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Shadowforce is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Dark Forest
Past AutumnClan, Loners & Rogues
Age Approx. 49.56 (4.13 yrs) moons at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Blizzardstar
Debut AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 11
Last Post AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 29
Father Embershadow
Mother Nightheart
Siblings Nightfire, Goldenstripe, Snap
Mate Everlastingsight
Kits Cherry, Sweettit, Icystrike
Mentor Embershadow
Apprentices Awakeningdawn, Wisppaw
Deputy Position
Predecessor Tigerstorm
Successor Jaystep
Owner Crys
Shadowforce is a large gray tabby tom with amber eyes. He is known mostly for being the former deputy of AutumnClan, and the mate of Everlastingsight. His parents are Embershadow and Nightheart, and his siblings are Nightfire, Snap, and Goldenstripe. His kits are Sweettit, Icystrike, and Cherry. He is a rather vengeful sort of cat, but as hot-headed and stubborn as he can be, he is rather soft underneath his rocky surface.



He is a dark gray, white, and black tabby tom with several significant solid black stripes that length reaches to his shoulder blades and continues to the chest. He has a white muzzle, belly, and chest. Shadowforce has a a very dark gray tabby patch of fur around the eyes and the bridge of his nose. His paws are black, and so is the tip of his tail. He has white eartufts.
He has a large, muscular structure, and very powerful legs for swimming. He has large paws and rough black paw pads, good for hard surfaces. The most noticeable features of his body are his eyes: a bright, orange amber hue that seem to glow red whenever he is furious. Usually, this intimidates other cats, especially during battles. He has sharp white teeth and curved claws. Shadowforce has triangular ears with sharp tips.


Physical Health

He used to be a very fit, strong cat, but after being forced to turn into a loner, he is seen to be rather underfed, but still strong. However, because he returned to the clan, he is back to his usual, fit self, with a reasonable amount of fat. He frequently exercises. He is mostly made up of muscles, as he is keen to keep himself exceedingly healthy and strong.
He is shown to have a strong immune system. Fevers last for a short period of time, and are usually light. When in starvation, he is much more likely to become sick.

Mental Health

Shadowforce is shown to not think before he takes action, and is an extremely hasty tom. He does have a flame of intelligence, and is extremely sensitive. He is mentally stable, and has the occasional nightmare. He is quite intelligent, but he always keeps trying, making cats under-estimate him.
He is rather unbalanced in terms of mental health, however, and while in the Dark Forest, he is much more likely to become easily angered, grudgeful, and volatile.


Shadowforce is territorial, vengeful, and very defensive. He could be rather hot-headed and short tempered, but overall a great cat. If you're close to him, he is very caring and kind. He hates it when something of his is ruined, like his nest, and can get a little violent for every mistake a cat makes. He's easily angered, and it takes a lot to calm him down. He likes to take part in mysteries and is sometimes very curious and questioning about everything.
Shadowforce can be very silent, and never at all talkative, although it's sometimes an exception. He isn't shy, although he can tend to get jealous of many things. Shadowforce can be a tad dense when it comes to certain subjects, and can't tell apart a cat who likes him or a cat who just thinks of him as a friend. He can easily lose his temper, and get confused after a while.
Shadowforce also has rock-solid, almost stubborn determination, never giving up a goal. He can get very hyperactive after he has a good sleep, but quickly calms down to his normal self. He prefers light over dark, and hates it when cats judge him for his name and his outer personality, even if he's just a good cat in the inside. He is very defensive when cats judge him, and will easily counter with his sharp tongue.

Skills and Abilities

Shadowforce is an extremely good swimmer, and an average climber. He doesn't like to run, and isn't very fast when he's on ground. He is a very good fighter, but relies more on offense than defense. Climbing isn't is strength, but he can do it if he tries. 
Shadowforce has very good pain tolerance, and it will take a lot for him to be taken down.
When he was a kit, he had this odd ability to disappear at random times and appear the next in a sort of forceful boom for an unknown reason. This eventually disappeared shortly into his apprenticeship, however.



