Shypaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Shypaw is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Current SpringClan
Given Kit: Shykit
Apprentice: Shypaw
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Mentor maybe Blizzardstar
Owner None
Shypaw is a tortoiseshell and white she-cat of oriental descent. She is an apprentice in SpringClan, her mentor (maybe) Blizzardstar. She has no recorded family.



Shypaw is a small she-cat for her age of oriental heritage. Her fur is snow-white with black and orange patches, the orange patches on her face a lighter ginger, and her pelt is thick and kept well-groomed. Her fur is short and clean. She has along, slender tail where the patches of her fur blend together.
Her ears are large, tall, and very triangularly-shaped, already a bit larger than those of a kit of mixed heritage. Her paws are large and round, and her legs are long and lean. Her skin is a pale pink color, half of her nose the same color, the other half black.
Shypaw's eyes are wide and round, with big, round black pupils, and dull yellow irises.


Physical Health

Shypaw is very healthy. Despite being small, she is strong and muscular, and she eats hardily and often. She is kept in shape by the constant training, hunting, and patrolling involved in clan life.

Mental Health

Shypaw is curious about things going on around her, and an eagerness to learn and find things out on her own means she is smart and quick-witted.


Shypaw has grown out of the shyness she had when she was a kit and early apprentice that earned her her name. Now she is bubbly and fun and enjoys the company of friends due to coaxing from her mentor and few friends, but is still self conscious and nervous. She is quick to learn and likes to try new things. Shypaw wants to be the best at everything she does, and doesn't like to come in second.

Skills and Abilities

She still has plenty of time to develop her own skills and abilities. As of now, Shypaw is an excellent climber and swimmer, who is quick and agile on her paws. She is a slightly clumsy hunter, but quick and cunning on the battle field.



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  • Her warrior name will be Shywhistle.


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Character Pixels

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