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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past ShadowClan, Loner, AutumnClan
Given Warrior: Shadewhisper
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Duskwhisper
Mother Unknown she-cat
Sibling Nightstar
Mate Avalanchestorm
Kits None
Mentors Duskwhisper(formerly), Mudstar
Owner Crystal

Shadewhisper is a large, muscular jet black tom with piercing, stunning, kind, playful green eyes. He has a gray nose shaped slightly like a heart.



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Physical Health

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Mental Health

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Shadewhisper is playful and rather proud, and loves to sneak attack. He is loyal to every place he visits and loves to hunt. He is also caring, kind and enthusiastic. Shadewhisper is very kind, but can be very fierce and very strong in battle. Although he is kind yet fierce, he can easily be hurt and is extremely annoying at times. He jumps to conclusions way too quickly, which makes him end up injuring himself. Shadewhisper can be a little upset about his past and about his descendants.
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Skills & Abilities

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He and his father were attacked by foxes, although it was unknown what happened next.

Shadepaw is founded by Thunderkit, who he immediately dislikes, and joins the Clan. Leopardclaw takes Shadepaw to the medicine cat den. It was noted that Shadepaw was uneasy about leaving his father behind. He meets Avalanchepaw and plays with her.

While Shadepaw laughs loudly, Thunderpaw hisses and scratches his face, drawing blood. Shadepaw is seen lashing back and biting his leg.

After the battle, Shadepaw is seen purring when Avalanchepaw stands by him.

Shadepaw is seen asking Thunderpaw about him being leader, and is suspicious. He then sneaks up on him when Thunderpaw's out hunting, and freezes when a large badger confronts him. After the badger gets defeated, Shadepaw is seen scenting cubs. Shadepaw jumps at a cub and attacks.

Shadepaw is later nuzzling Avalanchepaw before the battle with SplashClan. He fights Silverwave, and Ripplepaw and Avalanchepaw helps. Unexpectedly, Clawstar appears and attacks Silverwave. Even more unexpectedly, Silverwave's wounds heal. SplashClan then retreats.

After the battle, Shadepaw panics when he sees Avalanchepaw limp lying on the ground, and gently nuzzles her awake, telling that they won. Shadepaw then adds that he loves her.

Shadepaw has his warrior ceremony, and earns his warrior name: Shadewhisper.

When Shadewhisper and his clanmates go on the journey to search for ShadowClan, he meets his sister, Nightstar. Nightstar is at first very kind towards them, but attacks when Shadewhisper chooses Avalanchepaw as his mate. Nightstar nearly kills Shadewhisper, but Sandpaw helps him.

He then dies.


Shadepaw's Warrior Ceremony

Flashstar: "May everyone old enough to catch their own prey gather here for a clan meeting!"
Narrator: "They all gather..."
Flashstar: "Shadepaw. it is time you become a warrior. Do you promise to protect your clan, to honor them, even at the cost of your own life?"
Shadepaw: "Yes."
Flashstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you the name Shadewhisker. StarClan honors your bravery and truthfulness."




Loners & Rogues


Mother: Unknown - Deceased, residence unknown

Father: Duskwhisper - Deceased, vertified StarClan member

Siblings: Not revealed - Unknown

Mate: Avalanchestorm - Living

Character Pixels

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  • Shadewhisper's father is in StarClan, and he will find out about it when he goes to sleep.
  • He has a grudge against Thunderfoot and detests him.
  • Shadewhisper was mistakenly called "Shadewhisker" during the ceremony.

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