Quartzrose is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Quartzrose is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current SpringClan
Given Quartzrose
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Splatterpelt
Mother Lilyflower
Siblings Pearlkit, Peridotkit, Platinumkit, Sapphirekit, and Amethystkit
Mate Strikefeather
Kits Fowlkit, Applepaw, more coming soon
Owner None

Quartzrose is a beautiful amber quartz she-cat with white paws and the most beautiful rose quartz eyes. like they are legit fucking gemstone in her eyes fuck that she is a gemstone. she is made of rose quartz.


Quartzpaw is a kind she-cat and is very loving. She will never let someone's opinion go without recognition. When asked a question about something, she always answers truthfully, knowing that even if it hurts them, it's for the best. she likes to hurt people but she knows its for the best basically like she could kill someone and dismiss it "it's all for the best.. of course it is"


Quartzpaw is born to Lilyflower and Splatterpelt along with Pearlkit, Peridotkit, Platinumkit, Sapphirekit, and Amethystkit.


  • Her pelt type is not even possible what.
  • Quartzkit is based off of the stones, Rose Quartz (eyes), Amber Quartz (main pelt color) and regular Quartz (paws). But Rainu wants her name to be based off her eyes, and be named Quartzrose over Quartzamber. why not name her rosequartz or amberquartz wtf

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