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Ravenheart is a part of Project Characters and has been graded silver.

Current StarClan
Past Rogue, AutumnClan
Warrior Ravenheart
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Suicide
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Ochre
Mother Raven
Sibling Flare
Mate Canyonlagoon
Kits Bubblekit, Birdfeather, Cloudshade
Mentor Shimmermoon
Apprentice Ripplesong
Owner Ravenfang

Ravenheart is said to be a smaller-sized she-cat with a lean, tall body. She has strong, noticable muscles on her legs from running so often. She has thin, hardly seen grey whiskers. Her ears are longer and taller than normal, because of her father Ochre's breed.
Her base pelt color is a dark jet-black, which is dark enough that she can easily hide in shadows. Her eyes are a pretty and sparkly ice blue that change colors slightly depending on the weather and her mood. For instance, when the weather is colder, they're an icier blue than normal. In foggy weather, they turn a more grey instead of blue. The brightest blue oocurs on sunny days. She admires her eyes quite a lot and finds them one of her best features.


Physically, Ravenheart is rather well-off. She is a rather muscly cat compared to others her age. Her thin form does not stop her from winning fights due to her fast movement skills. Her fur is short and rather smooth, giving her a sleeker look but also making her more susceptible in leaf-bare. Her immune system is generally great and she's never contracted any serious illnesses, but when she was a kitten she did have hypothermia.
Mentally, Ravenheart had almost no problems other than the perfectly normal anxieties and weaknesses. This changes near the end of her life, when she starts to have critical depression. This depression normally doesn't affect her, until something bad happens to bring it up again. She has a phobia of drowning and floods.


Ravenheart was described to be a rebellious, trouble-making, and blunt cat when she first joined AutumnClan This, however, does change as she grows. She slowly becomes more respectful and obedient with age, and by the time she's a senior warrior, she is pretty much a confident and opinionated she-cat but with a filter on her mouth. Her over-all extrovert-ive presonality brings her a lot of friends. She is such an extrovert, that she loved responsibilty and dreamed of being the leader one day.
In most instances, Ravenheart is shown to be a stubborn cat with almost no chance of changing her opinions. She'll listen to what others have to say, but if they don't have a PERFECT arguement, her opinon stays the same.
She is very nostalgic near the end of her life, and does yearn for the past when she was more active within her clan and had more chance of becoming a figure of power.
Although she puts on a tough front most of the time, Ravenheart has a soft core when it comes to her mate, Canyonlagoon, or her kittens. She would do anything to protect them, and would never let any cat lay a paw on them.
She is very cocky inside and loves to brag about things she's done. However, this does change slightly when she grows into a warrior, though secretly she still thinks very highly of herself.
Ravenheart can be said to have a brave personality, because she's often eager to fight for things she believes in. This can be a good quality, but more often than not it gets her into tricky situations she wouldn't have been in if she had thought rationally.
Ravenheart is also a very ambitious and eager she-cat. She's always trying to better herself, espescially at fighting skills. She tries to get in positions of power as much as she can. Even just leading a patrol makes her feel important, so she tries to lead and boss others around as much as possible.
Ravenheart works well with teams or patrols, even though she may get bossy at times she hates working alone. Even just going to the border and leaving a scent-marker, she likes to have at least a partner with her. This goes along with her extroverted and social nature.
Ravenheart is fiercely protective and oftentimes possessive of anyone she loves and cares for (espescially, as mentioned before, her mate and kits.) Even clanmates she doesn't know will be protected if anyone from another clan tries to hurt them. This can come off as overbearing, but most of the time, she means very well.


Ravenheart is oftentimes a very good fighter. Due to her lean muscles and sleek size, she can run quickly and slip through small spaces. This makes it hard for her to be injured fatally in battle. She is nicked a lot, but part of her fighting ability comes from stamina and pain-tolerance, espescially.
Ravenheart generally is not a good hunter and struggles to catch prey, espescially during leaf-bare, where she's lucky to get a catch a week. During greenleaf, she can pretty much catch a mouse a day if she's lucky. Her mentor, Shimmermoon, was a good hunter, but Ravenheart just never inherited the skills.
Ravenheart seems to do very well at climbing trees, once scaring Ripplekit by climbing into a tree quickly and convincing the young kit she was an owl.
As mentioned briefly in the fighting section, Ravenheart has great pain tolerance. She rarely complains about anything. After battles, she often is the last one to be treated if her injuries aren't very serious. This can, however, be a weakness. Since Ravenheart tends to overlook small injuries, she's more likely to get her wounds infected.


