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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Attacked by Rogues
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings None
Mate Froststar
Kits First Litter: Lakestar, Soaringsong, Whitedove, Fallensnow
Second Litter: Honeydapple
Third Litter: Raptorpaw, Galepaw
Mentor Vita
Owner Whiskers
Shellshore is a blue-silver tabby with emerald green eyes and a scar on running down her back.



Shellshore is quite a breath-taking she-cat, even when she was at her old age.  Her pelt is soft and short, and emits a soft, silver glow.  Her pelt is a blue-silver color, with darker stripes that occasionally turn into flecks.  Her under-belly is softer and a bit lighter, with leopard-like flecks on it.  Her legs from her knees down are just a light silver-blue, like her pelt, without any stripes or flecks.  Her pelt is thick and dense, keeping her a bit warmer in the Winter than most cats, but it thins out in the Summer due to the heat.  Shellshore's thin, and has a bit of muscules to her, so she's not that easy to fight.  Shellshore's pelt is always well-groomed, and even when she was old, she still rarely got ticks for fleas. Her pelt is occasionally fluffed up, but that's usual because she's cold, but other than that, it's always sleek and flat, giving her an elegant appearance.  Her pelt's thickness comes from her past in RiverClan, and it is practically water-proof, and takes some time to groom.

Shellshore's eyes are a welcoming pale emerald green.  She has very few flecks of yellow around her irises, but they don't make her eyes seem yellow-green.  Her ears are average size, and sit high-up on her head, and are a bit rounded on the tips to give her a soothing kit-like appearance.  Her nose is always moist, and is a darker pink-gray. Shellshore's paw pads are soft and a pale-pink color, and her ear-pink is the same color. Shellshore's tail is average sized, and the stripes on it seem to get darker as they get closer to her tail-tip. Her bone-structure is pretty strong strength, but a bit frailer than it use to be due to her older age.  Now that she is is StarClan, her bone structure is stronger, since she's now kept at a younger age. Her paws are small and delicate, and her toes are finely webbed, because she's made for swimming due to her RiverClan blood. Shellshore's ears have an average amount of fur inside them, but this doesn't have an affect on her hearing.  Her scent has a minty-sweet tint to it, which is often because she enjoys rolling in patches of mint, which always irritated her mother when Shellshore was a young kit.

Shellshore's delicate, small paws contain average-sized, sharp claws.  Her teeth are also a average size, and are fairly sharp.  Her body is sleek and her stomach thin, and she has average strength.  Shellshore is a bit taller than most she-cats, but this is barely noticable. Her whiskers are long and white, often kept clean like her soft pelt.  Her jaw is an average size, and is very strong, great for snapping the spines of her prey. 


Shellshore is a surprisingly healthy she-cat, she was even healthy in her old age.  She was a surprisingly fit cat, ecspecially during her youth, when she was a hyper and adventurous apprentice to Lilacstar.  Shellshore had no known tumors, and never broke a bone in her life, even when she was hit by a Monster.  Her strong bone-structure keeps her bones healthy, and harder to snap.  Shellshore was quite a careful cat, never doing foolish things to keep herself safe.  She was always active and on her toes, doing whatever Lilacstar or her mate, Froststar, ordered, as long as it was safe.  Though she was a careful cat, she still got out and about, hunting here and there for her clan, since it was her duty.

Shellshore was a calm and stable she-cat, and she is still a she-cat with no mental illnesses.  Since she now resides in StarClan, she has practically no worries.  Shellshore was a sharp and quick thinker, though she tended to act before she thought. Even in SpringClan, Shellshore had no disorders or mental issues, making her quite lucky.


Shellshore is a loving and caring she-cat, and is motherly to all she knows.  She can be quite nervous and jumpy around cats she doens't know, and often hides behind Froststar.  She prefers to stay back and camp and help queens tend to their kits, or chat with Froststar.  She loves her family and SpringClan, though she still longs for RiverClan.  Shellshore has quite a large amount of patience with kits and younger cats, even irritating apprentices.

