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"I love you, Rainface."
Moonstorm to Rainface in SummerClan
Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Age Approx. 120 moons (About 10 Years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Greencough
Debut SummerClan/Roleplay Archive1
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Tanfang
Siblings Bracken, two unknown siblings
Mate Moonstar
Kits Grayfoot, Eclipsemoon, Riversplash, Hopeshine, Faithstripe
Mentor Owlswoop
Owner Doctor Rainy Holmes

Rainface is a blue-gray cat with green eyes.



Rainface is a tall, muscular and slender she-cat with a long tail. She is, in a theory, a Russian Blue, or a blue-gray she-cat. She is like most Russian Blue cats, having the green eyes familiar to the cat species. Her hair is short, like her species. Her fur is always well tended to, as she doesn't like having a dirty pelt.
Her frame is well-built from being one of the best warriors and hunters of her clan in her time. She always trained and found new tricks as to take her enemies by surprise, even if it meant making up completely insane moves. As of her training, she became muscular.


Physical Health

Well, she is dead, so in physical health currently, she is decaying. But back when she was a warrior, she usually never got sick. As an elder, though, she became ill with greencough and soon died of the disease in the matter of days.

Mental Health

Rainface attempted to keep herself calm mentally but it was hard as she could read minds. It annoyed her so often and she tried often enough to stop the thoughts to stop coming to her. Finally, as death do her part, she felt peace in StarClan. She could no longer hear thoughts. It felt odd but gave her mental health and calmness.


Rainface is a smart and brilliant she-cat. She has the world's worst temper though. She can snap at you so often, maybe it's because she can read your thoughts, or maybe it's because she just hates company a lot of the time, except if it's her mate, Moonstorm.
Despite her snappy self, she is, as stated, smart and brilliant. She never ceases to impress people and amaze them with her talent. She, when in the mood to deal with people, is really sweet, especially to Rowanstar and Silverflower, her best friends in the entire world.

Skills and Abilities

Rainface, in her time, was the best warrior in hunting and fighting. If that isn't enough, she had the ability to read minds, making her superior to most of her enemies as she could see what they were going to use to attack and what she should use to counteract them.



Rainface was born to Tanfang with her siblings Bracken, Water, and Hawktalon. She becomes an apprentice with Hawktalon because Bracken and Water ran away and were not recovered. Shortly after they become apprentices, Tanfang, their mother, is murdered. They become warriors and Hawktalon mysteriously dies.


