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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past The Wind Chasers
Given Kit: Raykit
Apprentice: Raypaw
Warrior: Rayfire
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death died
Debut idk
Last Post Unknown
Father Basiliskfang
Mother Phoenixwing
Siblings Wolfpaw, Dragonfire, etc.
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Brindlewolf
Owner Crys
Rayfire is a fluffy, flame-resembled bright ginger she-cat with a flame colored pelt, and bright amber and orange eyes with tiny dancing fires in her pupils. Her pelt is always letting off smoke, sparks, or an aura of warmth... or burning energy, and her saliva is usually lava unless she's in the water, where she usually never is.



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Physical Health

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Mental Health

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Rayfire is haughty, and unafraid to say anything. Rayfire is faithful just like her mother, but she can be a bit of a rebel. She is also very brave, and has the same ability to look into her father's killing eyes. She loves to battle due to her fiery personality and her hyperactive actions, and hates hunting, and always tries to escape hunting patrols. Rayfire is strong, but doesn't look it. She is one that never gives up, complain like a huge she-cat, or get scared, although she will freak at the smallest amount of water.
She absolutely detests rain and isn't bothered at all by forest fires. She is extremely hyperactive and is in constant movement. She can be naive at times, and maybe a little too prideful. Rayfire is almost like a tomcat at times. Coming Soon

Skills & Abilities

Rayfire is a cat who loses power, but regains energy from the sun's rays. Rayfire can do anything every other cat can do in her clan, but prefers controlling fire. She can last long without drinking anything. She also has very sharp eyes, and can see everything if she concentrates. She hates the water, though, and can't stand being near a puddle. 
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Raykit is born to Phoenixwing and Basiliskfang. After watching Mindkit kill a bird, Raykit is very curious and copies Mindkit. She then turns invisible and pokes the unaware Syskykit. Syskykit gets mad at her, and they fight. Then, after calling eachother jerks, Raykit storms off, and plays with Basiliskfang. Syskykit thinks that she is a show-off, but Raykit ignores him. 

She is seen playing around the camp, playing with Swampkit and Shorekit and burning down Swampkit's plants. She throws a fire-ball at Shorekit, but Swampkit takes the hit. Raykit is embarrased, and runs away, taking the form of Syskykit. She later turns back to her original form, and tells Swampkit that she is sorry.

Raykit later becomes an apprentice, earning her name Raypaw and having Brindlewolf as her mentor.


She becomes a warrior, earning the name Rayfire.

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  • Rayfire has a lot of powers, but she never uses them and prefers using her fire powers.