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Placeholder cat
Current The Storm Fronts
Age appox. 17 moons old (appox. 1.42 months)
Status Living
Debut The Storm Fronts/Roleplay/Archive VII
Father Gaston
Mother Carmella


Mate None
Kits None
Owner Osp

Sherlock is a ginger and white mackerel tabby tom of British Shorthair ancestry. He is one of the sons of Gaston and Carmella, along with his brother Mycroft. He is currently a kit in The Storm Fronts. He's typically very grumpy cat who has no real interest in settling down with a mate or kits.



Sherlock is a relatively taller cat, and still growing, by the time he'll be done the tom will be towering over both his brother and his mother. He got his weight from his mother, who is a naturally thicker cat, and very much like her, has a natural chub to him. He certainly does resemble his mother very much. Not only did he inherit her weight, but her built. He had gotten his height mainly from his father. Much like Carmella, Sherlock has very rounded in shape.
Sherlock's coat very soft. Much like his father, he has a thick coat, and much like his mother, it's short, dense, and easily groom-able which is lucky from him because he'll be wrapped up something that at times he'll forget to wash it. The fur wrapped around him snugly and gives him very plush look. The base color of the coat is ginger, with white tuxedo markings. He is a mackeral tabby, and around his eyes is pale fur, sort like eyeliner. 
Much like his mother, he has rounded head shape and chubby cheeks. His face is more medium shaped. He has small brick red nose, and his pawpads are the small color, minus the back right one which is mixture of brick red and pink. His eyes rounded and the color is a dark orange. His ears are rounded and medium sized. His whisker are long and white, that are just slightist curled. 


Sherlock is in great shape. He's immune system is very good, mostly due the fact he comes from two parents with good immune systems, and had inherited. Though, he is very capable of getting a mild sickness ever now and then, but nothing really too serious. Despite that he is chubby, he's great shaped, which just proves that his is genetically chubby. His dense coat helps a lot with the cold winters they have, however like all cats he is not immune to frost-bite or any cold related injury. Warmer months, it isn't as bad as a hassle compared to his mother.
Sherlock's mental health is fine, despite Carmella's concern's that he might have inherited her anxiety when he was much younger. He has not shown signs of having anxiety related problems.


One of more notable traits of Sherlock is that he is extremely grouchy cat. No cat really knows the factors into why he's like that, just that he is like that. Of course, there are moments in this tom's life when he's not acting like he's mad at world, they are just very rare. The only cat he tends to act not-so grumpy around is his mother, that's it, just her. Not only the tom very grumpy, he's very serious cat. Definitely not the cat you would want to tell jokes around, or jokes about him, seriously I'm not joking he will try fight you. While, it's nice that he acts serious, at times he cannot lighten up. One reason is because he was born in terrible winter for TSF, and although out his kithood noticed how serious cats were, consequently made the cat more serious.
However, he does act facetious, but it's very rarely. Those closer to the tom can see that he does lighten up, in more chiller situations. He will act facetious mostly to himself, as manner to cope with stressful situations, but who he ever state his remarks out loud, probably never. He has made a couple statements like these around his mother, but never in front of figures of higher authority. He believes it is rude and impolite to do so.
Just as he is serious, he's very sharp-witted and observant. The tom is able to asses a situation and decides how he should behave. One thing Sherlock would hate to be on, is the royal's bad side, and making a mockery of his mother's good name. Acting well-behaved is one of the few things he shares with his brother. The one thing keeping him back from being overall terrible cat is his love for his mother. He would hate that something who happen to her because his actions, and plus the reason both siblings are so well-behaved could also be a result their mother discipline.
He's decisive and able to think clearly in stressful situations. He's almost the good for the job of an advisor, but here's the kicker, unlike Mycroft, he has no ambitions to become one. He just wants to be left alone to his devices, and is only staying in the group to be with his mother. Though, he will never be vocal about his need to be loner, it's there and is very well-hidden among his brain. He's persuasive, his public speaking ability is what makes him so. If he wanted he could make cat's believe a fish is a rabbit, but he mostly uses his persuasive ability to have cats leave him alone.
As seen in his actions, Sherlock is not very friendly. He finds almost any cat that tries to be a conversation with him annoying. He just doesn't like others and makes that very clear. You are not going to get a friendly chat out of this guy, so don't bother, he'll insult you and tell you bad things about yourself. He's also a bit dark, and has very dark outlook on life, like how serious he is, the terrible winter he was born in is one the reason for the way he is. All through his kithood he had watched cats die, so he definitely wouldn't see life as sunshine and happiness, but gritty and in the end everything dies.
He is quite frank with his opinion on a cat and is not hesitant to tell them what he hates about them, and just that. He is not the go for some cheering up, he will make you much worse about yourself. His aware of the negativity he leaves on people, and so he doesn't make friends or form intimate relationship, knowing he'll make them toxic. Of course, he wants to appear in a good light with higher-ups, so he keeps his negative opinions to himself, and is more than willing to give to them what he dislikes about them if asked by the royal themselves.
He's so stubborn on his opinions of a cat, and it's extremely hard to change them, there's also the fact he'll refuse to change them. Among the royals, he acts very formal around them.

