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Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Given Kit: Smokekit

Apprentice: Smokepaw
Warrior: Smokeheart

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Died due to old age
Debut SummerClan 9
Last Post Unknown
Father Cindershade
Mother Firesky
Siblings Thunderblaze, Berrynose, Morningpaw, One-ear
Mate Brindlenose
Kits None
Apprentice Tigerclaw
Owner Stormstar
Smokeheart is a large, sturdy, muscular jet-black tom with mint-green eyes and a gray tinted muzzle.


He is cocky, hard headed, and competitive. He has a super power to blend in with his surroundings, and tends to use it a lot to sneak up on cats. He is super compatetive and is always looking for the glory. He is really brave and very detirmined to prove to everyone he is great. The only reason he trains in the Dark Forest is because he wants to become stronger. He shows a true love for hi mate, Brindlenose, and he would die for her.


He was born to Firesky and Cinderhade with his siblings Thunderkit, Berrykit, Morningkit, and Duskkit. He has a power to blend in with his surroundings. He uses it a lot to sneak up on his siblings in the nursery. He loves to run around. He plays clans with his siblings, and is leader of WinterClan.

When he is apprenticed, he is met by a Dark Forest warrior, asking him to train with them, to make him stronger. He, unknowing of the evil that he was agreeing to, agrees and trains with the rest of the Dark Forest, thinking it's just helping his clan. In reality, the dark forest wanted him for his power. He is a loyal apprentice and would do anything for his clan.

He is shown with Yellowkit boasting about his power. He later trains with Brindlepaw, he at first doesn't like her, but after a while of spending time with her, he begins to have feelings for the tortoiseshell she-cat. He later gets a new mentor since his other mentor, Sootflight, has kits. His new mentor is Longtail.

Later, he earns his warrior name, Smokeheart, and goes to celebrate with Brindlepaw. She later earns her name too, Brindlenose, and he is super excited about it. Stormclaw comes over and starts revealing embarrassing stuff about his feelings for Brindlenose, which she giggles. He is about to rip his face open on the other hand.

He later reveals that he does love her and he asks her to be his mate. She replies yes and the two become mates. He later gets his first apprentice with Brindlenose, Tigerpaw and Brindlenose gets his sister, Nightpaw.

Later, he fights in the battle of the century. He fights against a WinterClan tom, and gets himself thrown against a tree. He gets up and runs at him, scratching his belly and making him run.

Later, his mate becomes horribly injured. He is injured too, but he sill looks for her, knowing something is wrong. When he finds her, he takes her to camp, and Silverstripe treats her, and she is unconscious.

Later, she does get better, and she asks Smokeheart to go training with her apprentice, Snakepaw. He says yes, and heads out with her.

Much later, he is seen in camp, wondering if he should retire since his brother, One-ear, already has.


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Smokeheart: "Brindlenose.... I would like to ask you a very important question, will you be my mate?"
Brindlenose: "YES! Of course I will!"
—Smokeheart asking Brindlenose to be his mate SummerClan/Roleplay


Smokekit's Apprentice Ceremony

Moonstar: ""Let all cats old enough to catch thier own prey join beneath here for a clan meeting!"
Clan: "Walks to the High??? and sits there, waiting"
Moonstar: ""Thunderkit, Berrykit, Duskkit, Morningkit and Smokekit. Come foward."
Smokekit and the rest: "Walk up proudly, Smokekits tail in the air excitdedly"
Moonstar: "You are six moons old and it is time for you to become apprentices. Thunderkit, you are now Thunderpaw. Your mentor will be Moonshade. Berrykit is now Berrypaw and his apprentice is Cloudstorm. Duskkit is now Duskpaw and your mentor is Bluesky. Morningkit you are now Morningpaw and your mentor is Bracken. Smokekit you are now Smokepaw and your mentor is Sootflight."
SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 11

Smokepaw's Warrior Ceremony

Rowanstar: "May all cats old enough to catch thier own prey join beneath here for a clan meeting!"
Narrator: "Cats gather around, Smokepaw puffs his chest out proudly, walking to Rowanstar"
Rowanstar: "Smokepaw Skypaw Duskpaw Brightpaw Seedpaw and Aurorakit, please step forward."
Smokepaw and everyone else: "Steps forwards proudly"
Rowanstar: "It is time for these apprentices to become warriors. Smokepaw Skypaw Duskpaw Brightpaw and Seedpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"
Smokepaw and the rest of the apprentices: "I DO!!!!"
Clan: "Laughs"
Rowanstar: "Then I commend you all as warriors in return. Smokepaw, you will be known as Smokeheart, Skypaw, you will be known as Skycloud, Duskpaw, you will be known as Duskjaw, Brightpaw, you will be known as Brightfeather and Seedpaw you will be known as Seedfeather. StarClan honors your courage, honor, bravery and thanks to me, patience. We welcome you as a full warrior of SummerClan"
—Smokeheart's warrior ceremony SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 19


Father - Moonshade - Living

Mother - Firesky - Living

Sisters - Morningpaw - Living, Berrynose - Living

Brothers - Duskjaw - Living, Thunderblaze - Living

Uncles - Pine - Unknown, Nightpelt - Living, Ashfrost - Living, Bracken - Living

Aunts - Skymist - Living, Rose - Unknown, Spottedheart - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Snowflake - Living

Grandfathers - Taiko - Unknown, Fireblaze - Deseased; verified StarClan member

Grandmothers - Fluffy - Unknown, Brindleflower - Deseased; verified StarClan member

Cousins - Lilyflower - Living, Tornadostorm - Living, Sorrelpaw - Living, Jadepaw - Living, Blazeshot - Living, Golddust - Deseased; verified StarClan member, Silversnow - Living, Lightningflash - Living, Duskshadow - Living


  • His great uncle, Smokeblizzard is reincarnated into him.
  • Smokeheart's power is to blend in with the background even in snow with his dark fur. His power is like a chameleon and can blend in if he wants to. He is very cocky, when it comes to competition.
  • He had a huge crush on Brindlenose, but he wouldn't admit it to her before due to him being over proud.
  • He was an apprentice for way longer then it needed to be, which is because he was forgotten for a while, and when Stoem adopted him, he was brought back to the rp a bit

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