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Current Rogues
Age 14 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Miner
Mother Erin
Siblings Full: four unnamed brothers, Lakeview, Saf Birch (adoptive)

Half: Posy, Blueness, Shaded

Mates Scarceclaw, Marco
Kits Panda, Firepaw, Basil, Jupiter, Melody, Stormy, unnamed son
Owner Serval
 Russet is the only surviving child of Miner and Erin's first litter, with three brothers that died. Her younger siblings include Lakeview and another unnamed brother that died. She has an adoptive brother named Saf Birch. From Miner, she has three half-siblings: Posy, Shaded, and Blueness. She resides in a loner clowder that her father formed. As a young kitten, her brothers all died in a bout of greencough. She had a litter with Scarceclaw, consisting of Firepaw, Basil, Panda, and Stormy. Her second pregnancy was with Marco. She bore his kits, naming them Jupiter and Melody.



Russet is a pale brown tabby. She inherited her marking and pelt color from her father, although her fur is lighter than his and she does not have white patches. She has long legs and a slender, lithe body. She could be called scrawny, although her shoulders and legs are well-muscled and give her bulk, so most describe her as skinny.
Russet has a long tail, with a dusty white tail-tip. She uses it for balance while climbing trees. Her fur is short but with medium thickness, so she is not uncomfortable in winter. Her ears taper delicately, but are large. They are pink, but the fur inside of them is a light brown. They are slightly tufted at the top, but it is not noticeable.
Her eyes are a very light green. They are rather dull, and she dislikes the color, wishing for a more vibrant shade. Her face is rather angular, adding to her delicate look. Her paws are small and round, letting her neatly scoop up prey and fight with other cats.


Russet is a rather mistrusting cat by nature. She witnessed her parents' fights as she grew up and began to rely on herself when her mother was too depressed to take care of her as a kitten. This later proved to be a negative influence, as she has commitment issues and is only interested in mating, not a long-term relationship. It is highly unlikely that Russet will ever find "the one".
Also sarcastic, Russet shares her impatience for fools with everyone, no matter who. Her scathing tongue often causes fights, and her criticisms are usually very rude and cut deep. Despite her rudeness, Russet can be kind if she thinks a cat is even-minded and has a bit of common sense. She is fiercely protective of her children and her other relatives.
Russet is used to living with many cats, growing up in her father's loner group. Unbeknownst to most, she thrives on socialization and gets lonely if she doesn't interact with other members of the group frequently. She has a number of close friends and enjoys talking, hunting, and patrolling with them. They rely on her for her plain advice and level-headedness.
She can be rather argumentive. She was raised by her father to think that she is always right, and gets frustrated when others ignore what she has to say. This leads to her clashing heads with others who disagreee with what she thinks. This makes her rather stubborn and a good leader in a crisis when others are panicking.
Russet is often told that she is a terrific mother. She loves her kittens deeply and wants the best for them. She was forced to give up Firepaw and Basil, which broke her heart, to protect them from their grandfather. Her later litters, which she raised herself, brought her great joy but also lead her to wonder what might have happened if she had kept Firepaw and Basil.


Russet has always been a strong cat. Born in a large litter, she learned from an early age how to fight to survive. She was always able to get the most milk and was able to develop a strong immune system because of this. When her mother and brothers were infected with greencough, she managed to stay healthy. Her brothers died from this.
As she grew older, she developed strong muscles and was able to hunt, keeping her well-fed. She took care of herself and avoided fights with other cats whenever possible. Being naturally athletic, she built up a strong endurance and stamina level.
In seventh months, Russet birthed two litters of kittens. The first one, a litter of five, was hard on her body. Two of the kittens were stillborn. The next one, conceived while she was still nursing the first, only had two kittens in it. This caused less stress on her body and she is slowly recovering from the effects of her back-to-back pregnancies. 




