Rosa (Lo) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

This character is a NPC and can be claimed freely.

Rosa (Lo)
Rosa (lo).life
Current Loner
Loner Rosa
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Fell over
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings None
Mate dat forever aloneeee
Kits None
Owner None

Rosa is a beautiful ginger she-cat with white paws and pretty green eyes.



Rosa has long fur, and she is among the most beautiful cats you were to meet. She has a finely shaped head, and broad shoulders. Unlike most other loners, whose fur is dirty and unattended to, Rosa's fur is very well-groomed and smooth, as she hates to be filthy.
Her tail fur is softer than the rest of her body's fur. Rosa's claws aren't all that sharp; possibly because she prefers to stay out of situations that involve violence.


Physical Health

She isn't too skinny, but she isn't too obese either. She is also quite fit for a loner; though, she isn't all that good at defending herself.

Mental Health

Rosa's mental health is perfectly fine. She isn't crazy at all, and wouldn't be even in rough situations. She stays calm, and sane, in hard times.


Rosa is kind and gentle by nature, and she views everything with a positive attitude. She is especially gentle towards other cats. Rosa is also affectionate, and loves kits.

Skills and Abilities

Though she is not a medicine cat of a Clan, Rosa can handle herbs well, and can treat wounds and major injuries with ease. She is barely good at defending herself, or using offensive power.



Coming Soon


Rosa is shown to fall over and die. Her residence is unknown.


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Life Image

Rosa (lo).life


  • Maybe she knows about StarClan, maybe she doesn't, Leafy is unsure at the time.
    • lolnope

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