Rosemary (KP) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Rosemary (KP) is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Rosemary (KP)
Placeholder cat
Current Kittypet
Given Kittypet: Rosemary
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Owner None

Rosemary is a cream tabby she-cat with golden eyes.



Rosemary is a well-groomed kittypet with very sleek, short fur.
Her paws are very worn and rough from frequent running and some of her claws are broken.
Rosemary's eyes are a bright gold, which contrasts greatly with the pupils, making her stares intimidating yet sexy.


Physical Health

Rosemary is quite slender and lean, despite being a Twoleg's pet, as she often chases out of . She doesn't eat all of which her owners feed her either.

Mental Health

Despite knowing several other cats, Rosemary feels lonely in her Twoleg Nest. This causes to venture into the forest to seek attention from other cats. In this sense, her mental health isn't the most stable.


Rosemary is quite coquettish and indulges on flirting, particularly with she-cat's. This often gets her into odd situations with the their mates. Although, these complications mean absolutely nothing to her. In fact, she proceeds with seducing the toms. There isn't any true passion behind her actions, however. She isn't one to settle down with a significant other, instead takes pleasure through beguilement.

Skills and Abilities

She has developed great speed from fleeing forests, other Twolegs' yards, and accidental encounters with dogs. She shows little desire in fighting off other animals. She shows interest in hunting but has never tried.



Rosemary was the only kit of the litter. Her mother taught her how to successfully flirt before Rosemary was adopted off.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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