Rainface is first seen talking to Sunstar, the leader of SummerClan. She openly voices her opinions about where Moonstorm is, feeling worried about what the tomcat was doing. He then appears in camp with fresh-kill, where she openly voices her anger at him for running off. He starts to say that he was hunting and just happened to of fallen asleep and she sighs, deciding to leave him off with a small warning.
Afterwards, she voices her worry to Firesky. She quickly feels embarrassed for revealing so much and quickly left to talk to Luckshine, the medicine cat. She reveals she might be falling in love with Moonstorm and the medicine cat just shrugs Rainface away, which makes her upset.
Early in the morning, Rainface is awoken from another dream about Moonstorm. She eyes the tomcat, trying to get a reading on his thoughts when another thought hit her hard-on. She looked at Firesky as she also dreamed about Moonstorm and quickly learned the she-cat loved the same tomcat as herself. However, a few minutes later, Moonstorm asks to talk to the she-cat, where he told Rainface that he loved her, in which she replies that she loves him too and they become mates.
A little while later, Rainface and Firesky get into a fight because Rainface became Moonstorm's mate instead of Firesky. Firesky pinned down Rainface and bit her leg, making her cry out in pain. Moonstorm then rushed in and saved Rainface. Firesky finally realized that Moonstorm does love Rainface and runs away, upset.
After the fight, Firesky and Rainface become friends again, vowing to never fight. Rainface voices her thoughts about how she thinks she is expecting Moonstorm's kits, which terrifies her. Firesky calms the she-cat and they go on a border patrol.
On border patrol, a group of WinterClan cats attack. Sunstar came around with another patrol and the WinterClan cats soon fled. She returns and Luckshine tells her she is expecting kits, confirming her suspicion. She tells Moonstorm and meets Silverflower and Skymist for the first time in the roleplay.
A battle commences once more between WinterClan and SummerClan and Rainface pretends to be dead in battle. After Silverflower is healed, Rainface talks to her. Silverflower thinks about how Moonstorm was hostile and wonders how Rainface could ever love him, which angers the blue-gray she-cat because she was able to read her thoughts. Silverflower then learns to use this to her advantage.
A long while later, Rainface gives birth to three kits. Eclipeskit, Graykit and Riverkit. Throughout the roleplay, she is seen talking to her kits and appraising them.
Once they become apprentices, her friend Luckshine is found to be pregnant with kits. Once the litter was born, consisting of Branchkit, Poppykit, Bramblekit and Shadowkit, she takes a form of custody over them and raises them as if they were her own.
As time goes by, the kits learn of their true heritage and become sort of angry at their mother. Rainface is quick to ease their tension as they become apprentices.
Awhile later, dogs invade camp. As well as Sunstar and her deputy being killed, so is Rainface. Her mate, Moonstorm, become leader and she is seen to be giving him a life. However, after she has given him his life, she is reincarnated as a kit, Rainkit. She later becomes an apprentice by the name of Rainpaw, mentored by Moonstar. However, an occurrence happens... Poppyheart's kits are born with special powers and they do a time reversal of sorts. In turn, Rainface, Silverflower and Luckshine are brought back to life. She is also brought back with two kits, Faithkit and Hopekit.
She isn't seen for awhile, except in raising the kits. However, a badger invasion happens and she returns, battling. At the death of Rowanspirit, a young warrior, everything to do with the battle freezes momentarily. Her son, Riversplash, wails in pain at the lost of her, realizing he did love her. He goes into battle and inadvertently dies.
Afterwards, she becomes an elder, telling stories to kits of her time as a warrior. She uses her mind-reading abilities to shock the kits and amaze them. Around the Battle of the Century, the she-cat dies from greencouch and takes her place in StarClan.
In StarClan, she is seen talking to either her mother, Tanfang, or Spottedheart, a past friend of hers from SpringClan.
She voices to Spottedheart her confusion as her powers have suddenly returned to her in the afterlife. Rainface shoos the tortoiseshell she-cat away, which angers Spottedheart. Spottedheart then sighs and leaves, realizing fighting will do nothing.





Tanfang, since Rainface's birth, has been protective of her daughter. Before her litter's birth, she was told that one would be born with a special ability and she has protected her since. At her death, she continued to watch Rainface in StarClan, up until her daughter's death, where she finally felt she was safe.


Bracken and Rainface have been close since kits. However, once he ran away, Rainkit felt unloved and lonely. Once he returned, the two quickly became friends again and he became protective of her. When she died, he was heart-broken.

Other Two Siblings

Her other siblings were both killed. Water, her identical sister, ran away, fearful of Rainface, then Rainkit. Hawktalon didn't care much for Rainface as a kit or a warrior, and he died from an unknown death.


Grayfoot has always been a cat that Rainface has been proud of. He grew into a strong warrior and a talented one at that. He gave her grandkits, whereas the other two did not, and she loves him.


Eclipsemoon, Rainface's only daughter, has been a bit spoiled by her. Being the middle child, she praised the young she-cat for handling the two brothers alone. She was close to her daughter, understanding what it's like to live with two brothers, even though Rainface also had a sister at birth.


She won't admit it, but she's probably been most proud of Riversplash. He, out of all his siblings, was cool and collected. She felt proud of the young kit when he became medicine cat and supported him no matter what he did. She was heart-broken when the young cat died when the badgers invaded.


