Ravenwing is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current AutumnClan
Past Kittypet
Age Approx. 27 moons (2.25 years)
Status Living
Debut AutumnClan Archive III
Owner Max

Ravenwing is a sable mink tom with blue eyes.



Ravenwing is a somewhat semi-foreign built tom. He's a little more on the chunky side now after a while living as a warrior. In his youth, he was quite lean and met many breed standards. He has sort of long legs and is generally a well-built cat. Ravenwing has some muscle, but, he's also got some fat. He's living a good life. The tom has a coat that appears short but he has a lightly plumed tail to disagree with that. His description is simply a very lithe, and lightly built tom that stands out compared to his heavier, and broader Clanmates.
The tom's coat is primarily a warm cream colour, with some lighter sections along his underside and chest. He has very dark brown facial, leg, and tail markings. If he was described as a kittypet, the tom would be known as a seal-pointed variation His eyes are a beautiful dark blue that shares its colour with the clear waters from SplashClan's territory and a clear sky. Ravenwing still to this day, keeps a good tab on his appearance. He can be seen every so often making sure his pelt is clean - guess it can be said old habits die hard.


Ravenwing grew up under some hard circumstances. He originally was a housecat who lived in a home with his mother and siblings. There he was showered with love and was often described as an energetic, enthusiastic young cat who flourished under his mother's watchful eye. However, his life all changed when he managed to climb the fence of his childhood home and fall into the forest. He was stuck and for reasons never clear to him and eventually picked up by AutumnClan warriors - due to the section of the Warrior code.
That was when he faced a very different life. Ravenwing found himself being pushed around, put down, and excluded by many other cats due to his looks and quite possibly his different social interactions. As a result, the tom has become a rather quiet, antisocial cat of the Clan. He tends to keep to himself when he isn't performing his duties because, while he is treated poorly, Ravenwing loves his Clan due to the protection they have given him. He doesn't go out of his way to go beyond his duties often, and sometimes when he does something selfless, he could be considered out of character.


Ravenwing is an average cat. He is a capable warrior and shouldn't be second-guessed because he wasn't named for anything in particular. The tom is loyal to his home and Clanmates and has a heart of gold. He would die for his home before anyone could deny his potential. His suffix, to some degree, indicates his capability as a warrior who can do an all around good job at what it takes to become one. Ravenwing personally prefers to hunt - he finds that his lighter build makes him quite a handy little killer when he needs to be. Hunting is also preferable to him, as some of his peers often make remarks about how enemy warriors could 'snap him like a twig'.



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  • Max likes to think that Ravenwing used to be alienated by his Clanmates for his thin and 'sickly' appearance.
  • Ravenwing's old kittypet name, Erikr, is an Old Norse name meaning 'ruler of the people'. It comes from Max's original character who tends to use the name occasionally.





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