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Scourgepaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

This character is a NPC and can be claimed freely.

Current Dark Forest
Past WinterClan
Given Apprentice: Scourgepaw
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Dark Forest 1
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling Rubypaw
Mate Dirtpaw
Kits None
Mentor Bonetooth
Owner Rowanflight

Scourgepaw is a small, slinky, black tom with a white front right paw and cold blue eyes.


He is Dirtpaw's mate and is in the Dark Forest. He is a lot like the real Scourge and is the Darkstripe of the Dark Forest. He is a wannabe, always agreeing with what the tough cats say. He is always spying and listening to conversations with other felines and is super sneaky.


Scourgekit was named for the pain he gave his mother when he was born.

He was a part of WinterClan many, many moons ago and he killed all cats, including Medicine Cats and kits. He even killed his mentor, Bonetooth for stealing his prey. Scourgepaw died in a battle where he brought rogues to the WinterClan. He was their leader and was feared by every single one of them. He died by being killed by Blazestar, the WinterClan leader at the time. No one was sad including his sister Rubypaw. Scourgepaw's death was freedom for all Clans.

He is shown with Dirtpaw a lot of times. When Cygnetpaw doesn't eat the prey from StarClan, he calls her a baby. Tornpaw asks what is happening and he says that they are just two Dark Forest Cats doing Dark Forest cat stuff.

Fogface calls him over to ask him something, and Scourgepaw walks over, asking what Fogdork wanted. Fogface got heated up, and raged all over Scourgepaw, killing the tom. Scourgepaw's finals words are hoping that Tigerscar wins and gets revenge on the Clans, and that Fogface should rot in the Dark Forest forever.

Life Image


Character Pixels

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  • His Life Image isn't what Rowan had imagined him to look like.
  • Rowan says he was formerly in a "clique" along with Hawkheart, Guiltkit and Tigerscar, but was kicked out when he was killed by Fogface.

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