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Shale Lifeya
Current The Storm Fronts
Past Loners & Rogues
Age about 13 moons (1.83 years)
Status Living
Debut TSF Archive VI
Father Inferno
Mother Pond
Siblings Littermate: Ocelot

Half-Siblings: Arleen, Arnica, Arabella, Arvin, Spots, Macy, Cricket, Shadowkit, Shadekit, Pricklekit, Aspenkit, Gatsby, Abigail Rose, Dean, Sammy, Comet, Flash, Spitfire, Frankie

Mate None
Kits None
Owner Serval
Shale is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Shale is a huge brown tabby tom. He is a former loner and is currently a member of The Storm Fronts. His father is Inferno and his mother is Pond. His littermate is Ocelot. He was born a loner and joined the Storm Fronts at about the age of ten moons old with his half-sister Arleen



Shale is an very large tom from his father's Maine Coon origins. From his mother's Bengal ancestry, he has a graceful and sleek shape. His brown tabby fur very  thick, able to shield out the harsh winter temperatures. He has strong, chisteled features, with high cheekbones and a narrow muzzle. His tail is long, which helps him balance when climbing.
Shale's eyes are a handsome light grey-green color. They are very intelligent-looking, often frightening other cats. Shale has thick legs with broad paws, also from Maine Coon descent. He tries to keep his pelt groomed, but due to its thickness, it aqquires bits of leaf and foliage in them.


Shale is very healthy, with strong muscles, a high metabolism, and a healthy immune system. He is malnurished, due to the lack of proper nutrition, and is overworked from constantly laboring to clear paths in snow for his fellow group members to hunt. However, as spring in nearly here, he will begin to gain weight and resume his normal state of health.


Shale is very intelligent. He learns by watching and listening. Many cats are uneasy around him, unsure of the reason he seems so focused on them. The only real reason is to learn to hunting tricks and battle moves. Shale has an unusally accurate memory, often able to recite what somone said word-by-word. A bit unsettling to them, he is not the most sought-out cat to be friends with in the Storm Fronts. He is somewhat socially awkward, only feeling truly comfortable around his kin.
Along with being intelligent, Shale has a temper. He cuts right to the point when speaking and does not make the effort to sugar coat it. Shale is not mean, he simply does not have time for fools. Along with his temper, he has deep-set opinions. He believes all cats are equal, getting irritated by the royal family in the Storm Fronts. Along with that, he makes sure the queens and kits eat before he does. 


Shale, due to his Maine Coone descent, likes water. He is a strong swimmer, but is clumsy when it comes to fishing. He is a good land hunter, his brown fur able to help him blend in with his surroudings. 



Shale and Ocelot are born to Pond and Inferno. He has a half-sister named :Arleen, from his father's deceased mate Lynda. He lives a relatively normal life until his mother is killed by a fox in leaf-bare. Stunned with grief, Inferno takes Shale, Ocelot, and Arleen to live a nomadic lifestlye.
About four months later, Inferno fathers two kits, Macy and Spots, from a kittypet named Artemis. He takes Spots back home with him and has the little tom kit fostered by an unnamed queen until he is weaned. Shale and Ocelot help raise Spots, while Arleen leaves to strike out on her own.


Shale gets annoyed wihen Spots rambles on. Shale blows off steam by hunting, since Spots was already fed. That is the only thing he agrees with warriors about: weaker cats should always be fed first. He catches a mouse, glad to be a loner. He then thinks about all the reasons he would hate to be a  warrior. He smells Arleen and tracks her down, giving her a mouse for breakfast.  Arleen is very plump and ravenous. She tells him she is moving to a different territory soon. but Shale argues that Spots need a she-cat in his life and to at least wait another moon. Arleen reluctantly agrees.