Kithood and Adolescence

She is born to a rogue named Raven who named her after herself and then left. Then she is seen pouncing on Shimmermoon, and later sneaks into woods after her. Raven visits camp one day to see Ravenkit, then tells Shimmermoon that she wants to take Ravenkit away. Ravenkit doesn't want to leave so Raven stays in the clan with her daughter. Ravenkit never really takes to her mother and prefers to looks up to Shimmermoon instead.
Ravenpaw is made an apprentice with Shimmermoon as her mentor. She goes hunting and scents a vole. She later rescues Ripplekit from the woods. When Crystalheart leaves, she shows that she feverishly wants to be a warrior, and help Ripplekit. She talks to Ripplekit about the propecy, and becomes a warrior.


Ripplekit is renamed Ripplepaw, and is her apprentice. They show a strong bond almost immediately after Ripplepaw is assigned to Ravenheart.
She is later seen being controlled to like him by Hawkwing. Ripplepaw gets really angry at Ravenheart, wondering why everyone has mates nowadays.
Later during the fire, Ravenheart and her mother, Raven, help some elders. Ravenheart goes back to rescue Ripplepaw. Once she has Ripplepaw, she is horrifed to realize the entrance is blocked by a wall of fire. She can't get out of the camp.
Later, after the fire, she is discovered by Ember. He tells her she is burned, and breaks the news: Ripplepaw is dead.
Ripplepaw comes back to life and Ravenheart takes her hunting. Ripplepaw catches like a million voles and Ravenheart is very happy. She hints Ripplepaw might become a warrior soon.
Ripplepaw becomes a warrior, Ripplesong, and Ravenheart is happy but a little remorseful she doesn't get to train her anymore.
Ravenheart goes hunting a bit later and meets Canyonpaw. They show alot of affection for one another.
Ravenheart goes back to camp to talk to Moonleaf, who is really suspicious. Ravenheart asks what the problem is and Moonleaf says she is pregnant, but she hasn't seen her with any tom.
Ravenheart blurts out Shadewhisper, but he already has a mate. She rushes away to help Emberclaw.
Later, AC territory floods. Ravenheart helps multiple cats, including Nightheart and Ripplesong. She later slips down the muddy hill into a river. Her mate, Canyonlagoon, helps her.

Moons later...

Ravenheart begins to kit. It is bloody, and she almost dies. Emberkit is born first and he is very small. Ravenheart notices he is cold against her stomach and grimaces; he is a still born. Bubblekit and Covekit are then born, and she nurses and cleans them.
When Mudstar becomes leader, she cheers then goes back to the nursery. She has den fever.
Later, before Bubblekit can see or hear, she leaves her and takes Covekit to SpringClan so she can be with her father. Bubblekit never knows she has a sister.
Much later, when Bubblekit is Bubblefeather, Ravenheart notices she hasn't helped at all with anything. She runs away sadly and in a rage, then kills herself by jumping off of a cliff.




Ochre- Alive


Raven - Deceased (Residence Unknown, presumed StarClan member)


Flare - Living


Bubblefeather- Living
Birdfeather- Living

Daughter In-Laws:

Brightwish- Living


Rainsweptpaw- Living
Spiritpaw- Living
Mousedash- Deceased (Confirmed Dark Forest member)


Birchstripe- Deceased (Confirmed Dark Forest member)

Grand-daughter In-Law:

Creekstone- Deceased (Confirmed Dark Forest member)

Grandson In-Law:

Cinnamonflame- Living


Bumblefern- Deceased (Confirmed StarClan member)
Silverfeather- Deceased (Confirmed StarClan member)

Great-Grandson In-Law

Midnight- Living
Whirlpool- Deceased (Confirmed StarClan member)
Moonsight- Deceased (Confirmed StarClan member)


Shadestripe- Living
Hollynose- Deceased (Confirmed Dark Forest member)
Risingfern- Living


Pebblesong- Unknown
Stormwhisker- Deceased (Confirmed StarClan member)

Great-Great-Great Grandsons:

Foxstorm- Living

Great-Great-Great Granddaughters:

Lionblaze- Deceased (Confirmed StarClan member)

Great-Great-Great-Great Grandsons:

Reedkit- Living (Adoptive)

Great-Great-Great-Great Granddaughters:

Wrenkit- Living (Adoptive)
Crowkit- Living (Adoptive)