Shadowkit is born to Embershadow and Nightheart, along with his siblings NightkitGatorkit, and Goldenkit. He is seen squirming around as his father licks him. He is named after Embershadow, and speaks his first word after he opens his eyes. He sees Nightkit open her eyes shortly after he does, and when she opens her eyes, Shadowkit starts to walk. He walks right into the shade, but then he vanishes, then reappear.
At night, Shadowkit and Nightkit sneaks out. Shadowkit vanishes once more, not used to what he had just done, and leaves Nightkit to get in trouble alone by their mother, accidentally framing his sister. Shadowkit explores the camp, unseen, and goes to the lake, surprising some cats at the lake when he appears randomly right next to them. Shadowkit then starts playing with Nightkit and annoying Sandstrike, who snarls at them and pad away. 
Shadowkit is then seen playing around with Nightkit, not noticing Everlastingkit watching him and thinking that he is smart as he ambushes his sister, then go off to do some other activities. He has no interest in anyone else but himself, Nightkit, his family, and the sun. Shadowkit then annoys Sandstrike again, but then goes off somewhere else, probably the nursery.


He is later seen annoying everyone, then during his ceremony, earning the name Shadowpaw with his mentor as Embershadow. Embershadow tells him that he'll be showing Shadowpaw around the territory, and Shadowpaw mutters that he snuck out of camp as a kit and that he didn't need to see everything. Everlastingpaw walks over and asks Shadowpaw if he can go hunting with her, and Shadowpaw realizes Splashpaw was also watching him, and freaks out. He then agrees to go hunting with Everlastingpaw, accidentally hurting Splashpaw's feelings. 
Shadowpaw is later seen playing with Nightpaw and Goldenpaw, saying he's the leader and Nightpaw is the deputy. Everlastingpaw asks Shadowpaw if she can join in, and Shadowpaw is happy, and says yes. Ripplesong runs over to the playing cats, and break the news: Gatorpaw, Shadowpaw's brother, was missing. Shadowpaw is devastated, but decides to go over it.
Shadowpaw is seen playing with Everlastingpaw, racing her into the forest when they decide they should go hunting. Shadowpaw is slower than Everlastingpaw in the beginning, but eventually runs ahead of her, until she slips and falls into the lake. Shadowpaw yells out, and leaps into the lake after her, finding her and asking if she was all right. Everlastingpaw replies she was okay, except she looked silly, after shaking off a lilypad. Shadowpaw is amused, and throws the lilypad on her head again, making Everlastingpaw start preaching.
The whole time, Splashpaw is watching the two playing apprentices, jealous of them. Shadowpaw looks over and calls out Splashpaw's name, suggesting she plays with them too. He drags her into the water after she answers his questions, and they land in a splash. Darkpaw notices the playing cats and asks to join. Shadowpaw replies with a "sure", and pulls him in before the black apprentice could protest. The apprentices engage in a water battle, and Shadowpaw suggests they go out before they catch a cold. The apprentices leave the water, but Shadowpaw and Darkpaw notice Everlastingpaw and Splashpaw sneezing and coughing. 
Shadowpaw tries to help Everlastingpaw to the Medicine Cat's den, but Everlastingpaw protests, saying she she was all right and that she didn't need to go. Eventidepaw takes Splashpaw to the Medicine Den, ignoring her argues. Shadowpaw tries to take her, but Everlastingpaw startles him by yelling angrily and dashing off. Shadowpaw follows her, and finds Nightpaw helping Everlastingpaw up, because she collapsed. Shadowpaw tells Nightpaw that he should carry her, and Nightpaw gives him the sick apprentice. Shadowpaw dashes over to Moonleaf, who says Everlastingpaw and Splashpaw have whitecough.
Shadowpaw meets Umbrakit and Darkpaw, and the three quickly become friends. Shadowpaw would like to take Umbrakit and Darkpaw around the camp and bother the warriors frequently.
Shadowpaw is shocked when Moonleaf tells him Everlastingpaw and Splashpaw have whitecough, and Shadowpaw watches over Everlastingpaw, worried deeply about her. Darkpaw does to same with Splashpaw, but later on leaves to do some other things instead of staying all day in the Medicine Den, fussing over two sick cats. After a while, Moonleaf says the two sick apprentices are getting better. Shadowpaw is amused when Splashpaw starts complaining after Darkpaw worries about her. Everlastingpaw feels better, and thanks Shadowpaw for always being there for her. Shadowpaw replies he was worried, but feels better now that she's better. He notices Everlastingpaw looking strange, and asks her what's the matter, oblivious to her affection towards him.


