Pyria is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Loners & Rogues
Loner: Pyria
Age 22 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unnamed tom
Mother Fayette
Siblings Littermate: Ezio
Half-siblings: Kirtonos, two unnamed toms
Mate None
Kits None
Owner whiskers
Pyria is a black smoke tabby and white she-cat.



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Pyria's primary nature can easily be summed up in one word: sparkplug. An energetic and daring character, Pyria is easily considered a fool by most, particularly by Kirtonos, and even Ezio on occasion. She lives for thrills and good laughs, and never hesitates to live on the edge. She has constantly been advised to settle down and cool her jets, her elders fearing that she'll get herself killed some day. But Pyria has...a lot of luck, so to say. It's an odd thing, really, she appears to make it out of just about any terrible situation unscathed. Pyria does, however, tend to get others hurt, but only on accident.
Also noted for being a bit flirtatious, Pyria is considered almost as amiable as her brother, Ezio. She's a very affectionate and cuddly character, and a lot more bold about it when compared to her full brother. She's a little charmer and has a great way with words. In fact, if she was to ever be a human, one could compare her to a very energetic business woman, who becomes successful through her enthusiastic ways. As a result, she's great at persuading others and bending them to her own will. Unfortunately, her own brother is usually her primary target. A jolly and happy-go-lucky character, she's often a bit too much to handle all at once.
But Pyria has one big secret: uncontrollable loneliness. Because her mother was an absolute loser who was always in constant competition with her own son, she hardly spent time with her daughter. Pyria never met her sire, and Ezio was busy with being forced to Fayette's side for "proper training". When she grew up and learned of her half-brother, Kirtonos, Pyria was ecstatic, and the smoke tom was definitely not a fan of her loving and energetic nature. As a result, he continues to push her away until she can "grow up", while Ezio attempts to make friends. This makes Pyria feel terribly isolated, causing her to act the way she does.


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  • Before Pyria was born, her mother was "cursed" by a hallucinating rogue, who claimed that her daughter would bring forth a monster.
  • Pyria will tend to have miscarriages.