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Snow (Lo) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Snow (Lo) is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Snow (Lo)
Placeholder cat
Current Loners & Rogues
Given Snow (Lo)
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Ice
Sibling Cloud
Mate None
Kits None
Owner None
Snow is a pure white she-cat with light blue eyes. She is a loner.


Snow is caring and sweet and a cat who cares about others. She always wants things to be fair, but when it comes to disliking someone, she can be vicious.


Snow is born to Ice and an unknown tom. She grows close to Nina and Fronds' kits, and takes a liking to Dusk. When Dawn and Cloud start fighting, Snow starts to dislike Dusk, and the two start getting snappy at each other. There fate is yet to come.


Father: Unknown

Foster Father: Hunter - Living

Mother: Ice - Living

Brother: Cloud - Living

Character Pixels

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Life Image

Snowfall kit pic




  • She and her brother Cloud, look exactly like their mother.

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