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Saf Birch
Saf Life
Current Loners & Rogues
Sapphire Birch, Saf
Age 15 moons old
Status Living
Debut Loners & Rogues/Roleplay/Archive 22
Father Hickorynose, Miner (adopted)
Mother Bassleap, Erin (adopted)
Siblings Full: Mallowspring, Skylark, Amber, Parsley, Squirrelfang, Copperkit, Sycamorekit

Half-Siblings: Mosskit, Fawnkit, Willowkit, Minnowfur

Mate None
Kits None
Owner Serval
 Sapphire Birch or Saf is a brown tabby tom. He is the son of Bassleap, a former rogue who joined SplashClan and Hickorynose, a SplashClan warrior. He has eight sisters, Cassie, MusketSquirrelfang, Amber, Skylark, Blossom, Mallowspring, and Sycamorekit, and two brothers, Parsley and Copperkit. From Hickorynose he has four half sisters, Mosskit, Fawnkit, Willowkit, and Minnowfur.

While his mother was still a rogue, her litter was too large for her to care for, so Saf was given to his great-uncle, Miner, and his mate Erin to raise. He became an adoptive brother to their daughters, Lakeview and Russet, and to Miner's children with Cobalt, Posy, Shaded, and Blueness. Miner had intended for Saf to inherit his position as leader in their loner group, but when he fathered a son, Saf was demoted.



Saf is a handsome cat. He has glossy, thick black-based mackerel-style tabby-fur that he keeps well-groomed. Saf's underbelly and muzzle are a lighter brown than the rest of his body. He has a thin build, much like his mother, with his father's lanky legs. His long legs did cause him to trip as a kitten, before he grew into them. His paws are rather small, with long claws that are forever attracting dirt.
Saf has toned muscles, from constantly fighting with his time spent as a rogue. However, his body bears the marks of his battles. Both ears are have rips and nicks, giving him a tough look. His face, back, and flanks are also heavily scarred. The most prominent one is on his back, running halfway down his spine. It was inflicted during a fight with a raccoon and reopened during a fight with Elmstar.  
Saf has a pale pink nose, with long white whiskers. His eyes are a pale but intense olive-green, much like his mother's. His ears are neat triangles, with pale pink skin on the inside.  


Saf appears to be very self-confident despite a low self-esteem, having been raised to be this way. His foster father, Miner trained him to be the next leader of their loner group if he never had a son. This meant Saf was trained to hunt efficiently and neatly, be deadly in battle, and to be intelligent.
Saf doubted himself almost constantly when he was heir, worrying he may be replaced as heir if Miner were to have a son. He pushed himself to be perfect, in hope that Miner would change his mind about a birth son taking his position upon his death. When he was demoted, Saf realized he had to be himself if he ever wanted to be respected. He embraced his true personality and discovered a fierce self-pride he had never known about. He grew as a person and began to love himself, and later, others.
Saf has a friendly nature, and tends to see good things in cats that are generally disliked. He goes out of his way for others, even complete strangers. He enjoys meeting new cats in the group and befriending them. Others get annoyed at his constant attempts to socialize with others. He has been accused of being weak when striking up a conversation with a wandering loner or a local kittypet.
Also, Saf is very committed to caring for others. He patrols constantly and makes sure all queens and kittens are fed. He tries to play with the kittens, as the older cats tend to ignore them. If he scents an intruder, he will immediately drive them out. He often jumps into fights carelessly, getting himself and occasionally other injured while doing so. His rash decisions often come back to haunt him.
He tends to get angry when someone had lied to him. Saf values the truth, and knows nothing good will come out of lying. He is a firm believer in honesty, even if it is hard to hear the truth. When his honesty is questioned, he gets angered very quickly and build up a defense.
Saf can be quite pert. He mastered the art of creating clever epigrams as a kitten. His remarks can be at times insulting, condescending, or funny. He saves these for confrontations with enemies or cats he just dislikes. When joking around with his friends, he teases them and makes them laugh.


Generally a healthy cat, Saf is well-fed and strong. He has a strong body, as he is not one to laze around much. As a kitten, he was the weakest in his litter, but managed to pull through and survive.
He suffers occasionally from a common cold and usually has a scratch or two from a scuffle with a rogue.
Mentally, Saf is plagued with self-doubt, afraid he will lose his position as heir. This causes him to behave as if he had obsessive-compulsive disorder. He gets anxious easily, especially if he makes a mistake.


Saf is respected for his battle skills, having learned from some of the toughest rogues in Twolegplace. He knows exactly where to inflict pain, and how to do it. Saf also knows a variety of Clan moves, having been taught by Clan cats in the past. However, most of his fighting ability comes from driving off countless intruders from his territory.
Saf can also hunt all types of prey in varying conditions. He can recognize different animal tracks, droppings, and scents that will lead him to the best types of prey. His skills in tracking also help him find cats.