Briefly after the apprentices get better, Mudstar calls for a ceremony. The cats all gather under her words, and she calls up the apprentices. She then makes them warriors, and Shadowpaw earns the name Shadowforce, named after his ability, and his blazing personality. Shadowforce is extremely proud, and happy, and notes that he was always waiting for that moment, while smiling at all the cheering cats. Shadowforce asks Everlastingsight if he can talk to her after the ceremony. Everlastingsight is okay with that.
He also says to talk after hunting. Everlastingsight is also okay with that, and she replies the vigil would start soon. Shadowforce nods, and takes her out of the camp. He runs out, and stops near the place where Everlastingsight first fell in the water, as an apprentice, with him coming after her. She also notices that. Shadowforce looks over at the lake, and tells her that he liked her. Everlastingsight is seen looking shocked, and tells him that she liked him too, after asking "really?". Shadowforce nods, and makes it clear that he likes her, then asks her if she wanted to go hunting with him later on.
Shadowforce tells Everlastingsight that he still felt like an apprentice, and the only difference he got was the name, but that's it. Everlastingsight seems focused on her thoughts, and says she feels like no one will ever respect her, because of who she is. Shadowforce is shocked because Everlastingsight says that, and replies that she shouldn't feel that way, just because of another cats' thoughts, noting that his brother is jealous of Shadowforce's ability, yet he still feels as if no one will stop him. Everlastingsight sighs, saying she's having the same problems her father had. Shadowforce replies, saying to just focus on the present, not the past. She is worried that she might kill cats, because of her other side, but he presses against her, stating if his goal were to lead Everlastingsight to the correct path, let it be it. Everlastingsight is comforted by Shadowforce, and falls asleep.
He is seen looking tired as Everlastingsight sleeps soundly next to him, thinking about what to say to her when she wakes up. He is completely forgetting about the vigil, all the time thinking about Everlastingsight. Suddenly, the vigil hits him. He decides to wake her up, stating they should stay up for the vigil, and that she suggested it earlier herself. Everlastingsight finally wakes up, her eyes full of energy. Shadowforce playfully nudged her, asking if before the warrior vigil, he can ask her something. Everlastingsight nods. Shadowforce asks her to be his mate, so he can watch over her and because he loved her. Everlastingsight is thrilled, and says yes. The two mates are happy, licking each other's cheeks.
Amethystcloud suddenly enters the camp. Shadowforce breaks away from Everlastingsight, seeing Amethystcloud as an intruder. He stalks the she-cat, and pounces on her without thinking, biting into her leg angrily. Goldenstripe pulls him off the she-cat, stating that what Shadowforce was doing was 'socially unacceptable'. More cats tell Shadowforce to calm down, as he badly hurt Amethystcloud, who says she wants to do something, but trails off. At the same time, Blazingkit calls Nightheart a "poopoo head", and Shadowforce shoots the kit a stern glare before snapping at Amethystcloud, asking what she wanted to do. Everlastingsight takes care of the problem, and takes Amethystcloud in the camp. Shadowforce, a tad irritated, just follows her.
Everlastingsight and Shadowforce start a conversation about Amethystcloud. She points out that the newcomer might give AutumnClan and new warrior while SpringClan loses one, when he asks if she can be trusted. They don't notice Amethystcloud listening to them. Shadowforce and Everlastingsight reaches the nursery, where Thunderfoot and Lightningdash are. She pads up next to them, and Shadowforce glares at Amethystcloud, asking her to hurry up. Everlastingsight licks her mate, telling that they should have their silent vigil now. Shadowforce agrees with her.