Shellshore is often judged by her looks, being considered a soft she-cat who's lazy.  Those who judge her are wrong.  Shellshore is an amazon when cats insult her Clan or family, and would skin them alive.  Sure, she's loving and caring, but every cat has their wild side.  She's a very protective cat, since she's quite motherly.  Shellshore is very loyal to SpringClan, and always loyal to her beloved Froststar and kits.  Shellshore would hunt down whoever laid a claw on her mate or kits, or even her Clan.

She's also a very adventurous she-cat, sometimes a bit too curious of her own good.  Shellshore always loved exploring new places as an apprentice and kit, often with Froststar.  She thinks exploring and finding new things leaves new oppertunities, which is pretty much correct.  As a young apprentice, Shellshore was always sassy and adventurous, though now that she's grown up, she's not so sassy to others and can be rather quiet around fishy looking cats.  When she was an older Senior Warrior, she was quite chatty, as chatty as an elder.  She enjoyed talking, though it could irritate cats, because she liked talking about her past and their past.

Skills and Abilities

Shellshore was always a talented hunter, whether it was fishing or catching birds.  Her RiverClan heritage always gave her the will to fish, and share it with her Clan no matter how much they disliked fish. Her sharp claws and teeth made her quite a predator to prey. Being trained from Lilacstar, she learned quite a lot about hunting from the former leader, who was also an excellent hunter.  Shellshore's prey never hears her coming due to her soft, delicate paws and her great amount of patience.

Due to her RiverClan blood, Shellshore is a natural at swimming. Her finely webbed paws give her great control in water, and are very helpful in strong currents. Her fur is thick and water-proof, keeping Shellshore warmer in cold water. At a young age, Shellshore learned to swim, and has kept with it, practicing often so she becomes even better when swimming.  Shellshore is a lighter weight, so she doesn't struggle about when swimming.


Kithood & Adolescence

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Love Interests

Froststar - Froststar was Shellshore's best friend as a kit, even though he had kittypet blood. She respected him like an equal and befriended the tom quickly.  As an apprentice, Shellshore was charmed by Froststar and his bravery, looks, and caring personality.  The two stuck together all through their apprenticeship, and became mates as soon as they became warriors together.  But, when Shellshore was expecting his first litter, he fell in love with an apprentice named Dawnpaw just for her looks.  The two broke up, but still had great feelings for each other.  When their first litter became warriors, Froststar saved his love, and the two became mates.  Shellshore cares greatly for her mate and his safety, and cares for him more than her own family.  Shellshore consideres him her best friend, and the two would die for each other any day.  Even in StarClan, the two have a very strong bond.


Lilacstar - Shellshore was trained by Lilacstar, and through her training, she bonded with her leader greatly. The two shared secrets like sisters, even though Lilacstar was pretty much double Shellshore's age.  Shellshore thinks Lilacstar is a loyal leader, even though she had a litter of kits with a rogue.  Shellshore knew more about the leader than most cats because the two trusted each other, and considered each other best friends and sisters.

Froststar - Not only does Shellshore consider Froststar her mate, but her best friend.  The two are very loyal to each other, and Shellshore would never talk behind his back, and would protect him like a true friend.  Shellshore thinks Froststar is a very loyal and sweet cat, and admires him for this. To Shellshore, Froststar's the greatest friend she could ever have, and enjoys talking with him whenever she can. To Shellshore, Froststar is the only cat she can really rely on, and feels she can tell him anything.

Bramblewhisker - Before Froststar became an apprentice, Shellshore was the only apprentice. She was quite lonely, until Bramblewhisker, Lilacstar, and Snowshine came along.  Shellshore was quite popular among the warriors though she was an apprentice. She talked often with Bramblewhisker and Snowshine, and the two sisters considered Shellshore another sister.  Shellshore has great respect for her older clanmates, and always will.