She watches over Hopeshine in StarClan with proud eyes. She sadly missed the young she-cats life and felt heart-broken over this fact. She tries to make up for it whenever she can by watching her as she goes around SummerClan from StarClan.


Faithstripe, like her sister, Hopeshine, were sadly apprentices when their mother died. Rainface watches over her and tries to guide her whenever possible, even though it seems in vain.

Love Interests


At a young age, the she-cat learned to adore the tomcat. She would often be seen protective over her mate, even when he was leader, and would die to protect him. There was nothing she wouldn't do for Moonstar, and she would soon become an elder with him. However, she died of greencough, saying that she loved him.



Ever since Rowanstar joined the clan, then at Rowanspirit, the two have been close. Although at times, the two wouldn't talk much, she still cared for her greatly. When Rowanspirit became Rowanstar, Rainface realized just how little time she had seen her friend and tried to expand that time before her end came for her. She both loved, as a friend, and admired the ginger she-cat.


At first, the two weren't friends, constantly getting into fights. However, once Silverflower was hurt in battle, she lightened up to the she-cat and she was the first to tell about her ability to read minds. She was very close to Silverflower, especially at the time of her first death. Around her second death, she is seen, thinking about her old friends, Silverflower included.


The two were friends up until they started to fight for Moonstorm. Once Moonstorm choose Rainface, Firesky lashed out and hurt her. However, they quickly became friends again and Firesky was the first person Rainface told about her speculations of her first litter of kits.


Luckshine and Rainface have always been close, whether it be Luckshine patching up the she-cat from a battle wound or telling Rainface that she was expecting kits. She learned to love the she-cat and soon would raise the she-cats kits so she wouldn't be caught breaking the warrior code. She learns to treat Luckshine like a sister rather than a friend at times.


She has always been friends at Skymist, ever since she joined the clan as a kit with her brother, Moonshade. She would always joke with Skymist over things, especially on how the she-cat always slept in late every day. Once Skymist took her brother, Bracken, on as a mate, Rainface really opened up to Skymist.


Friends after death, or so they say. The two died and quickly became friends in StarClan. Spottedheart is seen to worry constantly about Rainface due to the fact that the she-cat is always thinking or hiding away. Rainface is always rolling her eyes and commenting on how Spottedheart is being over-protective but gets nowhere fast.



Since the young apprentice came around, trying to steal her mate, Rainface has disliked her. Dirtpaw has constantly tried to kill Rainface and end her life in desperate attempts to get with Moonstorm. In the end, she was killed, but she still lives in the Dark Forest, and Rainface fears the threat of the young, wild and crazy apprentice.



Moonstorm - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Unknown - Deceased; Residence Unknown


Tanfang - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Bracken - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


2 Unknown Kits - Presumed Deceased; Residence Unknown


Eclipsemoon - Alive


Grayfoot - Alive
Riversplash - Deceased; Residence in StarClan

Adoptive Daughters:

Branchheart - Alive
Poppyheart - Alive

Adoptive Sons:

Shadowpelt - Alive
Brambletail - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Skycloud - Deceased; Residence in StarClan
Flarepaw - Presumed Deceased; Residence Unknown
Seedfeather - Alive
Rowanspirit - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Breezefur - Alive

Adoptive Granddaughters:

Brightfeather - Deceased; Residence in StarClan
Tawnyleaf - Alive

Adoptive Grandsons:

Longtail - Deceased; Residence in StarClan
Batwings - Alive

Adoptive Great-Grandchildren:

Tigerclaw - Deceased; Residence in StarClan
Nightglow - Alive




Character Pixels

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Rainface: "Am I dead?"
Tanfang: "*nods*"
Rainface: "NO! I have to go back!"
Tanfang: "It was your time to die."
SummerClan/Roleplay Archive6




  • She was originally going to stay dead until Luck's plan came along.
  • She was also orginally going to be named Rainheart but the user's friend told her to name her Rainface.
  • Little of the she-cats blood is actually still alive in SummerClan except for a few cats that have disappeared and are technically dead.

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