In chat: Shadowforce and Everlastingsight sit by eachother, both thinking that the vigil is taking to long. Mousepaw points out that their vigil won't last long. Everlastingsight stays quiet, but Shadowforce becomes impatient, muttering that he was bored, not quite used to staying still at night, where he seemed to be most active. (The chat roleplay is interrupted, and doesn't continue.. but continues in RP) Everlastingsight sits by Splashfeather and her mate during the vigil. Shadowforce is seen sitting proud and tall, but his eyes glowing strangely, which only happens when he feels angry. He thinks badly about SpringClan, feeling sorry for the cat who killed himself at the gathering. He wishes that Brackenpaw should have joined SummerClan or AutumnClan.
During the vigil, Shadowforce keeps sitting, but scents something strange, like something was lurking around the camp that shouldn't be there. He thinks that there's a fox or a badger, and almost calls out, but in interrupted by a badger attacking him, followed by some more. Shadowforce manages to call out a warning, and fights the badgers. Meanwhile, Acornfur is seen giving Naturekit and Earthkit deathberries without being seen. Shadowforce hears some cats crying, and runs to the nursery, seeing Naturekit and Earthkit suffering from the berries. He sees a spare yew berry, and picks it up, realizing what had happened to the two poisoned kits. Goldenstripe sees Shadowforce holding the berry, and thinks that he was the one who fed them it, and wants to report to Mudstar. Shadowforce calls out for help, and Nightheart runs over, telling him to get yarrow. Shadowforce gives the yarrow to Naturekit, and she recovers a bit by vomiting up the berries, while Nightheart feeds Earthkit yarrow.
Shadowforce tells Mudstar, after helping the kits, that someone gave Naturekit and Earthkit deathberries. Kestrelkit pops up and tells Risenkit that Shadowforce killed Naturekit and poisoned Earthkit. Shadowforce is offended that someone blamed it on him, when he did nothing wrong, and protests. Goldenstripe adds in, calling Shadowforce a liar and that he could have easily fed the kits deathberries. Leopardclaw comes out from the elder's den, also blaming the whole thing on Shadowforce, then hinting that Everlastingsight could have helped. Shadowforce tries to regain his calm, but unsheathes his claws in frustration. Leopardclaw points out the red paws when Shadowforce helped remove the deathberries from Naturekit, and he defends himself. Nightfire and Nightheart also starts protesting, along with Awakeningkit. Mudstar tells the clan to stop all of this, and that Shadowforce will be watched closely.
Shadowforce is seen watching the camp borders, trying to ignore Kestrelkit's taunts. Everlastingsight sees him, and pads over, but Shadowforce snaps that she shouldn't have been also blamed for something they haven't done. Thunderfoot calls for a clan meeting, and the two goes to the camp. Thunderfoot calls an apprentice ceremony, and the kits become apprentices. Shadowforce realizes he's jealous of Goldenstripe getting an apprentice, and sulks, angry that he's already hated by the clan for something that never should have involved him. Thunderfoot then calls another ceremony for another set of kits, an Everlastingsight gets Kestrelpaw. Shadowforce smirks, but feels sorry for the new mentor as she puts up with Kestrelpaw's remarks.
Shadowforce watches Thunderfoot preform the ceremonies for Missingkit and wonders if her warrior name was going to be Missingno. After the gathering (that Shadowforce did not attend to due to the distrust from his clanmates), a loner, Sawdust, visits the camp, accompanied by Mousepaw. At first, only Sawdust and Mousepaw talk about the clans, but Shadowforce notices the new member and jumps into the conversation, welcoming her into the clan and telling her who the medicine cat, the deputy, and the leader was in AutumnClan, and the other information. He takes a deep breath, breathless, and forgets to introduce himself because he was in a hurry. The she-cat thanks Shadowforce for the information. The warrior says that he was welcome, but suddenly changes the subject when he smells something withering. He notes about the smell, and follows the trail, which connected to the outside of the camp. He keeps following it until he finds a tree, where the scent trail stops. 
