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Current StarClan
Past SplashClan
Age 104 moons (approx. 8.7 years) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Depression
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Chadfin
Mother Perchwhisker
Sibling Batwing
Mates Stormclaw (Formerly), Hawktalon
Kits First Litter: Stormfrost, Rainingflame, Thunderstorm, Oakkit
Second Litter: Ploverkit, Wavekit, Pondkit
Apprentices Tabbytail, Scorchnose
Deputy Position
Predecessor Poolshatter
Successor Stormfrost
Owner Silver

Silverwave is a gorgeous, slender, silver tabby she-cat with pretty, aqua blue eyes.  She has sleek, shiny, short fur.  She was the former deputy of SplashClan, stepping down for her son, Stormfrost to rule, since StarClan wanted him to lead SplashClan. Silverwave is the former mate to Stormclaw, and is the mother of his kits: Stormfrost, Thunderstorm, Oakkit, and Rainingflame, and only two are currently living. Sadly, only one of her living kits live in the same Clan with her, and she sent the other, Rainingflame, to live in SummerClan with her father. Her current mate is Hawktalon, and the two happen to be very close.

Now that Silverwave isn't deputy anymore, she lives in SplashClan as a brave and caring warrior. She is loyal to SplashClan, and SplashClan only, and she really enjoys swimming, doing it everyday except for in the Leaf-Bare.



Silverwave's pelt is thick and dense, but short. It's a gorgeous silver color with thin, darker stripes. Her pelt is soft and sleek, and always well-kept, and looks sleek due to Silverwave's constant swimming.  Her pelt often clings close to her slender body, making her figure show more.  Her belly fur is a bit longer than the fur all over her body, and doesn't have any flecks or stripes on it.  Her muzzle and paws are a bit lighter than the rest of her body.  Silverwave's stripe sieze as they reach down to her belly, ending in jagged points.

Silverwave's bone-structure is delicate, but has an average thickness. Her paws are smaller and soft, but contain sharp claws.  Silverewave's eyes stand out quite a bit, and are a brilliant aqua-blue color. Her nose is a pale gray-pink color, and her paw-pads are soft and gray.  Her whiskers are an average length, and a silvery white color.  Her ears are an average size, and sit high up on Silverwave's head. Silverwave's head is finely shaped, and her jaw is a bit smaller than most cats'. Though her jaw is small, it is strong. Her head is a bit small, and her eyes are large.

Silverwave's claws are an average length, and are very sharp. Like her claws, Silverwave's teeth are sharp, but are long. Though they are long, her teeth don't poke out from her muzzle. Her lower jaw may be small, but it is very strong, making it easier for her to chew and hunt. Coming Soon


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Skills and Abilities

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Silverwave is seen with Blondepaw, and her siblings. She is also seen getting sick, and fishing, Silverwave is later on seen at the Gathering.

Silverwave is later on seen carrying Blondepaw back to camp after the Gathering. The next day, Venomstrike tries to talk to her, but she tells him to go on a Hunting Patrol.

Silverwave is seen later on in the battle, attacking Mudflower and Avalanchepaw. Clawstar appears, trying to defeat Silverwave. Rosestar protects Silverwave with odd powers.

She is later on seen near the SummerClan border. Stormclaw sees her, and attacks her, opening up one of her receant wounds. They both think each other are "hot". He doesn't harm Silverwave any further, but puts cobwebs on her wound. The two talk, and begen to like eachother. They decide to meet at moonhigh and swim.

Later on, on there second meeting, Stormclaw decides he's loyal to his clan. Silverwave understands, and leaves, knowing that he wants to be deputy. She wants to be a great deputy too.

Later, she gives birth to her kits.  She stares at Stormkit, because he looks like his father most.  She cries a little about it too.

Soon, her kits are apprentices, and Silverwave is happy to go back to her duties, and proud of her kits.  She orders patrols, and walks around.  She then notices Windfeather missing, and orders search patrols.  Once she is returned, Silverwave is approched by Hawktalon to go hunting. She agrees, hinting that she likes him a bit.  When Silverwave returns from hunting, she notices Emeraldblaze doesn't look like she's feeling alright, but wants to take Stormpaw hunting, saying she would feel bad if she didn't.  Silverwave reasures her, telling her she could order her son on a hunting patrol with others, and Emeraldblaze could help her clean dens. Silverwave dips her head to Hawktalon, and thanks him for hunting with her, and looks into his eyes.  She races away to her son, telling Emeraldblaze she would meet her in the Warriors den to start cleaning.  Silverwave orders her son on a patrol, and then goes to the warriors den to help Emeraldblaze.  She blushes at Hawktalon, and he waves to her, making her hot with embaressment. She barries her muzzle into the old moss, trying to hide her face.  Emeraldblaze blinks at her, and Silverwave hisses into her ear that maybe she liked Hawktalon.

Silverwave then goes swimming with Hawktalon.  They play for awhile, enjoying the water and splashing eachother.  They then return to camp, and Silverwave asks Poolstar If she would go on a hunting patrol.  Poolstar agrees, and goes hunting.  Silverwave joins the patrol, and Poolstar leaves to meet Visionblurr, and show him her kits. Silverwave returns, and talks with Hawktalon.  They decide to swim again, and they race to the river. Hawktalon gets close, and Silverwave trips over a root, rolling down hill and into the river.



Stormclaw (Formerly) - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Hawktalon - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Stormfrost - Living

Oakkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Rainingflame - Living

Thunderstorm - Deceased, verified StarClan member


Batwing - Living Coming Soon



Coming Soon


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