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Current Loner
Loner Sabine
Age 41 moons (Approx. 3.41 Years)
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings Columbia, Rainier, Several Unnamed Cats
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Rainlegs

Sabine is a female loner of Birman ancestry. She is the littermate of Columbia and Rainier, and left her family at the age of six moons to live on her own. She roams from territory to territory, unable to find prey-rich land that is open to claims without a fight to obtain it. However, she has recently spent most of her time near the territory of Claw and Owl.



Sabine is a very pale gray along her spine, but eventually lightens towards her belly to a stark white. Her ears, muzzle, and tail are a darker, more defined gray color, and her toes are a lighter gray. Her fur is short, but it retains the soft, silky qualities of her sisters' longer, fluffier pelts.
She keeps her claws long and sharp, finding the combination of those qualities easier to hunt with. Despite being long, she takes good care of them, always making sure they're clean. She does the same for her pelt, and can often be found grooming herself. Her eyes are a pale gray-blue color, and are slightly slanted at the ends, but have the general wide shape of her siblings'.
She has a slender, light build, taking after her mother. Her legs are of average size in comparison to the rest of her body, and her paws are small. Her ears are slightly rounded at the tips, and her muzzle is a little shorter than most.


Sabine is kept fit and lean due to her constant roaming and fighting. Since her fur is thin, she is prone to sickness come Winter, but will often hole up in a warm barn, to prevent this.
Mentally healthy, Sabine is very intelligent among most other cats, and uses this intelligence in her favor. A bit bull-headed, Sabine gets easily frustrated when unable to apply this intelligence to new cats or situations.


Snappy, stubborn, intelligent, cunning, seductive, and protective, Sabine is often difficult to deal with. The intelligence runs in her family, the rest of her litter behaving the same due to their upbringing together. She would listen to the questions asked by her sister, and take in even the smallest of details regarding answers.
Due to this intelligence, she grows stubborn when faced with a new issue or other cats doubting her abilities. If something new is introduced, she will try her best to figure as much about it as she can, but if unable to complete this, grows easily frustrated and stubborn. Vanity also comes into play with others' doubts, as she doesn't take criticism well. She believes she is the best at what she does, and has no room for improvements, whether or not she needs them.
Protection is a natural instinct for her. The largest and most independent of her litter, she often took it upon herself to care for her family when the chance arrived. Anything weaker than her she'll look out for, depending on who their primary caretaker is.
She is willing to do whatever it takes to benefit herself and get herself out of potentially difficult situations, typically turning to seduction rather than fighting. However, if the latter seems more correct at the time, she won't hesitate to unsheathe her claws.
She doesn't respect borders or others' land if violating that right will benefit her, and wouldn't mind lying to do so, either. Words are her forte, and she is typically able to twist both her's and others' to save her pelt.

Skills and Abilities

Sabine can be very seductive when she wants to be, and uses this skill to twist other's into doing what she wants. However, it doesn't always work in her favor, and she often has to flee the situation before she gets harmed.



Sabine is born to two loners in a large litter, along with her sisters, Columbia and Rainier. At the age of six moons, she ran away from their camp, to live on her own.
However, despite her attempts, she is unsuccessful with finding a piece of land to claim her own that has any decent prey, so she takes to stealing off of others' territories.


She is seen nearly twelve moons after leaving her parents, as a loner living near Claw and Owl's territory. She often hunts on their land, her den a few tail-lengths away from their border.
She is first seen hiding in some tall grass, when she is spotted by Claw. The tom attacks her, and a fight ensues. The fight seems to stop after Owl joins in, and Sabine pins him, threatening to harm him if Claw continued to attack her.
Caught off guard, Claw tackles her to the ground, biting her throat. She manages to leave before she is killed, but the wound is fairly deep and bleeds a lot. She runs off, collapsing outside of Claw's border, where she anticipates dying.
Claw comes after her, and treats her wound. She insults him a few times, and he storms off, throwing a tantrum. Sabine remains alone and grooms a paw, when Owl comes over to speak to her.
Some time later, she goes for a walk, encountering Griffen playing in the snow. She hides for a bit, antagonizing him, before sneaking up and showering him in snow. The two chat for a bit, and they discuss the local loners and how to claim territory.



Columbia: Living
Rainier: Deceased; unknown residence


Several Unnamed Cats: Living


Willamette: Living
Spokane: Living
Twisp: Living
Umatilla: Living
Klaskanine: Living
Cispus: Living


Chelan: Living
Hood: Living
Deschutes: Living



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Love Interests

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  • She abandoned her mother and siblings when she was only six moons old, leaving them to fend for herself, and has for the rest of her life.
  • She is of Birman descent.
  • It is unlikely she will meet with Columbia ever again.
    • If she were to run into her, it is likely she would ignore her and pretend not to know her.


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