Kithood & Adolescence

Sapphire Birch is born to Reddy, a rogue, and a SplashClan warrior named Hickorynose. He is the strongest kitten, born in a litter of six. When naming him, his mother combines her two favorites and calls him Sapphire Birch. When his father first sees the kits, he is suprised the litter is large and doing well. He tries to convince her to join SplashClan; Reddy replies that she wants to raise their kittens as loners, knowing she would dislike Clan life.
His mother's uncle, Miner, visits the den when Sapphire Birch is two weeks old. He demands payment for an unspecified debt in the form of one of her sons. Reddy protests at first but finally agrees. Miner chooses Sapphire Birch, as he is stronger than his brother Parsley. Miner decides to shorten his name to Saf, as Sapphire Birch is a "bit long". Miner tells Reddy that one day she will thank him, as he plans to raise Saf to be a strong and intelligent cat.
When Miner takes him to the camp, Saf is met with hostility by Russet, Miner's daughter, and Erin, Miner's mate. Miner tells Erin that Saf is a charity case. However, Erin suspects that Saf is a kitten that Miner fathered from a one-night stand. He desires to have a son to lead the group after his death. After arguing, Erin grudgingly agrees to nurse Saf. 
When a new member, Scarlet, is being introduced to the group, Saf reminds her of her dead sons. Later on, when Cobalt is kitting, he tries to follow her into the den. Erin carries him to Russet, telling him that only mollies are allowed to be at a kitting. After Miner finds out Cobalt just had a daughter, Posy, he longs for a flesh-and-blood son instead of just an adoptive one. 
Saf brings Scarlet to treat Alice's fever, following Miner's orders. He accompanies Erin when she treats Bet's injured leg. He has a conversation with Shadow, amusing the older cat. Fang, Shadow's mate, is suprised by how good Shadow is with Saf, believing he could have the potential to be a good father.
Saf is seen several times playing with Posy or pestering older group members. He sneaks out and follows Jaws and meets Pelli and Bia.  Jaws sends him back, only for him to be found by Erin. His foster mother scolds him and sends him to Miner's den. Miner, too, gives him a stern lecture before confining him to the nursery the rest of the day. 
When Erin gives birth and one of the kittens die, Saf goes with Miner, Russet, and Bet to bury the kit. Alice and Bet take him and Posy out for a hunting lesson. He learns how to stalk and mouse and proudly says that Miner had been teaching him to fight and hunt. The group then smell smoke from a wild fire. Alice drags the kits into the river to protect them from the flames, while Bet goes out to find Jaws, who is somewhere in the forest. 
When he makes it back to camp, Lakeview smells smoke on him and tells him he smells funny. Jokingly, Saf insists that he smells good.
Later on, Saf is seen talking to Russet. Russet notices how quickly he is growing up. His muscles are developing and he is growing into his long legs. She tells him how Miner wants one of her daughters to be his mate. Saf is disgusted, saying he wouldn't have a relationship with his adoptive niece and biological cousin. Next, he play fights with Ocelot.
After Cobalt has a son, named Shaded, Saf is demoted from his position as heir. He struggles not to attack Miner on sight. It is said Bet took him into the forest, where he screeched and raged for hours.
When Erin is dying, she tells Miner that Saf was the son they never got to have. When Miner brings her body to camp, the group sits by it the whole night and then go to bury Erin in the morning. He struggles to not cry when his adoptive mother is buried.


When Vladimir comes to camp, Saf is hostile. When it is revealed that Vladimir is his biological grandfather, Saf gets stressed and goes to bed abruptly. Vladimir barely notices and says they can talk the next day. He does warm up to Vlad when the tom tells him stories about Erin. Saf then tentatively asks the tom for information about his birthparents. Vladimir tells his that his birthfather is named Hickorynose and his birthmother is named Reddy. He describes both cats and says he has several siblings. Saf thanks him before leaving, saying he needed to learn about his origins slowly.
Saf thinks about meeting his birthparents, what he would say to his real siblings. He is tempted to leave the group and head for SplashClan, but knows deep down he could not.
Later, he is out hunting, thinking about his birthfamily even more. He runs into a raccoon and is severely attacked. His worst injury is a long cut running from his spine to his flank. Saf is treated by Russet, with Scarlet double-checking to make sure Russet did a good job. The awful cut turns into a horrible scar that he will carry for life.


