Silverkit (SplC) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

This character is a NPC and can be claimed freely.

Silverkit (SplC)
Placeholder cat
Current SplashClan
Given Kit: Silverkit
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Beechnose
Siblings Plumekit, TBA
Mate None
Kits None
Owner None
 Silverkit is a rather pristine, picky she-cat, striving to keep her short fur smooth and sleek. Her coat itself is an elegant light gray, like the shade of smoke from the smoldering ashes of a fire as it rises into the heavens, getting lighter and more transparent as time passes. The kit's tiny nose and chest are both splashed with snowy fur, forming a long strip that extends from her muzzle to her lower stomach. Silverkit's tail, one of her least favorite aspects, is thin and crooked, not meeting her standards by a long shot. Her eyes are a blue-green, giving the illusion of a glimmering pond, although these reflect disdain and disapproval.


Silverkit is just about the snarkiest cat in existence, weilding a sharp tongue that produces sarcastic, biting remarks. She believed that manners and etiquette are essential to survival and more important than food or water. She would rather die like a proper lady than live like a beast. Silverkit's her name, and elegance, utter perfection, and fancy words are her merriment. Sometimes mettlesome and sometimes cautious, she dislikes activities such as hunting and fighting, preferring to keep her pelt clean of muck and bodily fluids such as hemoglobin, thank you very much. She is extremely proud and vain, holding herself high above others and often willing to get her paws dirty to defend something she takes pride in. She views herself as more of a busy cat, trying to help cats and have them do things how she sees fit. She does, however, harbor a soft spot for small kits, favoring them greatly because they seem so defenseless and are cleaner than most things.

Character Pixels

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Father: Unknown - Status Unknown

Mother: Beechnose - Living

Sister: Plumekit - Living

Sibling: Unknown - Status Unknown

Life Image

Silverkit - Life

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