Snowshine - Like Bramblewhisker, Shellshore considered Snowshine another sister.  She's the father to Shellshore's mate, which makes Shellshore feel weird, but she still believes Snowshine's a great Clanmate.  Shellshore would happily hunt with her older friend anytime, even in StarClan where the two now reside.

Rainstar - Though the two were seperated later on in life, Shellshore still has a strong connection with her father, and consideres him a friend. True, Shellshore gets easily annoyed with his protectiveness, but Shellshore will always love her father, and would happily hunt with him.  She respects her father, and would fight for her father in any battle.


Spottedheart - Shellshore was friends with the she-cat at first when she was young, but the two drifted apart as Shellshore aged, since the she-cat clung to Froststar's side and supported him when he argued with Shellshore. Thus, she kept her distance, finding Spottedheart's actions irritating. She found herself feeling bad for the she-cat and her kits at her death, so Shellshore decided to make up with her, and end up caring and raising her kits while she was in the nursery herself.

Lavenderpetal - Lavenderpetal was Shellshore's very first apprentice, and it made her feel proud that Lilacstar trusted Shellshore with her very own daughter. The two said few words to each other, surprisingly, since Shellshore found it awkward training her mentor/leader's daughter.


Warmpelt - At a young age, Shellshore didn't even know much about "love", and thought she was just best friends with Frostkit. Warmpelt fell in love with Shellshore as soon as she was born, but Shellshore barely even knew the tom.  When Warmpelt observed Shellshore hanging out with Froststar, and eventually having his kits, he began to hate Froststar. Because of Warmpelt's hatred to her mate, and his disloyalty to the Warrior Code, Shellshore has a strong hatred to Warmpelt.

Leopardflower - Shellshore didn't even know Leopardflower at first, but got very irritated with Leopardflower when she started mooning over Froststar.  Of course, being a good natured cat, Shellshore didn't attack her or even speak much to Leopardflower, but the she-cat talked to her friend about how much she disliked Shellshore for "taking" Froststar from her.  This angered Shellshore, so now she has quite the disliking for Leopardflower.

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Narrator: "Shellpaw put her ears back. This was one of her first battles. She clawed at a Winterclan tom. He knocked her onto her back. He tried to bite her neck but she kick him in the face, claws unsheathed. He yowled in pain then retreated."
Spottedheart: "Keep your tiny claws on!"
Shellpaw: "I'm Lilacstar's apprentice, I got to show that I'm loyal. When I'm Shellstar I have to be the best leader."
Jadewhisker: "Who do they think they are? They can be such nuisances at times...I didn't see Snowfall though. Usually she's the peace-maker."
Shellpaw: "Ya, I didn't see her eather, even when I sliced that tom a good one. Where is Lilacstar? I want to ask her when we are training."
—Shellpaw during a WinterClan battle talking with Jadewhisker and Spottedheart SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 1



Shellshore: "Maybe, lets walk and think about it..."
Narrator: "Froststar smiled. He padded out of camp with her. Shellshore purred, watching two doves fly out of the trees together. Froststar watched with her, lying down to come in-line with a silver striped butterfly next to a white one with hot orange patches. Shellshore purred, laying down with her mate, the sun beating down on them. She watched the butterflies fly off together. She smiled."
Shellshore: "Its obvious we're meant to be..."
Froststar: "Of course we are."
Froststar walking with Shellshore, explaining how they're meant to be SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 8
Narrator: "Shellshore walked through the forest with her mate. She sighed happily. Suddenly, a loner jumped her, lashing at her neck. Froststar snarled, and lashed at the loner. "S-Shellshore!" he cried as the loner leapt onto his back, tearing him in half. He landed beside his deceased mate, noses touching."
Narrator: "Froststar suddenly stirred. He had lost every one of his lives but two."
Froststar: "I have four lives left."
Narrator: "he said, expecting to be speaking to Shellshore. He saw his mate dead beside him."
Froststar: "NO! StarClan, let Shellshore take one of my lives. I love her too much to live here without her!"
Narrator: "He looked at Shellshore, and watched her stir. "Sh-Shellshore!" he exclaimed, licking her."


