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"Mommy, I'm not sure if I want to be a warrior. I would like to be a medicine cat if I could."
—Riverkit to Rainface in SummerClan
How about this one
Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Medicine Cat
Age Approx. 35 moons (2.85 Years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Badger Attack
Debut SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive_1
Last Post Unknown
Father Moonstar
Mother Rainface
Siblings Grayfoot, Eclipsemoon
Mate Rowanspirit
Kits None
Mentor Luckshine (deceased)
Apprentice Brownpaw
Medicine Cat Position
Predecessor Luckshine
Successor Brownpelt
Owner Rainfacestar

Riversplash is a blue-gray tom with green eyes. He is a current member of StarClan as a deceased medicine cat. He is a very cool and collected tom, not allowing much to bother himself. He can be a little snappy at first, but when you get to know him, he is really sweet and sensitive.



Riversplash is a small, slender tomcat with a long tail. In theory, he is a Russian Blue, which is a blue-gray cat. He has green eyes and short fur, similar to the species. His fur can become a bit messy as when he gets stressed, he tends not to care for it as much.
His build is slender, having nothing much to do except tend to those that are ill and hurt and to retrieve herbs he'll be needing. He has kept himself slender by doing things constantly, like going out for herbs, pacing around, and reorganizing the herb storage.


Physical Health

Physically, the tomcat is decaying in the ground. However, in StarClan, the tomcat is doing well, sustaining no injuries or anything. As a medicine cat, the tomcat was with no injuries, scratches, cuts or scars. However, at the time of his death, his neck was slashed open by a badger.

Mental Health

Mentally, Riversplash is doing good. He keeps a calm mind and has no known mental illnesses.


Riversplash is a level-heading tomcat. He never lets anything bother him, nor allow things to bother others. He uses this to be a peacemaker if things start to brew among cats to hopefully stop a fight that might have happened otherwise.
He is also a very loving cat. He never gets mad at anyone for too long and can grow close to people easily. If someone were to get hurt that he knows, he'll take great concern and do anything he can to help them. He also makes friends easily and prides himself in doing so.


Besides the fact that he is a medicine cat, he has a really good memory. He can remember things others might have forgotten and he prides himself in this, too. He also is a fast learner, which earned him his medicine cat name faster.



Riversplash is born to Moonstar and Rainface along with his siblings, Graykit and Eclipsekit. He is seen to be very shy and not talking often and not participating in games that the other kits played.
His mother was starting to feel concerned and asked him about this. He reveals to her that he never really wanted to be a warrior and instead would like to be a medicine cat. His mother purrs and is seen to be supporting him.
As the times continue, he is often seen asking if he can help Luckshine with sick cats, which soon leads to her making him her apprentice.


Riverkit is soon apprenticed to Luckshine, the medicine cat, under the name Riverpaw. He, being a fast learner, impresses the she-cat, remembering things that even she sometimes forgot. As time progressed, the apprentice had finally sold Luckshine and at that Half-Moon Gathering, she gave him his new name, Riversplash.


However, this his happiness does not last long. Dogs invade camp and kill Luckshine, his mentor, as well as his mother and the leader and deputy. His father takes over as leader and he becomes a full medicine cat.
He later earns an apprentice, Brownpaw. He trains the young cat and helps him learn the new herbs. Once he felt the young tom would do well as medicine cat, he gave him his new name, Brownpelt.
He isn't seen much after, except later when badgers invade the SummerClan camp. He is seen running over as Rowanspirit lays dying on the ground. She tells him that she loves him and then dies. However, angered by this, he goes after a badger. Rowanspirit appears to him and promises to guide him. He fights the badger, but with little knowledge on fighting, the badger easily takes him down.
He isn't seen much in StarClan, except talking to Rowanspirit about how she wishes to have kits one day.



Rainface - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Moonstar - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Rowanspirit - Deceased; Resident in StarClan


Eclipsemoon - Alive


Grayfoot - Alive

Adoptive Sisters:

Branchheart - Alive
Poppyheart - Alive

Adoptive Brothers:

Shadowpelt - Alive
Brambletail - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Tanfang - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Skycloud - Deceased; Residence in StarClan
Flarepaw - Presumed Deceased; Residence Unknown
Seedfeather - Alive
Rowanspirit - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Breezefur - Alive




Riversplash has been very close with his mother, ever since birth. Rainface has always been protective of him, due to the fact that he wasn't very social and he wasn't as active as the other kits. As time grew on, he would go to his mother for advice constantly and they continued that bond up until his death.


Being leader separated both father and son. The two didn't interact much ever since he became an apprentice. This saddened him but he knew his father had his duties and he had his own, and he was going to accept those facts. His father was saddened by his death.


Ever since kithood, the two have been close. However, when they became apprentices, Grayfoot, then Graypaw, wasn't as close. Grayfoot got more friends and he started to ignore young Riversplash. However, as they grew older, the two became close once more when Grayfoot's mate gave birth to a litter of kits.


Eclipsemoon and Riversplash haven't really been seen much together. As kits, Eclipsemoon would always play with Grayfoot and seemed to not realize her brother. However, as time continued, Eclipsemoon started to include her younger brother until he died, which saddened the she-cat dearly.

Love Interests


Being a medicine cat, the tomcat couldn't express love or get a mate. However, Rowanspirit, at her time of death, revealed that she loved him and he realized he loved her to. He then fought and died for the she-cat and the two now live in StarClan together.



Luckshine was his mentor. She taught Riversplash everything he currently knows as a medicine cat. He, as a kit, idolized the she-cat and still, somewhere in that mind of his, still does.


Real Life

How about this one


Coming Soon

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