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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan
Given Kit: Risenkit
Apprentice: Risenpaw
Warrior: Risenbeauty
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed from a disease she couldn't fight off
Debut AutumnClan 16
Last Post Unknown
Father Berryfall
Mother Moonleaf
Siblings Kestrelblaze, Cressfall
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Stoem
Risenbeauty is a silver and white tabby she-cat with a cracked spine that is broken about at her front legs and soft blue eyes



Risenbeauty is a small she-cat. She thin but long silver fur that almost curls at the tip. She also has barely-noticeable, almost gray, white markings on her face, chest, underbelly, and tail. She has has dark gray tabby on her face, paws, and tail. She also has four barely noticeable but pink, fresh-like scars that cross her side from the accident on the Thunderpath.
Risenbeauty is a small statured she-cat. She has short but muscled legs that look a little too small to hold her body. She has large paws for her short legs, but they are fragile and hold very small claws. She has a long, narrow body that is caved in still and forever more from the famine. Her back, which was once nicely arched for a she-cat her type of stature, is now broken just a whisker length from her front legs, leaving her immobile in any part lower then that. Her lower body sags on the floor and she usually drags them with her, making her front legs get stronger every time she moves. She also has a fluffy, immobilized tail that is thick and heavy. She has a short, thick neck that supports her rather large head.
Risenbeauty has a finely shaped head that is rather large. She has a curved face with large, almost shockingly big, blue eyes. She has a short, large muzzle with a cute pink nose and rather weak jaws. She has thin, short silver-white whiskers and large cheek bones.


Mental Health

Mentally, Risenbeauty is a strong she-cat and intelligent for her young age. She is stable mentally, and doesn't break down easily, although with some push she will sometimes break within. She has a large fear of Thunderpaths ever since her accident, and would hate to ever come face to face with another Monster in her life. Secretly, also, she has a fear of water, considering she would hate to drown in the watery depths as she tried to keep herself up, which is strange considering she has RiverClan blood, slightly, in her veins.

Physical Health

Her Physical Health before her accident was well. She had a strong immune system, and rarely ever got injured or sick. Now, though, her spine is broken just behind her front legs and she now suffers problems. She can no longer fight of sickness as easily now that she is immobilized, and she can't be healed. Sickness, mostly from a build up of stuff that she can't run off or clear her chest off, clogs her mostly in her lungs and makes it hard for her to breath. She tries her best to move, but to Risenbeauty, it's frustrating to do all the time and for the amount of pain she suffers when she does do it. Although, she tries her best to get the right amount of exercise needed for her, she never gets enough for a young cat like her.


She is very eager, enthusiastic, and light when it comes to living. She loves to be young, and loves to help. She would help anyone who needed it, and wouldn't turn down any cat who needed her. She loves to explore, and wouldn't miss out on an adventure at any moment. She is very curious, and tends to get lured into stupid things that she doesn't need to or want to be in just out of the curiosity of it. She loves life, and tends to always remind cats of it. She loves nature also, and she likes to spend her time outside camp rather then inside of camp.
Although, she can be quite bold, cowardice comes when she doesn't know she's being rude or selfish. Ever since she got injured, she has grown a mean side to her, often snapping at innocent cats or feeling sorry for herself. She tends to live on the bad moments of life now a days, rather then remember the good times she had with her brother. She always likes to think of what could have happened if she had never broken her spine, and she hates any cat who reminds her of her incident. She always hoped for kits, and when she realized she probably could never have a mate or kits, she became extremely depressed, and started to suffer to herself most of the time.
She is a complex cat with many emotions, but even though she may be depressed, she is very brave and bold. She will speak out for any cat in need, and she will give any of her time or patience for them. She would throw her life on the line for a cat to love, or any of her family at that. She has a close relationship to her almost opposite to her brother, Kestrelblaze. She tends to only want to see him, and he is one of the only cats she would never snap at, no matter what he may say or do to her, because she's well used to his barbed tongue and sharp attitude. She cares about her clanmates deeply, and only wishes that she can once again help them again by hunting or fighting for them once again.

Skills and Abilities

When she wasn't injured, she was a remarkably good climber, and was very swift on her feet. Speed and skills were her best aspect, even if Fighting wasn't. She loved to hunt, and she is a good hunter by some cat's standards. She could climb a tree before a cat could say 'mouse', and catching squirrels was her favourite, especially when they were up in trees. She is terrible at swimming from when Kestrelblaze, Kestrelpaw formerly, dared her to swim and she almost drowned, forming her fear of drowning. She tends to hate keeping her feet on ground level, and would make up an excuse to climb anything at any given moment.


