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Silvermist is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current AutumnClan
Age Approx. 79 moons at death (6.6 Years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Blood loss while kitting
Debut AC Archive I
Last Post AC Archive XXX
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Pepperblaze, Several Unnamed Cats
Mate Cloverbreeze
Kits Capercailliekit, Zanderkit
Owner Rainlegs

Silvermist is a silver-gray tabby molly with pale green eyes. She was a warrior of AutumnClan, and well known for being the younger sister of Pepperblaze and one of Phoenixstar's closest friends before the leader's untimely death. She was stubborn and clung to her fading youth the best she could, and did so by taking a much younger mate, Cloverbreeze. She recently had his kits, Capercailliekit and Zanderkit, but died after kitting due to severe blood loss.



Silvermist is a small, lightly-built she-cat with a slightly rounded face, a round muzzle, and narrow shoulders. Her ears are rounded at the tips, and her legs are short. Her fur is soft and thick, but short in length, and her pelt is silver, with darker gray stripes. She has a lighter muzzle, rings around her eyes, toes and underbelly, and a dark gray nose.
Her eyes are large and round, and are a very prominent feature on her face. They are a pale green, saturating in color the closer to her pupils they get. Her whiskers are short, curved, and white or black, and her skin is pale pink. Her pawpads are dark gray and calloused, from years of running through the woods or climbing rough surfaces.


Physical Health

Coming Soon

Mental Health

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Skills and Abilities

Coming Soon



Born to a family of several previous litters, Silverkit's mother died while kitting. Her siblings passed on within days, and Silverkit, although small and weak, managed to survive. Wrought with grief, her father left the Clan, leaving her to the care of another queen in the nursery.
Seeing that no other siblings had stepped forth to care for her, her brother from an older litter, Pepperblaze, then a newly-named warrior, stepped forward to take her in.
She was raised quietly and under a protective ward, and Silvermist grew to be very pretty. She often caught the eyes of several clanmates, and wouldn't hesitate to flirt. Pepperblaze often disapproved of this, being horribly protective of his sister. The two would bicker frequently, and despite how hard she tried, Silvermist would always lose the tom of her interest.


Silvermist is first seen as a newly-named warrior, when Pepperblaze, her brother, enters camp with Phoenixstar. He brings her a rabbit, and she teases him over the fact that the youthful leader was head-over-heels for him. She comforts Phoenixstar about how obvious her affections were, and tells her that her brother was simply oblivious.
While consoling the leader, she mentions the signs were obvious to see, as she had been in her place before, while mooning over a tom. The leader questions this, and Silvermist changes subjects, all whilst thinking of Azuregaze, the new mate of WinterClan's leader, Reedstar. She follows the leader after they notice Pepperblaze had been sleep-walking, Phoenixstar worried that he had overheard.
She plots with the leader to make her brother fall for her, but the plan is never put to use.
She is seen several times bringing in food from hunting patrols, and offering it to clanmates, or waking up and leaving camp to lead a patrol.
Three years later, in the heart of the famine, she is hit hard. She is bone-thin, and dying. Pepperblaze, in a bit better shape than her, tries his best to provide for her, and often gave her his share of food. Slowly, somehow, the two muster through, and survive.
A while later, she is seen again, healthy once more. She and her brother go out on several patrols together.
One day, she is asked to go hunting by Cloverbreeze, and she quickly agrees. The two become mates shortly afterwards, and she becomes pregnant with his kits.
She later begins to kit at the start of leaf-bare, and has three kits: one stillborn tom, and two daughters, whom Pepperblaze and Cloverbreeze name Capercailliekit and Zanderkit. She dies due to blood loss. After death, she refuses to go to StarClan, and insists on staying in AutumnClan, with her new family. She remains a ghost, and is currently walking among the living, unseen or heard by anyone else.




Cloverbreeze: Living


Capercailliekit: Living
Zanderkit: Living


Pepperblaze: Living


Many Unnamed Older Cats: Statuses Unknown


Pepperblaze: Coming Soon

Love Interests

Azurestar: Coming Soon
Redfrost: Coming Soon
Cloverbreeze: Coming Soon


Phoenixstar: Coming Soon
Lightningdash: Coming Soon
Smokebark: Coming Soon


  • Pepperblaze had withheld the information of who her other siblings were, and to this day, she has no idea who she is related to or not.
  • She will go to StarClan when Pepperblaze dies, and he takes her with him.








Character Pixels

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