Shadowlight is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current SummerClan
Past kittypet, Loner
Given Warrior:Shadowlight

Apprentice:Shadowpaw Kittypet:Silver Loner:Shadow

Age 42 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Josh
Mother Claw
Siblings Moonfrost, Bravespirit
Mate None
Kits None
Owner User:Belllastar
]]Shadowlight is a pretty silver tabby she-cat with sleek fur and light green eyes. She a stone-pink nose and a scar on her belly she got from fighting as a loner.



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Kithood and Adolescence

Shadow was born to Claw a rogue and Josh a kittypet she had two littermates a blue-silver she-cat named Moon and a black tabby tom named Sparrow Her parents later have two more kits one brown, and the other silver and brown. But before they are named Josh leaves Claw because his two-legs are moving to a new home. This leaves Claw angry and sad. She desides to name the brown kit Monster after what it felt like when Josh left her (she names the brown and silver kit Sweet) she then seems to hate Monster and take all of her anger out on her (it is asumed that this is because monster looks a lot like Josh.) She costently praising Sweet just to make Monster feel bad. After seeing this Moon and Shadow decide to take there sister to the place from there mother's story to live with the cats with huge fangs and razor-sharp claws (exagorated versoins of the clan cats.) they ask sparrow if he wants to come with them on the jorney and he answers them with an outraged no, and continuous to tell them they are disloyal.

The first thing they do is stop calling monster by horrible name, and just referring to her as sister, they learn that Sister is too young to even eat berries. Without the help of an old wise tom they are able to feed her, by smashing chewing almonds and then feeding them to her.It is a long hard journey but they do eventually find the clans.


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Moonfrost is the best friend a cat could have, and a great sister, she is always by my side

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Character Pixels

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Belllastar is writing a fanfiction about her called Shadow's Journey it will explain what happened when she goes on a journey to search for her father

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