A Short story By: Whiskers


A fluffy light silver-gray tabby she-cat lay on the ground, gasping for air.  She gazed down at the small kit next to her, ears back. Why Lyla, why?! She wondered.  Lyla thought of the tom who gave her the kit beside her, purring. I didn't expect Gaston to get me preggo, but he was a nice tom, she thought, looking at the kit. She looks a bit like Gaston, ginger is pretty close to Golden. Lyla sighed, licking the kit's forehead.  Her daughter let out a squeak, making Lyla purr harder. "What to name you...What to name yooou..." She wondered, gazing up at a Cardinal who was hopping around in the tree above her. "Cardinal, I guess...Not that cool of a name, but it's fine." Lyla meowed, curling around her newborn daughter.  "But I can't keep you, I'm only ten moons old, and not responsible enough."

Chapter 1

Cardinal squirmed around as warmth left her.  Lyla rolled her eyes, gazing down at her daughter.  She was impatient, since her kit still hadn't opened her eyes. Her daughter was only 8 days old, making Lyla think she was old enough to survive on her own.  "You were fed a lot just now, you should be fine for the night.  Maybe someone will find you." Mewed Lyla, flicking her silvery tail.  She took a step forward, glancing at her kit once before padding off.

A plump black and white she-cat padded through the forest.  She padded on and on until she came across a tree, sniffing the air. I smell kits! She thought, growling.  She followed the trail to a small ginger and white she-cat, curled in a ball.  She was barely breathing, making the black and white she-cat curious. Is she still alive? She wondered, poking the kit.  It squealed loudly, surprising the she-cat.  The she-cat bristled, hearing loud paw-steps, as if something was running.  Another she-cat suddenly bowled her over, snarling.

"What're you doing to Cardinal?!" She spat.  The black and white she-cat lashed out at Lyla's face, snarling. She leaped to her paws, tail lashing and head low.

"So you're the ungreatful mother who left this kit to die!" Spat the she-cat.  Lyla sniffed, butting her ears back bitterly.

"You can have her, I can't care for her.  I can barely care for myself," muttered Lyla, ribs showing through her pretty pelt.  The plump she-cat narrowed her eyes.

"Sad. I'll take care of your 'Cardinal' until I can find her somewhere to live." Growled the she-cat.  Lyla snarled, bounding away, glancing back at her daughter once with a worried/sorry gaze.  The plump she-cat wrapped herself around Cardinal, who let out a small whimper.  "I had two sons of my own, but a fox got them.  I won't let you die, but I'm not keeping you." She meowed, putting her head back and letting out a sigh. "Great, what did you get yourself into now, Jynx?" Mummbled the black and white she-cat.

Chapter 2

Jynx purred as Cardinal looked up at her with big, yellow eyes. "Did you sleep well, Cardinal?" She asked.

"Yes, mommy!" Meowed Cardinal, rolling over onto her back.  She let out a loud purr as Jynx licked her head.

"Cardinal, don't call me that.  I'm Jynx, not your mother.  I've told you that plenty of times," sighed Jynx, getting to her paws and streatching.  Her sleek pelt shimmered in the bright sunlight.  Cardinal, only two weeks old, got to her paws, tail lashing. 

"Can we go for a walk, Jynx?" She asked, skipping a bit.  Jynx smiled and nodded., padding over to her foster kit. "Yay!" mewled Cardinal, prancing after the black and white she-cat.  They padded to a small pond.  Cardinal looked up at Jynx, confused by the look on her face.  She looked....Nervous. "What's wrong, Jynx?" She asked fearfully, pelt bristling.  Jynx jumped, obviously trying to look calmer.

"N-Nothing, dear....Nothing at all." She meowed, managing to make her face look less tense.  She paused, lowering her muzzle down to Cardinal's bright ginger ear. "Lets play a game.  You hide around this pond....A-And I'll seek," she murmured, voice cracking a bit.  Cardinal looked up at Jynx, a bit confused, but nodded.  "Close your eyes...." Whispered Jynx.  Cardinal did as told, waited awhile, and then opened them. She was gone.  Cardinal purred, sniffing the air, and then frowned. Nothing.  she spent hours searching, and couldn't find her.  It was getting dark, and Cardinal was scared stiff.

"J-J-Jynx!  Come back, mommy, I don't wanna play anymore!" She wailed.  No response.  She was all alone.  She curled up in a ball, sobbing.

Chapter 3

Jynx came back the to spot she left the young kit a week and a half later.  She crouched low, not wanting to get caught by the kit if she had survived and had been adopted by another cat.  She noticed a ginger and white blob laying on the shore.  It didn't move.  Fear prickled Jynx's pelt, so she bounded to the body.  A disgusting scent washed over Jynx, a familular scent: The scent of Death.  Jynx wailed, pushing her nose into her foster kit's pelt. "I-I'm so sorry!" she whimpered. She got up, leaving the body in the dust as she walked away.

"Hey.....Hey, kit!  Open your eyes, Cardinal!" Ordered a sharp voice.  It was the voice of a she-cat.  Cardinal opened her eyes.  She as sitting in a bright and sunny meadow.

"Wow, where am I?!" She gasped, ears pricked.  Cardinal gaze all around, amazed at the lush meadow. 

"In StarClan, young kit.  You died due to hunger, I shall revive you since I feel bad for you.  You resemble me, and shall be another me.  But do not get comfy, your not staying in StarClan for long." A large, Ginger and white she-cat spoke.  Cardinal gasped up at her, amazed.

"Who are you?" She asked.  The ginger and white she-cat looked away.

"Follow the shadows. It will be morning when you wake, if you follow the shadows quick enough, you shall arrive at AutumnClan....My Cl-" Before the she-cat could finish, she vanished.  Cardinal's gaze blacked out until she was back by the pond.  Follow the shadows!!! A sharp voice barked in her head, making Cardinal cringe.  She jumped to her paws, belly full, and followed the shadows until she met some adult cats.  They will take you in, and you shall be another me.  Protect my Clan with your life, Cardinal.


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