Raven- "I think I've always been a little angry that I had to live all my kithood without a mother to teach me right and wrong. But now that I'm in StarClan and can see the big picture, I understand how scared my mother was of having to grow up and take care of a kit for herself- this is almost the same feeling I had with my kits. All in all, I completely forgive my mom, and I'm tremendously happy I got to know her before a died (even if she was a little bit embarrassing at times)." - Ravenheart on her mother
Ravenheart has never gotten along with her mother very well. During the first part of her life, Ravenheart dreamed of meeting her mother. She pictured the cat that gave birth to her a sweet, wise, and knowledgable elder that loved her. When Raven eventually did come along, she was nothing that Ravenheart had expected. This made Ravenheart a little bit bitter towards her, even though it wasn't really Raven's fault at all.
Flare- "I've never met Flare, but Mom's told me plenty of stories about her. I don't know why they stayed together while I was left behind, but I'm over the bitter feelings now. I'd love to meet her, but sadly I don't think she's coming to StarClan, since she's a loner." -Ravenheart on her littermate
Ravenheart has never met her sister or her kit.
Canyonlagoon- "Ah, Canyonlagoon... Don't get me started on that tom. I love him, more than anything, more than I love myself (which is difficult)... Heh... However, now that I'm in StarClan and can see past my desire, I do understand why I shouldn't have had Bubblefeather, Birdfeather, and Cloudshade with him. We were both kits, and it was a foolish decision- but he's still the tom I fell in love with, and if I had to do my life over, I would've fallen for him over again."
Ravenheart always was head-over-paws for her mate. She thought he was gorgeous and sweet, and never thought twice about breaking the warrior code for him. However, after her death, she began to realize her bad decisions.
Bubblefeather- "Bubblefeather, my darling! I love her so much, just like I love all my kits, but we were always closer. I regret to say it seems I have passed on some of my.. issues to her, considering the struggles she's going through, but I love her all the same. When she joins me in StarClan, I know it'll be a happy reunion."
Ravenheart sadly never grew very close to her kit, but she still watches her from StarClan and is proud of the few achievements Bubblefeather has achieved.
Birdfeather- "Birdfeather... I'm not sure what to say about him. I'm fond of him, of course. He reminds me so much of his father it hurts. But I also... I wish we had known eachother better, I guess. I'll make a point of it to talk to him when he joins me in the stars."
Ravenheart never really knew Birdfeather at all. They had no recorded conversations. Ravenheart watches him from StarClan, and wishes she knew her kitten better.
Cloudshade- "Cloudshade and I were much the same as Birdfeather and I. I love her to death, of course, but we never talked much. She reminds me of a better version of myself. Such a beautiful molly. I've enjoyed greatly seeing her grow into a strong young she-cat, but I regretfully admit we were never close."
Ravenheart considers Cloudshade very impressive, and admires her kitten a lot, but she feels the same about her as she does Birdfeather, that they did not interact enough.


Shimmermoon- "Ah, Shimmermoon. I don't know if I can talk about her without getting choked up. I guess... Well, I'll just say this- she made me into the molly I am today. She took me in from the start, when I was just an obnoxious, squeaky little kitten. I appreciate her immensely. Shimmermoon reminds me of something a cat told me once- 'The best love is the kind that changes you into a better person without making you change into someone else.' Though I know this is meant for romantic love, it also reminds me of Shimmermoon. She's my idol, and always will be."
Shimmermoon was Ravenheart's mentor, and the first cat she ever met when she first joined AutumnClan. Because of this, Ravenheart has always been very attached to Shimmermoon. Ravenheart also had the tiniest crush on her when she was an apprentice. Ravenheart would've trusted Shimmermoon with her life, and therefore was extremely devastated when the molly died.
Ripplesong- "Thinking about Ripplepaw brings back happy memories. She was a gorgeous apprentice, never caused trouble or anything. When she was a kit, however... I'm kidding. She's always been a little onery, but I love her more than anything. She tries hard."
Ripplepaw was Ravenheart's apprentice, and their bond was always unique and tight. When Ripplepaw died and came back to life, their friendship was just tightened. If you asked, Ravenheart would tell you that Ripplesong was her best friend she ever had, next to Shimmermoon.






Character Pixels

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  • She most likely has kittypet blood, because black cats with blue eyes can't happen in the wild.
  • She is bisexual.
  • Ravenheart's relationship with Shimmermoon was mirrored off of Raven's with Snowstar.
  • She is reincarnated into Ravenkit.



Ravenkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Flashstar: ""And finally, Ravenkit, I believe it is time for you to be apprenticed. You shall be, your name until you are a warrior shall be Ravenpaw. You shall train under the guidence of Shimmermoon. Shimmermoon, I trust you to give Ravenpaw the right guidence to become a great warrior.""
Ravenpaw: ""Thank you, Flashstar!""

Ravenpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Flashstar: ""Ravenpaw, I give you the name Ravenheart for your courage and strong will.""
Ravenheart: ""I will bear my name well, Flashstar.""

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