He runs back into the camp when Mudstar calls for a ceremony. Fortunately, he came at the right time, and gets Awakeningpaw as his apprentice. After Awakeningpaw stops chasing her tail, Shadowforce touches noses with his first apprentice. After Shadowforce watched Everlastingsight scold Kestrelpaw for being so rude about Awakeningpaw, whom he called a "know-it-all", Everlastingsight nuzzles Shadowforce. She congratulates him on being a mentor, and Shadowforce agrees, telling her that it was nice. Splashfeather remarks that Earthpaw was a handful, and Everlastingsight tells her that at least Earthpaw was respectful. Shadowforce watches Kestrelpaw complain and retort, and smiles when Everlastingsight threatens Krestrelpaw that he would be cleaning out the elder's den for a moon. He notices that Everlastingsight feels embarrassed by the lecture, and tells her that it was all right, and that he deserved that talk. Everlastingsight, annoyed, flicks her tail, remarking about how hard-headed Kestrelpaw was. Earthpaw mutters that Kestrelpaw was a cocky flea-bag. Splashfeather and Everlastingsight then engage in a conversation, and Shadowforce, thinking that he should probably just leave, pads away to train Awakeningpaw.
Shadowforce is later on seen hunting. He sees a tom by the border, and thinks that the tom and his partners were a threat after overhearing the cat's words. He steps forward, asking what the cat was doing here. The ginger tabby replies that he was joining AutumnClan before introducing himself as Tigerstorm and his partners, Hushedsong and Mapleface. Shadowforce nods, relaxing just a bit. Then, he notices two more cats, recognizing one of them as Kumquatcloud. He mutters to himself that the other clans must be low, and tells Tigerstorm to wait there. Shadowforce pads over to Kumquatcloud and asks why she was there. Kumquatcloud replies that her best friend was hurt, and that she needs help. Shadowforce nods and calls out Ripplesong's name, ordering her to help Kumquatcloud and Mosswhisker. After watching Ripplesong run over to Mosswhisker's aid, he trods over back to the three waiting cats, telling them that he'll lead them to Mudstar, with no trust in his gaze. Tigerstorm understands, and tells his companions to follow him as they went into camp. Shadowforce then sticks his head in Mudstar's den to tell her about Tigerstorm, Hushedsong, and Mapleface before leaving to chat with Everlastingsight. He asks her if she trusts Tigerstorm, then waits for the answer, getting impatient. 
Mudstar calls out for a clan meeting and makes some kits apprentices and some apprentices warriors. Shadowforce is proud of Awakeningdown, and then gets a new apprentice: Wisppaw. He touches noses with his new apprentice, then goes over to Everlastingsight, complimenting her on getting a new apprentice. Everlastingsight nuzzles Shadowforce, who smiles at her. Brookpaw asks Everlastingsight if they can train, but she ignores him. She tells Shadowforce that they haven't been together alone since StarClan knows when. She asks if they can go hunting. He nods, remarking that he was starving while yawning. Shadowforce pads out of camp, and flicks his tail at Everlastingsight, signalling to follow him. Everlastingsight purrs, and runs up to his side, then pricks her ears to hear any prey. Shadowforce sniffs the air, and smells something like metallic. He thinks that it's a mouse stuck in a trap, and looks over, trying to find anything moving. He sees Breezefeather's dead body, and freaks, then returns to camp with it.
He's later seen out with Everlastingsight, slowly dying from hunger. He decides to go out hunting so he can provide the clan with prey, and when he goes far out to a clearing, he instead finds Goldenclaw's broken body trampled from a raging bull instead of any signs of food. He barfs, but nothing comes out due to his lack of fresh-kill, then reluctantly brings back the crumpled body of the deceased warrior, slowly returning to camp with it. When he returns to camp, a few warriors question him before he faints, and everyone panics. After a while with everyone splashing water onto him, he wakes up, and sits up, alert. 
During the famine, Shadowforce is seen extremely underfed, his usual sleek pelt rough. He goes out to search for prey, and finds a tunnel. Interested, he enters the tunnel and explores for any prey, but doesn't find any. He is seen extremely unhappy, and just as he starts to exit the tunnel, it collapses on him and traps him underground. He then becomes a lost loner.
