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Current Dark Forest
Past WinterClan
Medicine Cat
Dark Forest
The Queen
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Murdered by Reedstar
Debut WinterClan
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Sibling Several unnamed kits
Mate Marshshade (formerly)
Kits Reedstar, Guppysplash, Bluekit
Mentor Tawnyleaf
Apprentices Herbpetal, Patchheart (unofficially), Aspenflower (unofficially), Risingstar (unofficially), Larchcloud (unofficially), Elmstar (unofficially), Gullpaw (unofficially)
Medicine Cat Position
Predecessor Tawnyleaf
Successor Herbpetal
Owner Rainlegs
Risingfeather, or The Queen, is a slender black she-cat with ice-blue eyes. She was a medicine cat of WinterClan, and the mate of Marshshade. When she became pregnant with his kits, she killed him, and had his three children later- Reedstar, Guppysplash, and Bluekit. She took to killing her clanmates, and had to kill Guppysplash once he found out. Reedstar later found out and killed Risingfeather in turn, and she went to the Dark Forest, where she now takes to training apprentices.



Risingfeather is a sleek, slender she-cat. Her fur is soft and smooth, yet not terribly glossy. It's dense, as well, which gives her a fluffy appearance. Her teeth are fairly white for the average wild cat, and she is in good health.
She is built lightly, much like her daughter- her paws are small and round, her shoulders and hips narrow, and her face rounded. Her muzzle is a little bit shorter than average, and her tail is short. Her ears are rounded at the tips, and her legs are a bit short, as well.
Her pelt itself is a smoky black- her undercoat is a soft, muted gray, and her guard hairs are black. This gives her a smoky appearance- the lighter pelt is more noticeable under her chin and along her belly. Her eyes are small and round, and slant slightly towards her nose. Her irises are light blue, with the color darkening around the edges of her eyes.


Risingfeather, growing up, was always rather sickly, and had a large bout of whitecough at a very young age. While her siblings all died from it, she was the sole survivor, but just barely made it.
After that, she gradually grew stronger, until she barely stood out from her other fit clanmates. She kept herself muscular, and maintained a strong immune system for the remainder of her life.
Unstable from her parents abandoning her as a kit, Risingfeather always struggled fitting in with her clanmates growing up. She then took the role of medicine cat, where, even from early on, she showed great potential. She excelled in her field, gaining her the new-found respect of her clanmates. However, holding grudges, she discovered she could easily manipulate those who hurt her at one point or another.


Risingfeather is crabby, snappy, and selfish, blinded by her own desires, wishes, and impulses. Having little to no self-control, she often seduces, snaps at, or, in a few cases, kills her clanmates, if it means she gets what will benefit her (potentially) in the future. She doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, or solve problems her own way- even if it means the life of a cat on her paws.
She attempts to be the best mother she can to her own kits, but in the end, would treat them as any other clanmate if they threaten her. Throughout her life, her feelings for other cats has never been genuine, and will probably never will be, past the disappearance of her parents.
After death, she is known to be cruel and sadistic, demoted and mocked for her cold-blooded murder of others.

Skills and Abilities

Risingfeather, although not the best at hunting, being trained as a medicine cat, knew enough to cleanly kill another cat. This allowed her to get away with so many murders, and only being caught when someone happened to follow her out of camp.
She was also known for being flirtatious, and could easily twist words to suit her ways.



She used to be WinterClan's medicine cat. She had kits with Marshshade, and killed him shortly before giving birth to her kits- Guppykit, Bluekit, and Reedkit.
Despite only raising the kits to overpower their clan, Risingfeather is shown to be distraught over Bluekit's sudden disappearance and soon after, death.
Blinded by her own hatred towards life itself, she went on killing rampages, leading her oblivious clanmates out of camp to gather herbs with her. She would then isolate them, and murder them. When her son followed her out one day and witnessed a murder, she killed him. She was able to keep up this gig for several moons, before being followed by her daughter. Reedshine fought with Risingfeather, winning in the end and killing her.
When her body was delivered back to camp, Reedshine announced all the details of the murders, and a ceremony for Risingfeather's death was never acknowledged, being buried right away in a hasty fashion. The she-cat went to the Dark Forest, where she currently resides, her spirit unsatisfied and hungry for more murder.


Risingfeather later trains Aspenkit in the ways of the Dark Forest, secretly preparing the young she-cat to kill Reedstar for her. However, the opportunity is abandoned when she catches Reedstar and Azuregaze out of camp one day. She goads four foxes on to kill the two, however, Reedstar takes a majority of the blows, sparing her mate's life.
She later sneaks into StarClan, confusing some recently-deceased kits, Leopardkit, Reddeningkit, and Emberkit. She meets other StarClan cats, but safely manages to avoid all cats that know of her and her past except for Red-eye. Sneaking into the ceremony, Risingfeather gives Risingstar his ninth life, and later approves of his choice of deputy, Hawkheart, knowing the tom wanted to kill him. She promises to visit Risingstar in his dreams, and fades out of the WinterClan camp.
She visits him several times, before losing contact with him upon his first death. She is later seen several times in the forest, perched in the branches of her willow tree, watching other cats train below her.
Much later, she is seen talking to Perri when Larchcloud enters the forest. She goes out to greet her, referring to herself as "the Queen", and offers to train her in a place "far mightier than StarClan". When Larchcloud accepts, she leads her new apprentice off to a clearing, telling her this is where they're going to meet each night to train.




Marshshade (formerly): Deceased; StarClan resident


Guppysplash: Deceased; StarClan resident


Reedstar: Deceased; StarClan resident
Bluekit: Deceased; StarClan resident


Hiddenshadow: Living
Visionblurr: Deceased; StarClan resident
Crowfoot: Living


Applewhisker: Living
Guppystar: Living
Petalkit: Deceased; StarClan resident


Loyal: Living
Romeo: Living
Web: Living
Rollingstone: Living
Lionkit: Living
Blackkit: Living
Antkit: Living
Sootkit: Living
Cormorantkit: Living


Chaplin: Living
Minnie: Deceased; Unknown residence
Rook: Living
Orcacry: Living
Molecloud: Living
Magpiekit: Living
Birdkit: Living
Lizardkit: Living
Gullkit: Living


Catfishkit: Living


Greenkit: Living
Roseleaf: Living
Stoatkit: Living


  • Her parents abandoned her when she was three moons old, because they feared that she would die, as well, and couldn't bare to be near her if she did die, knowing that they failed.






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