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These are the cats that are listed for the time period. Cats within the other clans are not listed unless making an appearance or being a major part of the clan in the story, being it took place not too long ago.

Beggining Chapters

Cats Outside the Clans


Airmead - white she-cat. Apart of Fell's group.

Ivan - ragged black smoke tom kit with a flattened muzzle and kitten-blue eyes.
Natalia - smoke she-kit.
Irunya - black and white she-kit.

Fell - black and white tom. Leader of his group.

Starling - tortoiseshell and white she-cat. Apart of Fell's group.

Snape - brown tabby tom. Apart of Fell's group.

Jarrad - lanky brown tom.

Kestro - ginger tom.

Hailey - ginger pointed she-cat.

Lux - dusty pointed tom kit.

Linksy - hairless pinkish-ginger she-cat.

Gorgi - grey pointed she-cat.

Eduard - grey pointed tom kit.


Gargole - speckled grey tom.

Rigsby - scarred ginger and white tom.

Hans - massive black and white tom.

Claws - dusty brown she-cat.

Randy - massive black tom kit.
Musk - dusty brown and white she-kit.

Cherry - tortie she-cat. Pregnant with Owleyes' kits.


Rinks - smoke tom with a bright colored collar.

Piggy - grey tabby tom with a plump belly.

Noir - black and white tom.

Cloudlove - white she-cat.

Francis - white tom kit. A bit older than two moons.

Spirit - pointed she-cat.

Fred - pointed tom.

Ripple - pointed tom.

Cookie - pointed tom with white mittens.

Savannah - golden savannah pure-bred she-kit. Nursing.

Shine - grey she-cat.

Jackpot - black and white tom with a plump belly.

Storm - large brown and white tabby she-cat.



Guppystar - ginger and white she-cat.

Queens & Kits

Brightcloud - dark brown and white she-cat. Barely pregnant with Buzzardclaw's kits.



Cricketstar - ginger tom.



Blizzardstar - white she-cat.



Mudstar - brown she-cat.



Emeraldstar - grey and white she-cat.

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