Maplesky: "All right, here's the plan! You'll hide behind a boulder, and I'll lead him to you, and that's when you hit him with a-"
Shellshore: "I can't hurt him!"
—Maplesky's plan to fix Froststar when he's ill SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 9
Narrator: "Froststar heard his mate's voice. He began to remember who she was. He looked around."
Froststar: "SpringClan. Shellshore. Me. I'm leader of SpringClan and my mate is Shellshore! And we do have kits! What is wrong with me?"
Froststar: "Thanks Shelly."
Shellshore: "I would never give up on you..."
—Froststar to Shellshore after his memory comes back. SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 9
Narrator: "Froststar was relieved when he saw his warriors grab Swiftfoot and drag him away. He whipped around to face Rowanstar."
Froststar: "You started this. I'll end this."
Narrator: "He grabbed her scruff and shook her around, blood spraying rapidly. He threw her across the clearing, and watched her land on the Flower-rocks. He whipped his head around to see Shellshore fighting Swiftfoot. He rushed to help her, knocking Swiftfoot off his paws and leaving him in pain on the ground."
Rowanstar: "So you need multiple warriors to shake off one cat? Pathetic. Get away from my mate, and I won't harm yours."
Froststar: "She's expecting a second litter! That's why I'm protecting her! That's why I didn't want to have this fight. Hurt me, kill me. But don't touch my mate."
Narrator: "he hissed, standing in front of Shellshore protectively."
Froststar: ""I won't hurt Swiftfoot. But I had to help Shellshore, she could've been killed."
Rowanstar: "What is she doing out here, then? She should be in the nursery."
Froststar: "She was heading to the nursery. But then you and your warriors came into camp, and Swiftfoot leapt on Shellshore, and you lunged for me before I could protect her."
Rowanstar: "Whatever, we didn't know. Just send her to the nusery we are wasting time."
Froststar: "Then maybe next time don't barge into our camp."
Narrator: "he growled, his fur pricking. He guided Shellshore into the nursery."
Froststar: "I just want my mate to be ok. I love her"
—Froststar to Rowanstar during a battle, protecting Shellshore SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 5


Shellkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Lilacstar: "Now, Shellkit, Frostkit, and Velvetkit, please step forward,"
Narrator: "The three kits stepped forward. Lilacstar casted a glare down at a growling Warmpaw."
Lilacstar: "These kits have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for them to become apprentices. From this day forward, until you become warriors, you shall be known as Frostpaw, Shellpaw, and Velvetpaw. Jadewhisker, as the new deputy, I expect much from you. Pass on your skills to Frostpaw."
Narrator: "She then turned to Velvetpaw, making Shellpaw bristle uncomfortably."
Lilacstar: "Velvetpaw, you shall be mentored by _____. Pass down your skills to your apprentice."
Narrator: "Meowed Lilacstar, then turning to Shellpaw with a smile."
Lilacstar: "I see something in you, Shellpaw, so I'd like to mentor you personally."
—Shellkit's, Frostkit's, and Velvetkit's Apprentice Ceremony Lilacstar's Belief

Shellshore's Warrior Ceremony

Lilacstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around for a clan meeting!"
Narrator: "The two apprentices, Shellpaw and Frostpaw, came before her."
Lilacstar: "I, Lilacstar, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of the clan, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Frostpaw and Shellpaw, do you promise to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?"
Shellpaw: "I do!"
Lilacstar: "From this day forward, you'll be known as Shellshore!"
—Shellshore's Warrior Ceremony SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive1


  • Shellshore and her mate, Froststar, were the first couple on the wiki to break up, and the first to get back together.
  • Silverwhisker accidentally calls her "Shellshroe".