Arleen has Shale and Ocelot take Spots to the river, saying she needs to talk to their father in private. When the brothers come back, Spots is wet from falling in the river. Arleen is missing. Shale asks his father where Arleen is, and Inferno admits guiltily that she is pregnant and he does not want to more mouths to feed. Shale gets very angry and insults Inferno. He asks Ocelot if he would go with him to find Arleen, but his littermate declines, saying that he needed to help Inferno with Spots. Shale tellls his brothers good-bye, pointedly ignoring Inferno. Then he runs off in search of Arleen.  
He finds her and gives his sister some dinner. Arleen tells him about The Storm Fronts and how she plans to join them and find a safe place to raise her kits. He agrees to come with her. They travel to the edges of the Storm Fronts' territory, sleeping in makeshift nests and living a nomadic existence. 
When Arleen tells him about the Storm Fronts, she worries he will retaliate against the leader of the Storm Fronts, as he hates authority figures. They travel to the Storm Fronts territory and camp out on the border until Soren finds them. Shale is hovering protectively in front of Arleen. Arleen gets very annoyed, worrying he may ruin any chance they have of joining. He forces himself to relax. When he mentions Inferno is past tense, Soren asks in a roundabout way if his father is dead, Shale says that his father is alive; they just don't get on well. 
After settling in, Shale is fed up with being told what to do. He mainly hunts for the queens, but mostly for his sister. He knows that he will get bored of the Storm Fronts and eventually become a loner. Right now he is content. He hunts quite a bit, preparing for winter. He meets Elektra and her siblings when they are three days old. Shale wonders to himself who their father is, but doesn't ask Arleen.
He hunts some more, getting frusturated by the scrawny leaf-bare prey. After the death of Adelaide, which Elektra witnessed, he shows her some battle moves. Later, he hunts with Arleen. Shale is seen hunting again, offering a part of his catch to Arleen. She declines, telling him she had caught her meal earlier that night. 
Unable to sleep, Shale wanders out of camp and into Loner Territory. He runs into his brother Ocelot and they have a joyful reunion, exchanging news about their other family members. Finally, Shale grudgingly leaves, having to get back to the group. When Arleen asks where he was, he replies he was visitng Ocelot. She is angry with him, and he says loudly that other cats disappear all the time, and he had a right to visit their brother. 
During a meeting, he and Arleen try to keep Isis and Elektra warm by pressing the kits between their thick fur. He then offers his condolences to Soren awkwardly, after hearing his son Aeris had died. Soren remarks he's the first cat to have sympathy for him and his mate Emily before wandering away. 
He is then seen offering to clear paths in the snow for cats to get by to hunt. When Soren is denied to leave camp to hunt by Sebastian, Shale promises his friend he will look for herbs to heal his mate's cough, but then warns him they had probably all died in the first frost of the season. Shale leaves camp to clear paths. 
During the remainder of winter, Shale works constantly to clear paths in the snow, overworking himself. He spends every free moment with Arleen and Elektra, worrying for their health and safety, as several cats had starved to death. The most notable event during this time is when Lyla, a loner, joins. Shale originally blocks her path into camp, suspious that she may abandon kittens and run. However, she is alone and intends on joining. He takes her to Sebastian, who lets her in.
Shale shows Lyla around the camp, becoming her unofficial guide. He explains the different ranks and customs of the Storm Fronts. Later on, Lyla tells him a bit of her past, saying that she had a daughter that was stolen by a rogue, her father a tom named Gaston, who also is the father of Elektra. Shale worries, as Elektra looks a bit like Gaston, that Lyla will notice and this will cause a bit of tension between the two. 


Inferno: Living
Pond: Deceased; unknown residence
Ocelot: Living
Spots: Living
Dean: Deceased; unknown residence
Spitfire: Deceased; unknown residence
Shadowkit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Shadekit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Frankie: Living
Arvin: Deceased; unknown residence
Macy: Living
Arleen: Living
Arabella: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Arnica: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Cricket: Living
Sammy: Deceased; unknown residence
Comet: Living
Flash: Deceased; unknown residence
Two Unnamed She-kits: Deceased; unknown residence
Aspenkit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Pricklekit: Living
Mason: Deceased; unknown residence
Layla: Deceased; unknown residence
Popcorn: Deceased; unknown residence
Arlena: Deceased; unknown residence
Isis: Living
Elektra: Living
Xander: Deceased; Unknown Residence
Unnamed Kit: Deceased; Unknown Residence



Inferno- Shale is very angry at his father for abandoning Arleen. He thinks Inferno is a disgrace and refuses to recognize him as his father. Though he hates him, he does not consider Inferno an enemy since they are kin. He always had a shaky relationship with Inferno, as he would leave for days on end and come back smelling of mollies in heat and kits. This also led to a very low level of trust.
Pond- Shale still misses his deceased mother terribly, even after all these months. He doesn't remember much of her, only how still her body was after she died. He only knows of what his half-sister and father told about him.
Ocelot- Ocelot and Shale are good friends. Though not having seen much of each other in recent moons, they are very close. The brothers fit quite well together. Shale values his only full sibling greatly, and his concern for brother's safety is one of his weaknesses.
Arleen- Shale is very protective of his half-sister, even if she is older, he believes her to be the weaker one of the pair. His concern for his half-sister's safety is one of his weaknesses. He confides with her in his problems and trusts her with his secrets. Arleen does the same with him. He is also serves as the father figure for her kits. Shale considers Arleen his best friend. He values her more than his other half-siblings, most of whom he has never met. 
Spots- Shale was a good older brother to Spots when he lived with him, but now he is unsure where he and his half-brother stand. He helped raised the young tom, and left home when he was still a kit. Spots would tell Shale everything. Shale values him more than his other half-siblings, most of whom he has never met.


Elektra- Although Elektra is his half-niece, he cares about her as if she were his own daughter. He helped raise Elektra. Shale is fiercely protective of Elektra, similar to his relationship to Arleen. Being the father figure to the young molly, he is reluctant to let her hang around other toms, particularly player ones, as he does not want her to make the same mistakes as her grandfather and mother did. 
Soren- Shale holds Soren in high respect and considers him a friend, mostly because he sees Soren as the model father and mate. He gets frustrated when other cats mock him and his mate Emily, and defends him. Shale also tries to do various favors for Soren when he can. Shale is also grateful for Soren to leading him and Arleen into camp when they first joined.  
Lyla- Shale isn't sure what to make of the new member. She seems to lack confidence, and relies on him to show her around and explain things for her. He also has an unexplainable protectiveness for her. Despite not knowing if this counts as a friendship, Shale considers Lyla one of his few friends 
Miner- Coming Soon


Sebastian- Shale does not hold the leader of The Storm Fronts in high regard. He believes he can make poor decisions. Still, despite the fact that Shale doubts Sebastian's leadership skills, he respects the tom as a leader and that he chose a female as his Heir and insisting Royals and Advisers hunt alongside Members. He is greatly amused by the fact that he is bigger than Sebastian.
Emily- Coming Soon

Gaston- Coming Soon



  • Shale will remain in the Storm Fronts. It gives him a sense of security.
  • Shale is based off Serval's friend in real life—observant and cranky.
  • He will receive a mate later on.

Life Image

Shale Lifeya

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