After the famine, Shadowforce is still stuck underground. He pads around, hungrier than ever, and searches for any exits. He notices a crack in the ceiling and the sun, and sits down, starting to wonder why he was chosen to be stuck underground in the dark. Because no one answers, he sighs and stands up to follow the tunnels underground. As he follows the paths, he catches a few wandering rabbits and eats them. He finds another crack in the ceiling and tries to climb up, only resulting in falling down.
He then finds his way out, and along the way, he tires out until he faints at the camp entrance. Cats are shocked and happy to see him, except for Splashfeather, who wishes for her brother to be there instead of him. Nightfire, Umbrastripe and Splashfeather then start squabbling, but they later break up as Shadowforce is taken to the medicine cat's den to rest and regain his strength. After he wakes up, Everlastingsight is there, happy that he had returned. Shadowforce's life then resumes and he becomes healthy again.
When Shadowforce witnesses Risenbeauty's broken spine in the camp, Everlastingsight reveals to be in pain. He notices his mate and runs over, worried for her. Everlastingsight protests that she was fine when he asks her if she needed to be in the medicine den, and despite her words, he takes her to the new medicine cat, Silentwhisper. The medicine cat tells Flightpaw to find out why Everlastingsight was in pain, and the medicine cat apprentice reveals that she was pregnant. Shadowforce is pleased, and starts gloating about it.
Shadowforce is seen by Everlastingsight when she gives birth to the kits, ignoring her tantrums and her kicks. Sawdust, who mysteriously disappeared for a while, taps the occupied tom on the shoulder, and he quickly welcomes heer back before focusing his attention back onto his mate. After a while of pain, Everlastingsight finally gives birth to the kits, which are all female. They are then named Icykit, Cherrykit, and Sweetkit. Newtstream and Sawdust congratulates the couple, and tells Shadowforce that the kits are looking great. The proud tom starts rambling about the kits, and doesn't notice Geckonose checking into the nursery to see what the racket was about before leaving again.
When Icykit disappears, Shadowforce panics and asks Everlastingsight for help. When it appears that she won't come back, he gives in. Later on, Tigerstar, the new leader of AutumnClan, announces him as the newest deputy.
Shadowforce licks his mate and offspring before leaving the camp for a night walk. He decides to check the borders, in case any cats were invading. He reaches SpringClan border and seeing that there were no cats around, he starts to return to the camp. Then, he notices a white pelt, and confusion quickly turns into anger when he recognizes her as the leader of SpringClan. He realizes that she is holding a mouse, and quickly attacks in response.
Knowing that Blizzardstar would not recognize him during the night, Shadowforce continues attacking before taking one of her lives with a killing bite. When Shadowforce decides to go back to AutumnClan, Blizzardstar coughs and attacks, giving Shadowforce a fatal wound. In return, the tom knocks her to the ground, her head hitting a rock. After Blizzardstar loses another life, he falls into the stream, and dies.
Shadowforce is then seen in the Dark Forest. He is shown to be extremely displeased and feeling very betrayed because he didn't go to StarClan. After many moons, he slowly morphs into a bit of a grudgeful cat, mostly because he was never accepted into StarClan, where his mates and kits were.
Moons later, a kit shows up in the Dark Forest, right in front of Lionstar and several other cats. He starts talking, thus making Shadowforce grab him by the scruff and take him away. Thunderstar watches emotionlessly as the gray tabby takes the kit away. After dropping him deeper into the woods, he questions if he had a death wish. Darkkit protests that he wanted to be trained by the most dangerous cat to destroy the StarClan scum. Surprised to be hearing such a thing for a cat that age, Shadowforce remarks that he would be killed if he started training now. Darkkit asks if he could train him.


