Serenitybreeze is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past The Wind Chasers
Age 19 Moons
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Owner Hya
Serenitybreeze is a beautiful silver and white tabby she-cat with pink (or green) eyes. She has the power to control nature.


Appearance -

Serenitybreeze is a beautiful, silver tabby she-cat. Her fur is very soft and plush, and is of a long length.  Her paws, chest, underbelly, and tailtip are all a stark white.  

Her eyes are a vibrant, flowery pink that change color to an emerald green when she is using her powers or is experiencing strong emotions.

Character - 

Serenitybreeze is a sweet, kind-hearted she-cat. She deeply enjoys caring for kits and has a motherly nature. She would love to have kits of her own one day, but feels that the time to have them is not now. Her voice is soft and gentle, reflecting her personality, but is equally as irritating.

Health - 

Serenitybreeze is a healthy she-cat. 

Skills and Abilities - 

Serenitybreeze has the power to control nature. This means she has a strong connection with plants and non-feline animals.

The most prominent feature of her powers is her ability to create and manipulate plant matter. She can also read and understand the chemicals plants produce, so in a way she can understand their language.

She can communicate with animals as well, but this is to a much lesser extent.


Kithood - 

Srenitybreeze was born to two, "pure blood" Wind Chaser cats.  She was an only kit, but had plenty of kits to play with in the nurseury.  She developed her powers at around a moon and a half, and mastered them at around eight moons of age.  

She was quite popular growing up, and had many friends.

Adolescence - 

Serenitybreeze was mentored by a fairly new warrior, but her mentor was able to teach her well regardless. She was not very good at hunting nor fighting, and many of her peers surpassed her in their abilities. However, the silver molly soon caught up to her friends, and graduated at around twelve moons of age.

Adulthood -

Serenitybreeze quickly became a well-liked and respected warrior of the Wind Chasers. She would consistently preform her warrior duties in a timely and regular manner. As a warrior, she went on patrols regularly, and tried to stick to clan rules and social systems as strictly as possible.

Serenitybreeze died in a hunting accident when she was nineteen moons old.  While pursuing a rabbit, she hit her head while crossing a river and then drowned to death.  Her body was recovered by a patrol later on when it floated down stream.



  • Unknown She-cat


  • Unknown Tom


Life - 


Pixels - 

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