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Rosefrost is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current WinterClan
Age Approx. 39 moons old (3.25 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut WinterClan/Roleplay/Archive 62
Last Post Unknown
Father Thrushfoot
Mother Swiftjaw
Siblings Littermates:
Deirdre, Thunderfrost, Gannetthorn

Younger Siblings:
Swiftnose, Pipkit, Unknown kits

Mate Darkcloud (Formerly)
Kit Minkclaw
Mentor Unknown cat
Apprentice Mintstorm
Owner I'm the doctor

Rosefrost is a striking ginger-and-while she-cat with frosty green eyes.



Rosefrost is positive, friendly, daring, and outspoken. She is positive and has a great outlook on many things, she tends to cheer othera up by saying something positive, and her words can sometimes be taken offensive. Although when she knows she's offended someone she apologizes immediately. Rosefrost is friendly and loves to chat as long as others strike up a conversation. She often finds herself in awkward situations due to this, but can quickly get out of it. Rosefrost, though quiet sometimes, is quite daring. Often it is thought when she's quiet that she is thinking of some way to make more friends. Rosefrost is outspoken and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She often is scolding others for being rude and ungrateful. She tends to say these in positive ways, which has gotten her into many arguments.

Rosefrost can be negative, but prefers to think positively. She hates water and anything wet, and prefers not to play in snow. Rosefrost enjoys talking to others and often tries striking up a conversation with the leader, deputy, and medicine cat. Rosefrost does have a interest in herbs and such, and often visits Cinderleaf to learn a little about them. Although she enjoys learning, Rosefrost hates the smell and taste of yarrow and mint. Rosefrost is gentle and motherly towards the younger cats and tends to baby them. She is often scolded by the elders for treating the apprentices as though they are kits.


Rosefrost is a petite ginger-and-white she-cat. She has thin tabby stripes that curl around her stomach and neck, her eyes are a frosty green-blue, and she has slightly pointed ears. Rosefrost has many battle scars, mostly on her stomach and legs. She has a deep v-nick in her left ear, and short, but stocky legs. Rosefrost, although small for her size, is quite muscular and has thick, long fur giving her the appearance of being slightly bigger. She has a creamy white stomach with distinctive ginger patches, but they are pale and can barely be seen. Rosefrost shoulders are narrow and strong, she has a long tail used mostly for balance. Her fur is thin around her head and back, and thick and long around her neck and stomach area.

Rosefrost's base coat is a cream tabby, but has darkened to a ginger with dark stripes. She has white only on her chest, left ear, stomach, tail tip, and paws. Rosefrost has a narrow build giving her quite a slender look.


Rosefrost is quite healthy physically. Her immune system is very strong, therefore helping her in not getting ill. She is strong in the training area and runs frequently. Rosefrost tends to go on most patrols, up to about three a day, keeping her in shape. Rosefrost is mentally stable but has some depression issues. She is quite self conscious about herself and her appearance.


Rosefrost has no special abilities. She is a great fighter, and loves helping train the apprentices. Rosefrost has many techniques in fighting, but prefers to use the land to her advantage. She will often find a tall or steep hill to fight on and makea it hard to climb, due to the amount of snowfall. Rosefrost is a excellent hunter and brings in some of the most prey a lot. She catches mostly vole and rabbit, but will occasionally catch bird. She can fish but hates the taste of it.


Kithood and Adolescence

Coming Soon


Coming Soon



Swiftjaw: Deceased, StarClan residence


Thrushfoot: Living


Deirdre: Deceased StarClan residence
Gannetthorn: Deceased, StarClan residence
Thunderfrost: Deceased


Swiftnose: Living
Pipkit: Deceased, Dark Forest residence


Several unknown kits: Deceased, StarClan residences


Dawnflower: Living


Pipitfang: Deceased, StarClan residence


Coming Soon




My father was many things, but a coward wasn't and never will be one of them. He may be an elder now, but I respect him more because he's lived to tell the tale. -Rosefrost's thoughts on her father, Thrushfoot
Rosefrost is a huge fan of her father's. She knows he fought alongside many great warriors that died, and ones that live to this day. Rosefrost has always thought of her father as a hero, and never a coward. Sure, he ran away from things, but that doesn't make you a coward.


I can't really say much about mother. She was brave, but not with fighting. She did protect the nursery from a hoard of badgers once, but she never talks about it. Swiftjaw was only useful for one thing and that was either nursing her own kits or nursing another queens kits. -'Rosefrost'se thoughts on her mother, Swiftjaw
Rosefrost loved her mother dearly but thought she could've done better. She believes she-cats aren't just for making kits and that her mother had a lot of potential.


Coming Soon
Coming Soon


Gannetthorn was a great warrior. She didn't die in vain but I swear on my life I'll kill whoever killed her! -Rosefrost's thoughts on her sister, Gannetthorn
Coming Soon


She could've tried harder, honestly! Who wants to be forced to mate with someone that you don't know. I actually thought she'd live though the humiliation. I mean even a few toms were running after her. She ruined it all. -Rosefrost's thoughts on her sister, Thunderfrost
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Coming Soon
Coming Soon


Pip was great! Always trying to cheer everyone up. He had a thing for becoming medicine cat ya know. He loved the life of herbs, of having a den to himself, but then the greencough killed the poor guy. -Rosefrost's thoughts on her brother, Pipkit
Coming Soon


I love my daughter! She's great and always full of energy. I was so depressed when she passed away. -Rosefrost's thoughts on her daughter, Heatherleaf
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Coming Soon

Love Interests


He was my first mate. When he died I thought I would die, but then I met Anise but that's another story. -Rosefrost's thoughts on her deceased mate, Gorsefoot
Coming Soon


I met her just outside WinterClan territory. We visited each other everyday then suddenly she stopped coming. I thought she had suddenly thought me to be a monster, but then a cat names Snook said she had passes from something called brain cancer. I was devastated. -Rosefrost's thoughts on her deceased mate, Anise
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My firsr and only apprentice, so far. She's a great warrior and may be a great mother. I guess we'll never know. She was pretty upset when Cinderleaf told her she couldn't have kits, but if she did it'd kill her. I feel sorry for her. Honestly I do. -Rosefrost's thoughts on her former apprentice, Mintstorm
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Coming Soon


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Coming Soon




Character Pixels

Please do not edit this gallery unless instructed to.


  • Rosefrost is bases off of her roleplayer, Brightpatch.
  • Rosefrost will have another mate, but in SummerClan.
    • Rosefrost will have a relationship with Cricketwhisper causing him to join WinterClan.

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