Shiningfire is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current WinterClan
Age 16 Moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Mentor Rosethorn
Owner Hyalite

Shiningfire is a red and brown patched tabby with a white chest, underbelly, and paws with pale, yellow eyes.  


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Character -

Shiningfire is an ambitious she-cat who works as hard as possible in order to rise up in her clan's ranks.  She enjoys hardwork, stress, and conflict, and feels that it makes her stronger as an individual, so she often seeks out these things.  She loves challenges, and hopes one day to be able to train an apprentice (however, that apprentice wont even be half as eager to train under her).  Shiningfire aspires to be the deputy of WinterClan one day, and has had this dream ever since she was a kit.  

Shiningfire is a she-cat whose stubbornness causes her to stand firmly in her beliefs.  She never changes her mind unless some indisputable evidence has been brought to the table. Her pig-headedness often irritates other warriors, and she only accepts orders from those she thinks deserve her time. She follows the Warrior Code to a T, but is not afraid to interpret it differently from others.

She is quite a clever character, and will often think out problems before actively engaging. However, this only applies to the world outside of the battlefield, as she is incredibly reckless while fighting. In battle against another clan, a wild animal, or otherwise, she will charge directly in without thinking of her own safety. She has many scars on her pelt to show for this, and is proud of every one of them, believing that every one of them is an honorable sacrifice she made for her clan.

Shiningfire is undoubtedly loyal to her clan and her comrades. In battle, she placed others before herself, and swears to fight to her own death if it means protecting the helpless members of her clan. During times of peace, however, she does let her own ambition get in the way, but she wants to rise through the ranks honorably - she would never harm a clanmate in order to reach her goals.

She is loud and loves to voice her opinions to whoever will listen. Debate entertains her greatly, and she will respect anyone who does not mind partaking in an academic brawl with her from time to time. Her favorite subjects are, of course, the Warrior Code and how clan traditions have changed and how they should change in the future.

Shiningfire is confident in her abilities, but will not brag or boast. She feels that such actions are dishonorable, and beleives that confidence combined with adequate humility is the attitude for success.

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Adulthood -

Shiningfire leaves camp to go and hunt. There, she sees Sunflares outside of camp, trying to calm herself down. The warrior then asks her how she is doing, and the other she-cat replied that she is fine. Shiningfire refuses to beleieve her claim, and asks if Sunflares is sick. The she-cat replies that she is not, and states, "I'm sorry, Shiningfire. I shouldn't bother you with my problems...Just worried about something. No big deal." (LXI) - coming soon



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