Silverpaw (StC) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Silverpaw (StC)
Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan, Rogue
Age Approx 7 moons
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Murdered by Owlflight
Debut AC 29
Last Post Unknown
Owner Mel
Silverpaw is a small, plump, fluffy, graceful, pale silver tabby she-cat with emerald green eyes, small, rounded ears and a short tail.



Silverpaw is a rather pretty, pale silver tabby she-cat. She is quite plump and fluffy, giving her a rounded appearance. Her fur is medium-length and silver, with many thin tabby stripes. Her eyes are a pretty shade of emerald green, and light up at night, giving her good night vision. Her tail is short and flexible, and her ears are cute and round.


Physical Health

Silverpaw is physically healthy.

Mental health

Silverpaw has no mental health problems.


Silverpaw is a very sensitive she-kit. She can get extremely offended at times, which causes her to lash out. She is rather defensive and assertive, though she may sometimes be seen as "aggressive", which is most certinately not true.

Silverpaw has a soft side though: this is usually shown towards cats whom she is close to. She will go out of her way to help cats, whoever they are. She can be seen as annoying, but really she is just full of energy and a bouncy, playful kitten.

Skills and abilities

She can run long distances easily at a quick pace. Silverpaw is also a good climber.



Coming Soon


Silver is exploring AutumnClan territory when a cat called Fawnberry finds her and asks if she is seeking to join AutumnClan. Rookfeather finds them and urges Fawnberry to send Silver away, but Fawnberry decides to take Silver back to camp. Robinfur agrees to foster Silver.




Unnamed queen - status unknown


"Gray" - deceased, residence unknown
"Thunder" - deceased, residence unknown


"Snowie" - deceased, residence unknown


Fawnberry - without this she-cat, Silverpaw would have never made it to AutumnClan. Fawnberry is one of the only cats who understands Silverpaw, and she is thankful for that. She is loyal to Fawnberry and would defend her if she was threatened. 
Owlflight - Silverpaw is chatty and hyper around Owlflight, and feels like she can talk to her about anything. She spends a lot of time with Owlflight- talking, playing or helping her. However, when Owlflight murdered Silverpaw, she was more shocked than angry.


Sparrowflight - Silverpaw was provoked by her to attack. She cut Silverpaw's face and got her into trouble for it, having everyone believe that Silverpaw was aggressive. Silverpaw insists that she is "insane" and hates her for hurting Fawnberry and her other friends.
Rookfeather - Silverpaw despises of Rookfeather, mostly because he doubts her and nicknames her "rogue" and "sassy-flanks". She is forever wondering what Fawnberry sees in him, and never misses her chance to annoy, torment, or embarass him.


Life Image


Character Pixels

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  • Silverpaw is unaware of Sparrowflight's death.
  • She treats and loves Robinfur like a mother.
  • She will become a warrior of StarClan, by the name of Silverberry.
  • She is reincarnated into Silverkit.

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