She is born to Moonleaf and Berryfall along with her brothers Kestrelkit and Cresskit in AutumnClan out in the forest. She is the last born, and the weakest, though a fighter. Her mother names her Risenkit after her friends who she had hurt in the past.
Her brother, Kestrelkit, is seen poking her to wake up. He thinks she is dead, and goes to their foster mother, Lightningdash, and asks if she is dead. She says she is taking her time, and licks him on the head, then Risenkit. Risenkit twitches her pink nose, and extends her jaws. She opens her ice blue eyes, and smiles afterwards.
Later, she is seen when Shadowforce is accused of murder. She asks Kestrelkit if he really did it do, and Kestrelkit says definitely yes.
She becomes an apprentice, Risenpaw, with Boltspark as her mentor. Though she isn't seen much during her apprenticeship, she is seen when Kestrelpaw back talks Everlastingsight, and she shows that she is the opposite of him.
She is made a warrior, Risenbeauty, and is proud. She is seen walking out of camp to hunt with Kestrelblaze.
She is seen much later getting hit by a Twoleg monster when chasing a Rogue off the territory. Stunned and bleeding, she could do nothing but lay there and wait for help. Willowsky and Nightfire help her back to camp, but Risenbeauty realizes that she can't move her back legs at all, and no pain comes.

Life Image


Character Pixels

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Risenpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Mudstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the highoak for a clan meeting!"
Clan: "Gathers"
Mudstar: "Missingpaw, Kelstrelpaw, Risenpaw, Awakeningpaw, Turtlepaw, Brightpaw, Blazingpaw, Windpaw, Wavepaw, Earthpaw, Birdpaw, and Tricklepaw, step forward."
Risenpaw: "steps forwards"
Mudstar: "Missingpaw, Kelstrelpaw, Risenpaw, Awakeningpaw, Turtlepaw, Brightpaw, Blazingpaw, Windpaw, Wavepaw, Earthpaw, Birdpaw, Cloudpaw, and Tricklepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your lives?"
Risenpaw and the rest of the apprentices: "I do"
Mudstar: "Then by the power of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Missingnose, Kelstrelblaze, Risenbeauty, Awakeningdawn, Turtlespirit, Brightwish, Blazingsoul, Windsky, Wavesplash, Earthspirit, Birdfeather, Cloudcrash, and Tricklecloud"

Risenkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Thunderfoot: "May all cats old enough to chase their own prey join beneath here for a clan meeting!"
Narrator: "Kestrelkit poked his head out of the camp enterance, and walked over to the highoak to meet Cresskit and Risenkit. Cats gathered around."
Thunderfoot: "Three kits have reached six moons of their life, and I now make them apprentices. Kestrelkit, Cresskit, and Risenkit, step forwards."
Risenkit: "Steps forwards proudly and calmly"
Thunderfoot: "Until you earn your warriors names, you shall be known as Kestrelpaw, Cresspaw, and Risenpaw. Kestrelpaw, your mentor will be Everlastingsight, she may teach you how to respect more, Cresspaw, your mentor will be Boltspark, and Risenpaw, your mentor will be Redfrost. Train hard!"
AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 19


Mother - Moonleaf - Living

Father - Berryfall - Living

Brothers - Cressfall - Living, Kestrelblaze - Living

Foster Mother - Lightningdash - Living

Foster Father - Thunderfoot - Living

Foster Sisters - Everlastingsight - Living, Missingnose - Living

Foster Brother - Boltspark - Living

Aunts - Wildheart - Living, Ripplesong - Living, Shimmershadow - Living, Reflectionsky - Living, Creamlight - Living, Kumquatcloud - Living, Silverberry - Living

Uncles - Brambleshadow - Living, Cloudclaw - Living, Thunderfoot - Living, Stormwillow - Living, Eaglefrost - Living, Leafstorm - Living

Grandfathers - Shadowheart - Living, Flameglow - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Grandmothers - Silvermoon - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Crystalheart - Living

Great Aunts - Mossfur - Living, Silentwind - Living, Turtleheart - Living, Shimmeringpaw - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Great Uncles - Thornwhisker - Living, Snakeclaw - Living, Redstorm - Living

Great Grandfather - Icestar - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Great Grandmother - Skyheart - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Great-Great Grandfather - Shiningclaw - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great-Great Grandmother - Reedheart - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great-Great Uncle - Pebbletail - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great-Great Aunt - Whitefeather - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Cousins - Fallingheart - Living, Opalgaze - Living, Topazmist - Living, Lifekit - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Flintpelt - Living, Nettleface - Living, Daringheart - Living, Dreamflight - Living, Everlastingsight - Living, Boltspark - Living, Winterblaze - Living, Fadingshadow - Living, Redfrost - Living, Holly - Living, Missingnose - Living, Reddeningkit - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Barkkit - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Specklingkit - Deceased; verified StarClan member, Sheeppaw - Living, Heronpaw - Living, Smallpaw - Living, Mitepaw - Living


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