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Current StarClan
Past WinterClan, Rogue, WindClan
Age Approx. 96 Moons (9 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Battle wounds
Debut Silvermoon's Story
Last Post The Battle of the Century (SummerClan  vs. WinterClan III)
Father Icestar
Mother Skyheart
Siblings Redstorm, Silentwind
Mates Shadowheart, Darkshadow (Formerly)
Kits Wildheart, Moonleaf, Brambleshadow, Cloudclaw, Unnamed Deceased Kits
Mentor Oakstar
Apprentice Winterblaze
Owner Stoemster
Silvermoon is a silver tabby molly.


Backstory & Roleplay

She is born to Icestar and Skyheart in WindClan along with her brother Redkit.

She is seen playing around with Redkit, and eventually she goes into the Warriors den and knocks over Bluecloud, who hisses at them. She hisses back, and walks away. Though, she watches delightingly at Pinepaw and Specklepaw's apprentice ceremony. She is happy for them, only to have the meeting ruined when Bluecloud and pther patroling cats find Dogs.

The clan evacuates, and she goes with the Elders to the tree. She climbs up it and watches the fight. Horror sticken over the death of Icestar and Skyhert, she races to them, only to be confronted by a massive dog. It runs at her, and the two go hurtling into the water. Though, she is saved by Oakleaf. She later becomes an apprentice, Silverpaw, with Oakstar as her mentor.

Then she met Shadowpaw at the border of Winterclan. After that she fell in love with him. She pulled Shadowpaw out of the water, showing her true love for him. She walks back with him, and he asks her to be his mate, and she replies a yes. She became pregnant with his kits one day, Shadowpaw's kits. When Shadowpaw and Silvermoon meet again, Silverheart sees them and confronts them. She gives up and Shadowpaw challenges Silverheart, and she agrees to keep it a secret.

She is hunted down by her former mate, Darkshadow, and he confronts her about how they would be perfect mates if she didn't leave him. She growls and disagrees, saying if he didn't treat her like a jerk, maybe things would have been different. He sinks his claws deep into her throat and then Shadowheart appears. She lies on the floor, trying to stop the bleeding until Thornwhisker and Mossfur came to help, and fights him off. She is severly wounded, but Shadowheart helps her, and makes sure she gets out of the territory ok.

Later, she gives birth to Wildkit, Cloudkit, Bramblekit, and Moonkit. She is delighted, and Shadowheart takes her back to the clan and into the nursery where Mistcloud is nursing Risingkit and Beautifulkit.

She and Shadowheart make up later on, and Moonkit leaves for AutumnClan. She is heartbroken, and she walks away, dazed from the moment.

Later her kits becomes apprentices, and she cheers them on. She is seen later with her new apprentice as well, Winterpaw. She touches noses with him, and walks around the territory with him. She later congratulates her sons and daughter when they becomes warriors, and her apprentice.

She is seen talking to Wildheart about the importance of being a mom, and she she is seen hanging out with her daughter.

When the final battle comes, she guards the nursery. She is seen dying when she returns to camp, and she dies peacefully. But, Shadowheart is devastated. She watches over them in StarClan afterwards.


Ceremonies & Mentions


Silverpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Oakstar: "My own apprentice, up here, recieving her name and her honor"
Silverpaw: "I'm as excitded as you"
Oakstar: "Silverpaw, do you promise to uphold the Warrior Code, and protect your clan, even if it costs you your life?"
Silverpaw: "I do"
Oakstar: "Then by the power vested in me and in Starclan, I present you with your warrior name, Silverpaw, from this moment forward, you shall be known as Silvermoon, Starclan honors your bravery and speed, and welcomes you as a full member of Windclan"
—Silverpaw reciving her warrior name Silvermoon's Story



Shadowheart: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Wildheart: Living
Moonleaf: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Cloudclaw: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member
Brambleshadow: Deceased; Confirmed Dark Forest Member


Snakestorm: Living
Shadowshade: Living
Rookheart: Living
Russetfoot: Living
Crowkit: Living
Darkkit: Living
Risekit: Living
Fallingheart: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member
Beetlekit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Minkkit: Living
Gannetkit: Living
Gannetkit: Living
Opalgaze: Living
Topazmist: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member
Lifekit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member
Hollykit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member
Honeykit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member
Troutkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member
Ashkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member
Morningkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Eternitypaw: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Icestar: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Skyheart: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Redstorm: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Silentwind: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Risenbeauty: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member


Kestrelblaze: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member
Cressfall: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan Member





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