Silentwind is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past WindClan, Loner, SpringClan
Given Kit: Silentkit
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Silentpaw
Medicine Cat: Silentwind
Warrior: Silentwind
Deputy: Silentwind
Rogue: Silentwind
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Drowned
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Icestar
Mother Skyheart
Siblings Redstorm, Silvermoon, Snakeclaw, Shimmeringpaw, Unnamed deceased tom kit
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Stormeh

Silentwind is a cream colored tabby she-cat


She is very kind and can be trusted with the greatest of secrets. She was extremely shy and usually is shy with her Clanmates to the point where she will sit alone within her nest, scared of her Clanmates. But when she meets the perfect one, the one she can trust, she will learn how to trust again. The reason she can't trust is unknown, which will be revealed later. She isn't perfect, but her looks are. But with her extreme shyness, comes insecurity. She thinks shes ugly at times and will doubt her strengths. She is the best at climbing trees and she can reach top speeds of 45 mph without trying. She hates fighting and prefers to stay out of it. She doesn't get jealous very easily unless you giver her a reason to. She is usually serious and doesn't act like a kit. She would never speak a lie to any cat.


Her past life is unknown.

She is seen in the back of camp, scared and fearful of her Clanmates. Darkslash comes to her, and asks her if she is okay. She, fearfully, shakes her head in reply, but says nothing. He stares at her suspiciously before walking away.

Way later, she dies from drowning and now resides in StarClan.

Life Image

Character Pixels

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Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Father: Icestar - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Mother: Skyheart - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Sister: Silvermoon - Living
Brother: Redstorm - Living
Nieces: Wildheart - Living, Moonleaf - Living
Nephews: Brambleshadow - Living, Cloudclaw - Living


  • She will fall in love with Darkslash and he will teach her to trust again.
  • She is very special to Stormstar.
  • Her past will be revealed later in her life, and it will be dramatic.
  • A song that describes her is Because of You by Kelly Clarkson.

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