Raven swiftly dodged a paw swiping out. She leaped over the cat and a bush, smiling. She slid and turned back to her enemy. Raven was a rogue, fighting was what she did. She slashed out, and while the tawny warrior's eyes watered with pain she picked up the rabbit and hared off into the forest.

She stopped at a cave, one so covered by undergrowth no one would notice it but her, and sometimes she couldn't find it. She wriggled under the ivy tendrils, and saw her mate. "Night!" she exclaimed.

Night stepped back from his wife (wife, mate, i dun know). He looked at her in a weird way.

Raven ducked her head. "What?" she asked worriedly.

Night scrunched his eyes together. "You're expecting a kit," he accused. "What? Never," Raven scoffed. "Stop being a fox-brain."

Night just shook his head.

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