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Ripplesong is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan
Given Ripplekit, Ripplepaw, Ripplesong
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Fell over
Debut AC RP Archive 4
Last Post Unknown
Father Flameglow
Mother Crystalheart
Siblings Thunderfoot, Berryfall, Mintflower, Leafstorm, Kumquatcloud, Reflectionsky, Eaglefrost, Creammoon, Stormwillow
Mate Forever Alone
Kits None
Mentor CS
Apprentices Snap, Turtlespirit
Owner Crystal

Ripplesong is a silver-blue she-cat with blue eyes.



Ripplesong is a very sleek, very glossy silvery blue she-cat with a lighter muzzle, and has white spots that somewhat resemble petals around her eyes. She has large, icy blue eyes that are extremely good for watching. Ripplesong has a light, slim structure for climbing, swimming, and running.


Physical Health

Ripplesong is shown to be very fit. She excersizes frequently and is always up and moving. She is very quiet when moving around, giving her an advantage at ambushing and hunting.

Mental Health

Ripplesong is very logical and thoughtful in familiar situations, although she can't help herself from talking back at all times. She has a lot of common sense, and is very intelligent when it comes to the things she knows about. Otherwise, she is clueless about what to do.


She is stubborn, clever, cunning, and proud; just like her mother. Ripplesong enjoys making mischief and sometimes gets snappy. Ripplesong is good-natured and friendly, although she is also fiesty. Ripplesong speaks wisely at times, although at other times, she insults cats and speaks rudely.
She talks back almost all the time, and gets in a lot of trouble for that. Because of all her ego, she can be hard to get along with. She sometimes get disgusted by all the love, and believes that the clan comes before a mate and kits. She still respects the fact that they do it, though, as she knows that kits will help the clan.
Ripplesong is talkative, and is always up and moving. She is a little hyperactive, and usually never tires out. She can fall back from hunger, though. She likes to have only a few friends, and is anti-social due to her arrogance and pride. But, whichever cat she befriends, they have such a close bond that they share more secrets together than they share with their own parents. She shows a special bond with Ravenheart, and can get a little upset over her recent death. She doesn't let that barge into her life, though. 

Skills and Abilities

She has extremely good senses, and is one of the best hunters in the clan. She is a great swimmer. Even if she's good at hearing, smelling, and seeing, she's either a very watchful or a very oblivious cat.





Ripplekit is born to Crystalheart and Flameglow. Shimerkit tries to get to Crystalheart, but Ripplekit bats her away. Ripplekit pushes all the kits. Thunderkit challenges Ripplekit and she says that she wanted Crystalheart. Turtleheart and Thunderkit plays, but after Thunderkit accidentally sliced Turtleheart's belly, Ripplekit annoys him. She then asks if they could play and Thunderkit pins her down. Ripplekit then plays moss-ball. She stops playing mossball, and complains about Thunderkit being strong. Ripplekit then notes that she will be the best hunter.
Crystalheart tells the kits to sleep, and when they all sleep, Ripplekit sneaks out, trying to prove to Thunderkit that she will be the best warrior.
While she goes to a forest, she catches a mouse but because it's so dark, she decides to stay there for the night.
She sees Ravenpaw, and thinks she's an owl until Ravenpaw takes her up a tree, where she realizes that the owl was Ravenpaw. Ravenpaw scolds Ripplekit, and Ripplekit apologizes. Ravenpaw wonders if she'll be Ripplekit's mentor and then talks about what happened when she was a kit. Ravenpaw adds that she was 5 moons old when she left, and Ripplekit was barely older than newborn. They leap off the tree and leaves to the camp.
Turtleheart and Crystalheart are the first to see them, and they ask what she and Ravenpaw were doing. Ripplekit shows them the mouse and tells them the she caught it herself, and that she was sorry for leaving the camp without their permission.
Ravenpaw and Thunderkit has a fight, and then Ripplekit tries to stop them. They then have a physical fight, and because Ripplekit was angry and very scared, she gets in Ravenpaw's way and get's pierced in the stomach when Thunderkit bite's Ravenpaw's neck. Ripplekit get's angry and bite's Thunderkit's shoulder. Thunderkit blacks out and Ravenpaw asks Ripplekit if she was okay. Ripplekit did not answer, but falls unconscious.
Moons later, Ripplekit becomes an apprentice, Ripplepaw. She becomes Ravenheart's apprentice.
Ripplepaw is seen talking to Thunderpaw after he attacks Shadepaw, and leaves the camp. She notices Nightpaw stuck in the brambles and attempts to pull her out, but gets stuck in it too. She manages to get out of the brambles, but falls in an underground tunnel that collapses, blocking her from Nightpaw.
Ripplepaw sees Raven in the tunnels, and calls out. She then finds an exit and comes out.
Ripplepaw is seen passing by Thunderpaw and Shadepaw. She then goes to the nursery, where she gets sucked into a vision. Ripplepaw sees herself under Thunderpaw's claws.
After the vision, Ripplepaw becomes confused and scared, and goes to sleep. She sees Ravenfang and they start training. Clawstar yells at Ripplepaw.
Ripplepaw trains and sees Icepaw, and wakes up. She tells Nightpaw that she saw her sister before Nightpaw's death.
Ripplepaw fights Shadepaw, then runs away. She climbs an oak and goes to the very top of the tree, where she watches the forest. She falls, and gets carried into the camp by Nightpaw.
Ripplepaw finds herself in the dark forest again, and trains with Clawstar. They go up to Shadefur and Icepaw. Ripplepaw wakes up.
Ripplepaw is seen defeating Jadefur with Ravenheart, and going to Silverwave in the battle with SplashClan. Clawstar appears next to her to help.
After the battle, Ripplepaw stretches happily and thinks how good it is without a mate. Then she notices Ravenheart and Hawkwing and gets disgusted. Hawkwing calls Ripplepaw a kit and tells her to get lost. Ripplepaw gets very angry and unsheaths her claws, calling Hawkwing a fox-face. Ripplepaw is aware of Clawstar nearby. Hawkwing tries to use his power on Ripplepaw, but Clawstar tells her to not look at him. Ripplepaw looks away.
She runs out to the forest, and screams when she scents a fire coming her way to the camp. She alarms everyone, and they go out to outside the camp. Ripplepaw goes inside the camp to help, and when she follows Thunderpaw out, she leg buckles and she collapses. Ripplepaw then dies from the smoke.
Ripplepaw is seen watching the clans from above. Crystalheart is with her. Ripplepaw visits Nightpaw, saying that Turtleheart will let her revive. She tells Nightpaw to dip her paw in the water, just enough to make a single ripple. After Nightpaw follows Ripplepaw's intructions, Ripplepaw revives and finds herself next to Nightpaw.
Ripplepaw is giddy when she finds herself living, and runs to the camp happily. She trains happily with Ravenheart, and catches a lot of voles for Mudflower.
Ripplepaw accidentally crosses the SummerClan border, and meets Ripplepaw. They trade fresh kills, and they agree to visit each other every moonhigh. Ripplepaw then returns to the camp, excited about visiting the tom in the future.
Ripplepaw and her brothers and finally named warriors, earning her name Ripplesong. She thinks about Ripplepaw. After Nightheart finds out Ripplesong has been visiting Ripplepaw, she warns her not to keep visiting him, and Ripplesong agrees. She then returns to Ripplepaw, telling him that she couldn't be with him any more. 
Ripplesong lives a typical life as a warrior, and is heartbroken when Ravenheart dies. She gets over it, but she then gets attacked by Tornfeather.




