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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Given Kit: Shinekit

Apprentice: Shinepaw
Warrior: Shinefeather

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Nikos
Mother Petalseed
Siblings Flightseed, Rainheart, Whitefang, Brownpelt
Mate Featherstorm
Kits Spiderkit, Silentpaw, Specklepaw
Owner None

Shinefeather is brown tabby she-cat with a white chest, belly, and paws and orange eyes.


She is very sweet, gentle, caring and kind.


She is named for Luckshine, who died in the battle with the dogs, and is also the reincarnation of her. Her littermates are Rainheart, Whitefang, Flightseed, and Brownpelt. Her parents are Petalseed and Nikos. Her mate is Featherstorm, and is currently nursing his kits, Spiderkit, Silentkit, and Specklekit. Her grandparents are Redsky and Lionstar, and her grandmother in-law is Rosestar. She gave birth to 4 kits.

She is seen looking at her mate Featherstorm from StarClan, who has taken an interest in Happybird. She thinks that he has forgotten her.

She talks to Featherstorm about how he has gone to love another, and that he has forgotten her. Despite what he says, she believes that he loves Happybird more and moves on. She finds her kit, Silentpaw and talks to her. Silentpaw says that she is always alone, and that she has nobody. Shinefeather tells her that she will always be with her no matter what, and gives her a poem to receit when she needs her mother. Shinefeather licks her cheek and fades back into StarClan.

She is seen in the SummerClan nursery, going unseen as Specklepaw and Featherstorm visit the new kits. She thinks to herself for a moment, saying that Featherstorm has left her to love another and she fades with Bluewave.

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  • Rowan always calls her "Shinefrost", the WinterClan medicine cat.
  • She was killed to make room in SummerClan.
  • One of her quotes is a quote from the song You Are my Sunshine by Johnny Cash.



Shinefeather: "You got a new mate, and new children. Do you even visit our kits anymore? The fact that you moved on, it hurt."
Featherstorm: "I talk to our kits regularly. I visit them all the time. Sometimes, I train with Specklepaw. Sometimes, I help Silentpaw with herbs. I love them, Shinefeather, and I love you still."
Shinefeather: "If you truely loved me, you wouldn't love another. I'm not going to stop you. I'll just go..."
—Shinefeather talking with Featherstorm SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 22


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