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Seedfeather is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Seedfeather is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current SummerClan
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut SummerClan Roleplay; Archive X. December 4th, 2011.
Father Grayfoot
Mother Poppyheart
Sibling Flarepaw
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Rowanstar
Owner None

Seedfeather is a pretty silver tabby she-cat with green eyes.



Seedfeather has sleek, shiny silver tabby fur that glistens as she walks out into the sunlight or moonlight. She gets this fur design from her father, Grayfoot. Seedfeather has green eyes that sparkle with mischief and playfulness. She takes her eye color after her mother, Poppyheart. She has an averagely sized gray nose and perfectly shaped ears. Seedfeather has broad shoulders, though her legs are rather short, though she has powerful hind legs nonetheless.
Seedfeather also has whiskers that are a little longer than an average cat, and are sensitive. Though her fur is fluffy, her tail is quite hard. Though Seedfeather has an odd personality, she has a bright smile and loving eyes.


Physical Health

Seedfeather is a fit, healthy, strong, and young she-cat.

Mental Health

Seedfeather is rather impulsive, as she can say random things at random times without thinking twice about it. She can also act very adamant, as once her mind is made up, it's just about impossible to change it.


Seedfeather, as stated above, is impulsive, as she does things without a second thought. She has a sharp tongue and a fiery temper, though. This can make her seem like a really awkward cat to be around, but she is overall a very nice addition to her family, friends, and, most importantly, her Clan. She isn't very docile towards most cats, as she hates to be bossed around and told off like a kit. She only acts docile towards her leader, as she respects them with pride.

Skills and Abilities

Though Seedfeather may not seem like it because of her temper, attitude, and ways of impulsiveness, she is actually very good at hatching out plans for her Clanmates, in order to help them.





Seedkit is born to Poppyheart and Grayfoot along with her siblings, Flarekit, Skykit, Breezekit, and Rowankit. Each were born specially, as they were each born with an elemental power.
Seedkit's was earth, Flarekit's was fire, Skykit's was sky, Breezekit's was water, and Rowankit's was lightning. They ended up going on a journey and saving the Clan, SummerClan, and bringing all the good cats back to life. When Seedkit and her siblings returned, they all were given their apprentice names, and they all then lose their powers.
As Songbreeze is giving birth, she tries to comfort her with the permission of Rowanstar. Later, Seedpaw is made into a warrior, named Seedfeather. Later, she walks in on Lionheart murmuring to himself, and asks him in confusion what he said. She offers him a blackbird and water, though he gently turns down the offer.


Father: Grayfoot - Living
Mother: Poppyheart - Living
Brothers: Breezefur - Living; Flarepaw - Deceased; residence: StarClan
Sisters: Skycloud - Living; Rowanspirit - Deceased; residence: StarClan
Grandfather: Lionheart - Living
Grandmother: Luckshine - Deceased; residence: StarClan


Life Image

Note: Don't mind the pink nose. Seedfeather really has a gray nose.

Character Pixels

Please do not edit this gallery unless instructed to.





<p style="text-align: center;">Seedpaw's Apprentice Ceremony</p>

Moonstar: "Now, it is time to make some kits apprentices. Branchheart and Poppyheart's kits step forward!"
Moonstar: "Okay, your new names are Brightpaw, Breezepaw, Seedpaw, Longpaw, Rowanpaw, Tawnypaw, Skypaw, Batpaw, and Flarepaw."

<p style="text-align: center;">Seedfeather's Warrior Ceremony</p>

Rowanstar: "Smokepaw, Skypaw, Duskpaw, Brightpaw, Seedpaw, and Aurorakit, please step forward."
Narrator: "They did so."
Rowanstar: "It is time for these apprentices to become warriors. Smokepaw, Skypaw, Duskpaw, Brightpaw, and Seedpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"
All apprentices: "I do."
Rowanstar: "Then I commend you all as warriors in return. Smokepaw, you will be known as Smokeheart, Skypaw, you will be known as Skycloud, Duskpaw, you will be known as Duskjaw, Brightpaw, you will be known as Brightfeather, and Seedpaw, you will be known as Seedfeather. StarClan honors your courage, honor, bravery and thanks to me, patience."
Clan: "(laughs)"
Rowanstar: "We welcome you as a full warrior of SummerClan!"


  • Seedfeather was originally planned to be a tom, but then Seedfeather was later changed to a she-cat.
  • Seedfeather and her brother, Breezefur, have the same connection that Squirrelflight and Leafpool from the Warriors series have; they can feel what's happening to the other cat even from miles away.
  • Seedpaw's roleplayer wants her warrior name to be Seedfeather.
    • Seedpaw's warrior name is now Seedfeather.
  • Seedfeather's roleplayer had expected Seedfeather to the be the last cat of the litter to be made a warrior.

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