Crystalheart - deceased; residence StarClan


Turtleheart - deceased; residence StarClan


Flameglow - deceased; residence StarClan


Mintflower - living
Reflectionsky - deceased; residence StarClan
Creamlight - deceased; residence StarClan
Kumquatcloud - deceased; residence StarClan


Thunderfoot - living
Berryfall - living
Stormwillow - deceased; residence StarClan
Leafstorm - deceased; residence StarClan
Eaglefrost - living


Everlastingsight - living
Minnowheart - living
Nettleface - living
Cricketstep - living
Neritetail - living
Risenbeauty - deceased; residence StarClan


Boltspark - living
Flintpelt - deceased, residence StarClan
Sageheart - living
Sycamorewhisker - living
Mosquitokit - living
Kestrelblaze - living
Cressfall - living


Rainsplash - deceased; residence StarClan
Lilyflower - status unknown
Cloudfoot - status inknown
Chad - status inknown


Minnowsplash - deceased; residence StarClan




Ripplekit: "Why is Thunderkit so strong? I thought I was going to be the strongest cat in the clan. I wish Thunderkit stopped being so big."
Thunderkit: "Because I'm a big kitty."
Ripplekit: "'Kitty?' I thought you're a kit, not a kittypet."
Thunderkit: "I'm a kit, but not a kittypet; I'd be too rough on my kittypet neighbors."
—Ripplekit and Thunderkit AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 4


Ripplesong: "What are you doing? That is disgusting!"
Tornpaw: "Me?! I'm not doing anything!"
Ripplesong: "-I never heard of a cat that could enjoy the scent of the dead! What are you, some kind of raving mad creature?"
Tornpaw: "Why do you even care?! Don't get into other cat's business!"
—Ripplesong and Tornpaw AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 24


Ripplepaw's Apprentice Ceremony

Narrator: "They all gather..."
Flashstar: "May the kits come up?"
Narrator: "The kits scurry up...."
Flashstar: ""Ripplekit, Avalanchekit, Shimmerkit, Thunderkit, Palekit, and Nightkit. You are to be apprentices. Your names are Ripplepaw, Avalanchepaw, Shimmerpaw, Thunderpaw, Palepaw, and Nightpaw. Ripplepaw, your mentor shall be Ravenheart. Avalanchepaw, your mentor shall be Whitetail. Shimmerpaw, your mentor shall be Fireheart. Thunderpaw, your mentor shall be Swiftfoot. Palepaw, your mentor shall be Sorrelshine. And Nightpaw, your mentor shall be Shimmermoon. May the guide you to warrior-hood in safety.""

Ripplesong's Warrior Ceremony

Flashstar: "I,Flashstar, leader of AutumnClan, call apon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have worked herd to understand the ways of your noble code and I comment them to you as warriors in their turn. Ripplepaw, Tunderpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?"
Apprentices: "I do."
Flashstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior names. Ripplepaw, from this moment on you shall be known as Ripplesong. Thunderpaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Thunderfoot. Nightpaw from this moment on you shall be known as Nightfire . StarClan honors you courage and bravery and welcomes you as full warriors of AutumnClan. Creekkit you shall now be known as Creekpaw, and your mentor will be Oakclaw. Pouringkit, you shall now be known as Pouringpaw and your mentor will be Quailsplash."

Life Image


Character Pixels

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  • Ripplesong can have warnings of bad 'stuff' that will happen in the future. She usually gets the warning from visions and dreams. However, this no longer happens due to her aging.
  • Ripplesong is the only one who can't be affected by powers and all that stuff.
  • Ripplesong is one of the best hunters in the clan.
  • Ripplesong does not know her mother, Crystalheart is still alive, because she is dead as Ripplesong heard of it. 

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