Skills and Abilities 

He's average in hunting and fighting. He does above average in strategies, tracking, and stealth. He fairs poorly in fishing and swimming. He's excellent in public speaking.



Sherlock was born to Carmella and Gaston, along with his brother Mycroft in beginning of Leaf-Fall. When Sebastian is observing the camp and notices Emily being pregnant, he notes that Sherlock and Mycroft have a better chance at surviving than Emily's kits due to being born at the beginning of Leaf-Fall. Carmella feeds them and once they fall asleep, she leaves to go hunting. She also begins to wonder if she would be able to care for both of her sons. She notes that Sherlock is a lot more stronger and taller than his brother. Once she returns from hunting, Sweet wonders if any of the kits will live for any another moon or so.
Carmella gives her sons a worried look, she thinks about how they were born early, and that hunger could take the lives of both of them. She ponders about hunting then becomes concern about if they could wander out when she's gone. She hisses and then gives them a lick on the head. She apologizes to them for being born in such a harsh time. Mycroft kicks Sherlock, causing the latter to hiss and wail, he later calmed down by their mother. Carmella leaves the nest to take a walk, though she briefly casts glance towards the sleeping brothers. Sherlock wakes up, and bits his brother on the tail. Mycroft wakes up and tries to shoo him away. Sherlock teases his brother and then nips him on the ear. After trying to help Adelaide with her own kitting, she goes over the discipline the two brothers. Sherlock gets scruff by his mother, and complains about it. Carmella tries to wean her kits. She orders her kits to stay, Sherlock tries to disobey her, but shot down by a glare. Once, she drops the small mouse, Sherlock inspects it. Sherlock paws at the chew-up meat before eating it. Carmella thinks about how both brothers inherited thick fur, Sherlock wakes up and starts fight his brother.
Carmella tries to user the two toms back in the nursery after the meeting, Sherlock starts poking the snow. He laughs when Mycroft becomes afraid on the snow, but stops when his mother shoots a glare. He and Mycroft play. He complains about being bored as he pins his brother down. He starts complaining about everything, and then his mother grabs him. She sits him back down in the nest and orders them to behave. She brings them back a small mouse and orders them to eat.
Sherlock and Mycroft play-fight a bit, while their mother worries over that the fact they might draw blood, while playing he accidentally steps on Ivan's ear. Sherlock tries to pin the blame on his brother, but then apologizes.
When Mycroft talks to Esteban, he mentions that Sherlock cheated in a fight. The two fight some more then get tucker out. They play some more, Carmella notes that they survived the winter, and she'll be sure they survive until they are members. When Carmella was hunting, she had Esteban watch over her kits. She tries to her sons how to hunt.



Gaston: Living


Carmella: Living


Mycroft: Living


Xander: Deceased; Residence Unknown
Unnamed kit: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Cardinalflame: Living
Isis: Status Unknown: presumed to be living
Elektra: Status Unknown: presumed to be living


Braxton: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Archibald: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Celestine: Deceased; Residence Unknown




"Ah my mother, she is truly a wonderful cat, quite fascinating too. From I take from her, now matter how hard life is this, she still stays positive, which amazes me. I often myself wondering from time to time what keeps her optimistic. I have many respects for this cat, she raised me and my brother in one the harshest winters in the group, and kept not only herself alive, but us too. Though time to time she can be a bit overbearing at times and overprotective. My respect for her is unwavering, and she is the only cat I do like, or even love."
Carmella is only cat Sherlock really loves and tolerates. He finds her wonderful and fascinating that her positive demeanor never seems to change. Though he finds her a bit too motherly at times, but nevertheless he still respects her.



Love Interests







  • Sherlock is named after Sherlock Holmes. 





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