Loners & Rogues
Dark Forest


Shadowkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Mudstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highoak to hear my words!"
Narrator: "Mudstar called."
Mudstar: "Shadowkit, Nightkit, Gatorkit, Goldenkit, Forgottenkit, and Dingokit, step foward."
Narrator: "The six kits scuttled up."
Mudstar: "From this day, until you earn your warrior names, you shall be known as Shadowpaw, Nightpaw, Gatorpaw, Goldenpaw, Forgottenpaw, and Dingopaw. Your mentors shall be Embershadow, Bramblingfur, Ripplesong, Raven, Redfrost, and ______."
Narrator: "The cats touched noses with their mentors."
AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 12

Shadowpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Mudstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather to ear my words!"
Narrator: "Cats gather"
Mudstar: "First, I have some news to tell you all. I have had my kits, but, in the precess, lost a life. And, with Lightningdash and me in the nursery with kits, I would like to name a temporary leader. Thunderfoot, come forward."
Thunderfoot: "Steps forwards"
Mudstar: "Mudstar, it'd be an honor to serve as your temporary leader."
Mudstar: "Do you accept, Thunderfoot?"
Thunderfoot: "I do. I promise to do my best."
Mudstar: "Now, I have a ceremony to perform. Everlastingpaw, Boltpaw, Forgottenpaw, Dingopaw, Eventidepaw, Splashpaw, Nightpaw, Shadowpaw, Goldenpaw, Petalpaw and Minkpaw, step forward."
Apprentices: "step forwards"
Mudstar: "I, Mudstar, leader of AutumnClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Everlastingpaw, Boltpaw, Forgottenpaw, Dingopaw, Eventidepaw, Splashpaw, Nightpaw, Shadowpaw, Goldenpaw, and Minkpaw, do you prmoise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend this Clan even at the cost of your life?"
Apprentices: "I do!"
Mudstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. From now on, you shall be known as Everlastingsight, Boltspark, Forgottensoul, Dingohowl, Eventideshade, Splashfeather, Nightfire, Shadowforce, Goldenstripe, Petalsnow and Minkclaw."
AutumnClan/Roleplay/Archive 17










Shadowforce: "Okay, I want you on the right path, I want you to be safe, because I love you, and... I won't give you up, or my goal. So, will... you be my mate?"
Everlastingsight: "Shadowforce, I love you with all my heart. The way you took care of me when i was sick, the way you told me you would be by me always. I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather spend my life with. I will be your mate, forever, and when I say forever, I mean forever."
—Shadowforce to Everlastingsight AutumnClan






Awakeningdawn: "Winter will come by soon,"
Shadowforce: "And cats will die."
Awakeningdawn: "Pessimist. I have lived shorter than you and I already know you will love winter as you age."
Shadowforce: "The snow is cold and the each following days risk our lives. How can we love winter when it doesn't love us?"
Awakeningdawn: "Snow are like stars. They can hear us, because they're StarClan. Winter's been giving us a gift the whole time and we just ignore it. Winter... may be cold and dark, but that doesn't mean there isn't any good to it. Maybe winter is cold because usually no one likes it. We can have a happy winter instead if we look upon it as good luck. We all see spring, autumn and summer as the happy seasons. Can't winter be happy, too? Because, winter is important. Even if it seems useless, it can give us wonderful things, so..."
Shadowforce: "Maybe you're right, former apprentice. Just maybe you're right."
—Shadowforce and Awakeningdawn AutumnClan





Everlastingsight - Deceased; StarClan residence


Sweettit - Living
Icystrike - Deceased; StarClan residence
Cherry - Deceased; unknown residence