Bassleap: Living
Adoptive Mother
Erin: Deceased, unkown residence
Hickorynose: Living
Adoptive Father
Miner: Living
Parsley: Deceased, unknown residence
Copperkit: Living
Amber: Deceased, unknown residence
Blossom: Deceased, unknown residence
Skylark: Deceased, unknown residence
Mallowspring: Living
Squirrelfang: Living
Musket: Living
Cassie: Living
Sycamorekit: Living
Half Sisters
Mosskit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Fawnkit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Willowkit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Minnowfur: Living
Adoptive Brother
Shaded: Living
Adoptive Sisters
Russet: Living
Posy: Living
Lakeview: Living
Blueness: Living
Russetkit: Living
Maplekit: Living
Orchidkit: Living
Wolfkit: Living
Trail: Living
Mallowclaw: Living
Bluewillow: Deceased, StarClan resident
Vladimir: Living
Epiphany: Deceased, unknown residence
Elmstar: living
Half Aunts
Hollyfrost: Living
Smokepool: Deceased, StarClan resident
Half Uncles
Acorntail: Living
Reednose: Living
Rushwhisker: Living
Great-Great Uncle
Miner: Living
Littlekit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Bluenose: Deceased, StarClan resident
Hollypelt: Living
Half Cousins
Charredkit: Deceased, StarClan resident
Cinderfrost: Living
Pounceheart: Living
Owlshade: Living
Jadefeather: Living
Ravenwing: Living
Beetlestripe: Living
Jackdawflight: Living
Rippedface: Living
Buntingpelt: Living
Second Cousins
Russet: Living
Four unnamed kittens: deceased, unknown residence
Posy: Living
Shaded: Living
Blueness: Living
Third Cousins
Stormy: Living
Firesplash: Living
Basil: Living
Panda: Living
Unnamed kitten: deceased, unknown residence
Melody: Deceased, unknown residence
Jupiter: Living



Saf was brought up by Miner and is his son is everything but name. As a kitten, Saf worshipped his adoptive father, believing he could do no wrong. He felt intense pressure to be perfect, hoping to convince Miner to keep him as heir even though he wasn't biologically related to him. However, Saf did resent him for using him as a backup plan in case Erin or Cobalt failed bear a biological male heir. After Shaded was born and he was demoted, Saf was livid. He threatened to leave the group. Miner appeased him by telling him about his birthmother and what little he knew of his birthfather. Saf still loves his adoptive father, with all his faults; however, he believes he is more loyal to Miner than Miner is to him. 
Saf considers Russet one of the few cats he can trust. When he was a kitten, she understood Erin's strange moods and guided him through them. She introduced him to the other members of the group and taught him to hunt and fight. As he grew older, they became close confidants and friends. Over time, they truly became siblings. 
Saf was raised alongside Posy. Both Erin and Cobalt washed them and nursed them. Later on, the older group members would take them out together to train. Saf considers Posy a sister and cares for her deeply. He does not have the same bond he does with Russet, but he will seek her advice on things and they talk often.
Lakeview and Saf always seem to clash heads, perhaps because of their similiar personalities. Both are cats are known for their kind but sarcastic natures. They have a fight almost every day, usually about trivial things. Despite their arguments, they are close. A regular spectacle in camp is to see them going back-and-forth with witty epigrams that can go on for hours. In addition, they make a good hunting team if they are not quarreling over where in the territory to hunt. 
Shaded and Blueness
Saf was apprehensive about meeting his birthfather. He doesn't value him highly, as he left Bassleap to care for their large litter by herself. However, he pestered from Miner all the information he could give him on Hickorynose, which was little more than a name and what Clan he lived in. Saf had very low expectations. When he met Hickorynose, his birthfather thought he murdered Bluenose and viciously attacked him. After he was found to be innocent, Hickorynose pursued a relationship with, the latter coldly turning him down. They are not currently on speaking terms.  


Cobalt is basically Saf's other adoptive mother. She washed him when he was a kit, nursed him if Erin was too depressed, and taught him to hunt. As he grew up, he sought out her advice and always got sound guidance. They are good friends and Saf is fiercely protective of her.
Saf learned everything he knows about fighting from Bet. From training with the tom, he learned self-discipline and determination. Saf finds Bet to be hilarious with his sarcastic and often scathing tongue. One of his favorite things to do is going on border patrol with Bet and watch him imitate Miner or their other group-mates.


Fang & Shadow
Kap & Storm
Panda, Jupiter & Melody






Volcanoflame: "That's a former deputy you're arguing with. I'd watch your tongue if I were you, he's go more moves than you have hairs on your pelt."
Saf: "My mother always told me I was too outspoken for my own good. I never listened to her advice as a kitten."
Volcanoflame: "Clearly."
SplashClan/Roleplay/Archive 29
Saf: "Are you trying to torment me? Hatred isn't good for the soul."
Salamanderfall: "Actually, I pity you."
SplashClan/Roleplay/Archive 29


  • Saf is named after a main character in Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore. The character's full name is also Sapphire Birch.
  • His sauciness is largely based off Nealan of Queenscove from the Protector of the Small quartet by Tamora Pierce.

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