzardstar ha strange scents and blood on her pelt, before fleeing.
Some time later, Poolpaw notices an owl over the camp. Poolpaw pushes Berrykit into the nursery, but Flintkit is taken by the owl. Poolpaw follows the owl, but is too late, seeing that it has killed Flintkit. Some time later, Poolpaw hears Berrypaw crying for help, and she narrowly escapes getting her paw trapped by a human trap, where Berrypaw has her tail stuck in. Poolpaw figures out away to free her, but when she does, Berrypaw's tail is a mess. Poolpaw is dismayed, realizing that it could be beyond saving, and helps Berrypaw back to camp. Poolpaw and Berrypaw soon become friends after Berrypaw heals.


After becoming a warrior, Poolcloud goes for a walk. She walks by the AutumnClan border, not intending to cross it, but finds herself confronted by AutumnClan apprentice Sedgepaw. The two's hostility lowers, and they begin talking, showing a liking to one another. After they depart, Poolcloud keeps thinking about him.




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Since Sparrowstar saved her life as a kit and became her mentor as an apprentice, Poolcloud held a great deal of respect for her leader from the very beginning. They shared a close mentor-apprentice bond, which remained even when Poolcloud became a warrior - this bond still stands, and the two she-cats have a strong friendship. Poolcloud admires her leader and always helps her whenever she needs it, but always knows whenever Sparrowstar needs her space.
The two cats love each other deeply as friends, and Poolcloud ultimately showed her loyalty by making the ultimate sacrifice; when the pair were confronted by a fox, Sparrowstar was in labour, and unable to defend herself. Poolcloud protected Sparrowstar, and as the fox leapt for the queen's throat, Poolcloud casted herself between them, so the fox sank it's teeth into her neck instead; she sacrificed herself to save Sparrowstar and her kits. Sparrowstar was devastated by Poolcloud's death, and often remembers the silver tabby, always thinking of the playful and mischievous kit Poolcloud was, as well as the loyal friend and warrior she became.


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