Embershadow - Deceased; StarClan residence


Nightheart - Unknown status


Snap - Living,
Goldenstripe - Living


Nightfire - Living


Icefeather - Living
Auroraspirit - Living
Soaringsong - Living


Thornfang - Living
Redpelt - Living
Talonclaw - Deceased; residence StarClan


Bone - Deceased; residence unknown


Leaf - Deceased; residence StarClan


Forestpath - status unknown
Covetsunami - Living
Cavernsong - deceased; residence StarClan
Cypressclaw - Living
Arcticwind - Living
Flickerpaw - status unknown
Thistlekit - deceased; residence StarClan
Carnelianpaw - status unknown


Duskkit - living
Dawnkit - living
Sootkit - living
Blue-eyes - living


Ky - living
Ash - living
Uryū - living
Sachiko - living
Caesar - living
Jaystorm - living
Stormpaw - deceased; residence StarClan
Riverkit - deceased; residence StarClan
Sweetkit - deceased; residence StarClan
Lynx - deceased; residence StarClan
Links - deceased; residence StarClan


Love Interests

Shadowforce had never paid attention to Everlastingsight as a kit. Then, as an apprentice, he formed a small crush on Everlastingpaw, which grew to a huge one. As a warrior, he loved her, and she loved him back. He took her as a mate, and the two had three kits.
As an apprentice, Shadowpaw was completely unaware of Splashpaw's huge crush on him, and tended to hurt her feelings over and over. She did get over him, though, when she learned that he liked Everlastingpaw. As warriors, Splashfeather had a bitter hatred for Shadowforce for what he has done in the past, and because of that, they would never even communicate in any form.


Shadowforce and Umbrastripe were friendly with each other during apprenticeship, and as warriors, they grew to be close friends. Shadowforce does get annoyed with Umbrastripe's vanity once in a while.
The two were friendly with each other as apprentices, and for a short period of time, they were friends, until they slowly grew apart.


They never spoke to each other, but when he was sent to the Dark Forest for the murder of the leader, he grew to resent the she-cat.
As an apprentice, Shadowpaw was completely unaware of Splashpaw's huge crush on him, and tended to hurt her feelings over and over. She did get over him, though, when she learned that he liked Everlastingpaw. As warriors, Splashfeather had a bitter hatred for Shadowforce for what he has done in the past, and because of that, they would never even communicate in any form.


She was his favorite apprentice. They would have some nice conversations, and Shadowforce thought she was good because of her hunting and her strategy skills.


Nightfire, Goldenstripe, and Shadowforce went along extremely well as kits, and all three siblings liked to play around. During adolescence and adulthood, the three eventually went their own paths, and communication between the cats were decreased. Shadowforce feels confused about Goldenstripe, but wishes to see him again somehow.
Nightfire, Goldenstripe, and Shadowforce went along extremely well as kits, and all three siblings liked to play around. During adolescence and adulthood, the three eventually went their own paths, and communication between the cats were decreased. Shadowforce feels confused about Nightfire, but wishes to see her in StarClan.
He doesn't exactly remember Snap because they were seperated at a young age. He worries for what happened to the tom.
Nightheart & Embershadow
He was pretty close with his parents, but again, they died. He never got to speak with them again.

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  • Shadowforce is named after Embershadow, Giratina's orgin forme, and Giratina's signature move Shadow Force.
  • He is loosely based off Giratina in the movie Giratina and the Sky Warrior.
  • He had a power/ability to vanish in the dark, and appear with such a force it goes through anything.
    • He no longer has this power.
  • Shadowforce was forced to be a loner when he got lost in the underground during the famine. He came back to the clan after a while, though.
  • He was sent to the Dark Forest for taking two lives from Blizzardstar without warning.
  • In the Dark Forest, he will grow to resent StarClan.
  • Darkshade, Umbrastripe, and Shadowforce were all in an emo squad as young warriors, with Shadowforce leading the group.
  • Shadowforce's appearance was changed to be more realistic.

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