Silversong is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Silversong is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Placeholder cat
Current SummerClan
Given Kit: Silverkit
Apprentice: Silverpaw
Warrior: Silversong
Queen: Silversong
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Archive 27
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mate Thunderblaze
Kits Chara, Helios
Owner None

Silversong is a silver tabby she-cat, with one blue eye and one orange eye.



Silversong, is a silver tabby she-cat. She was born with one blue eye and one orange eye. She has a medium sized tail, about 10 inches long. Her fur, is short and its about 1 and a half inches long. 

She has patches of gray along her back, and her feet are darker then the rest of her pelt. 


Physical Health

Silversong is strong, she got stronger when she left the Clan to leave with her kits. Now that she is back, she is stronger than ever. She is faster and much more slim but strong, she can jump to huge lengths and can be able to climb a tree. She may also, be able to chase any cat for long peirods of times.

Mental Health

Silversong, has her head together. Even though she disemboweled Helios her kit. She had to do it for protection and she needed to survive. She, is not depressed or anything, she is strong and determined. She will do anything to protect her love ones.


Silversong, when she was born. She was happy, excited, she loved learning and loved playing with the warriors. She would love to train and chase other animals, the cats and everything else. When she heard the news about the tom that committed suicide. It just turned her heart cold, now she isn't the same cat. She is a humble cat, that isn't as fun and rambunctious anymore.

Skills and Abilities

Silversong, was a fast runner. Probably close to the fastest runner in SummerClan. She wasn't the best hunter as she would get excited and scare away the prey. She did get some prey, and other rodents. She can jump high and is an excellent climber.



Coming Soon


In the SummerClan roleplay, Silversong was first seen as fun. She asked Thunderblaze to help her get some food for the clan.
In the Loners & Rogues Roleplay, an ill Silversong is shown laying on her den as her daughter, Chara, brings her a mouse. Silversong compliments Chara on her developing hunting skills. She tells her that of she were where Silversong came from, she would be starting her Warrior training soon. Chara asks Silversong if she needed anything, and as replies that she was fine.
She returns to SummerClan because, she killed Helios and thinks Chara is dead.




Thunderblaze: Living


Chara: Unknown


Helios: Deceased


Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Love Interests

Thunderblaze: Mate (Living)


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


  • She regrets breaking up with Thunderblaze and leaving SummerClan.
  • She came back to SummerClan and to her mate Thunderblaze.


Coming Soon



Character Pixels

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