Saoirse is a group of Loners & Rogues found by Jaws, a cat from Ireland. He named it Saoirse, meaning "Freedom" in Irish. The Loner also named the group off of the group he lived in as a kit, which was ruled by his father, and he was the very heir. Saoirse's ranking(s) is/are based off Wolf Packs. This group lives just outside The Storm Fronts' Territory, being sure to keep their distance. The group is very formal, and it is always sure to mark its borders and defend them well.

Please PM Whiskers to join!

~The Rankings~


(Main cat in charge, must be a tom. Treated with the highest respect. The leader/main one in charge.) (only one)

Jaws - Tall, muscular dark brown tabby tom with serious green eyes.

Alpha She-cat

(Mate of the Alpha, treated with great respect.) (can be more than one)

Pelli - Pretty, Cream and white tabby she-cat with hazel eyes, also the Beta.

Alpha Heir

(The son' of the Alpha. Treated with great respect.) (Only one)



(The second in charge. Fairly respected. He/She's the Medicine Cat/Deputy) (only one)

Pelli - pretty, cream and white tabby she-cat with hazel eyes.

Beta Heir

(The "Heir" of the Beta. Does not have to be the offspring of the Beta, this cat is chosen by the Alpha, Alpha She-cat, and the Beta) (only one)



(The traitor/disliked in the group. THERE DOES NOT NEED TO BE ONE! This cat isn't respected what-so-ever, and is thought badly of) (only one)

Summer- Small smoke ghost black tabby with amber eyes.


(The Warriors of the group. They hunt and patrol, and are respected.) (can be more than one)



(Queens) (Can be more than one)



(Self-explanitory. They're kits) (Can be more than one)



(Cats who care for the kits when the parent(s) are gone/busy. They're often clowns, and are fairly respected.) (CAN'T have their own kits) (1-2)



(Elders) (Can be more than one)



The camp's in a big clearing, near The Storm Fronts' Territory, but not yet in it. It's still fairly far away, giving the group plenty of room to claim territory as their own. There is a mix of trees around the camp, ranging from pines to maples. There's plenty of prey in the territory, and a small stream that runs through camp, and a wide, deep one somewhere in the territory.


Alphas' Den(s)

The Alphas tend to share a den, but if not, there's a den reserved for the Alpha she-cat if she wants to spend a night alone. The Alpha Male's den is a large, wide tree with its branches and roots wrapping around a large boulder. The den is massive inside, and even has a few "floors". There's ivy covering the main entrance, keeping the den cooler. It's fairly dark inside, and the stream wraps around it and the Nursery. (The roots and branches are greatly intertwined)

The Alpha she-cat's den (again, only for when she wants some privacy) is between two rocks, and very close to the Alpha's den. The ground is sandy and surprisingly comfortable.


The nursery is located near the Alpha's den. It's a large hole in the side of a very small hill, with a dirt floor. The entrance is shaded by some bracken and ferns.

Beta's Den

The Beta's den is located in a clump of shaggy bushes. There are a few places where he/she can put his/her herbs.

Subordinates' Den

The subordinate den is massive, being located next to the nursery in the hill. There are a few holes in the roof so light can poor inside, and if it rains, cats climb to the top and put moss over the holes. The ground is a dirt floor.

Omega's Den

The Omega sleeps in a small bush.

Care-Takers' Den

The Care-Takers have a choice of sleeping the Nursery with the kits, or under a Honeysuckle bush.

The Rested

The rested have their very own private den. The sleep in a small, rocky den where they can sun themselves up on top in the morning.