Russet was born to Miner and Erin in late autumn, shortly after Miner formed his loner group, before the first frosts of winter. Her brothers died of greencough, leaving her to be the only surviving kitten of her litter. Her father was disappointed, as he wanted a son to take over his position as leader in the group one day, and he didn't think a she-cat was fit to lead the group. She was weak, but managed to survive long enough until prey became abundant again in spring.
Her parents had a very messy relationship. They fought almost daily in front of their daughter, scarring her mentally for life and leading her to develop trust issues. Often these fights became physical. Erin got depressed and began to neglect Russet. She learned to hunt from the street cats her father had taken in, Bet and Cobalt. They became very close, almost like the siblings Russet never got to know. They helped her through the troubling time.
When Cobalt became pregnant with Miner's kittens when Russet was about six moons old, Erin was livid. She took all of her frustrations out on Russet, constantly criticizing her and telling her she was just like her father. Russet secretly was happy for her friend and was pleased that she would have siblings. She moved into Bet and Cobalt's den to escape her mother. She was mostly ignored by her parents from then on.


Miner later takes in a kitten, named Saf Birch, or Saf for short. He is a distant nephew of his, but Miner refers to him as his son. Russet is first seen asking what use Saf will be of. When her father gives her a cool reply, she stalks away, angry.
While hunting with her father and Bet, they encounter Jaws and Scarlet fighting on their territory. Russet keeps Bet from attacking Jaws when he insults Miner, knowing he often jumps into stupid battles.  Miner asks if they want to join the group. They agree, and Russet helps lead them back to camp
When they return, Cobalt begins to kit. Russet waits anxiously with Bet and is happy to hear that the birth went well, although there is only a single kitten in the litter, a she-kitten named Posy. Miner is irritated and orders Russet to get Scarlet and Jaws settled. Jaws thinks about how closely Russet resembles her father.
Russet explains the ranking of the group to Scarlet while helping her get her nest togehter. Russet tells the she-cat to be careful around her father, but adds that having his kits will improve her ranking in the group, including a better den. Scarlet becomes nervous and says she wants to take a nap. Russet leaves her to rest.
Later, Russet is seen with Jaws and Bet, confronting Shadow and Fang stealing prey, who run off. Alice, an acquantance of Jaws', joins them. Bet leaps on her, but Russet pulls him off of her. She offers Alice a chance to join after introducing herself and Bet. Alice decides to join. She begins to laugh at Bet's name, thinking it is silly. Russet defends her friend, but is inwardly amused.
Russet tells Alice about the other members of the group as they head back to camp. She wakes her father up from a nap. He initially is annoyed, but is pleased with the new member. Russet then goes hunting and catches a shrew. She hears Bet and Scarlet fighting with Shadow over a plump squirrel, and races to help. Scarlet is frozen in shock and Bet, barely a kitten, is outmatched by the much larger tom.
Russet enters the fight, knowing that she will be beaten quickly. Shadow then takes the squirrel. When they return to camp, Miner is angry at Bet, who was warned not to pick stupid fights. He interrogates Russet on the events leading up to the squabble and orders a new rule: cats must not go out in groups less then two. Later, when Fang joins the group, Russet is again stuck with the job of showing the new cat around.
While talking with Fang, she learns a little bit of the group she used to live in, FreeClan. She finds Fang's story interesting and the two talk for a bit more before Russet leaves to let Fang get settled in. She accompanies her father, Jaws, and Fang on a patrol after another aggressive encounter with Shadow. When Jaws and Shadow are injured from falling out of a tree, Shadow going unconscious, she convinces her father to take Shadow back to camp to be cared for by Erin and Scarlet. When it is revealed that Shadow and Fang are mates, Russet is surprised.
Russet is then seen explaining to Alice about why Shadow came to camp and catches her up on current events. When Alice asks about Bet, she teases her friend and says she has a crush on him. They later sleep in the nursery, where it is warmer. The rest of the group joins them. Russet sleeps by Cobalt and Posy.
The next morning, it is said that Russet went hunting with her father.



Coming Soon''



Russet has an uncertain relationship with her father. She dislikes the way he handled his relationships with Erin and Cobalt, or his hands-off approach to parenting. He never visited her as a kitten and only developed a relationship when she was grown. Miner is ignorant of her troubles and is very self-involved.
Three unnamed brothers

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