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Current StarClan
Past SpringClan, Loner
Age Approx. 72 moons old (6 years) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Sickness
Debut SpringClan IV
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Mates Darknight (formerly), Thrushfall
Kits Icestorm, Darkslash, Leafstem, Birchtrail, Spiritheart, Swankit, Shyheart, Maplestorm
Owner Ferk

Snowfern is a gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Although she was previously an elder of SpringClan, she now currently resides in StarClan after succumbing to an unknown sickness. Snowfern is remembered as a loving mother and friend, and also remembered for her fierce loyalty to the Clan she lived in.



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Kithood and Adolescence

She has struggled through loss from a young kit; her father died the day she was born, and one of her littermates died from the harsh cold of leaf-bare. In addition to that, her mother disappeared during a hunting patrol, the day Snowfern herself was made an apprentice.


Snowfern's first debut is her entrance into the SpringClan camp, carrying fresh food. As she pads over to drop her catch, she purrs as Snowshine happily heads over to her new apprentice, Lilypaw. Snowfern remarks that Lilypaw must be proud of her mentor, after congratulating Snowshine. Giving her friend a friendly lick on the ear, and declares to her friend that she is proud since most cats would be ecstatic to abandon their warrior duties for the sake of retirement. Grinning in response, Snowshine thanks her friend, meowing that she could not live without her sister anymore, and so she decided to return to her Clan duties. Blinking, Snowshine also jokes that she is not too terribly old, winking.
In response, Snowfern states the Snowshine was nearly not old enough to retire, and proceeds to proudly ramble on regarding how she will serve her Clan, despite the cats around her glancing with amusement glimmering in their eyes. As Snowfur returns from a hunt, she notices the Clan staring at the proud she-cat, and wonders what is going on. Padding over to the new arrival, Snowshine pads up to her, explaining Snowfern's desire to serve her Clan. Shortly after, Froststar bounds over, telling Snowfern that she is very faithful to the Clan, and wishfully thinking about how Warmpelt could have been the same.
A few moments later, as Snowfur and Grayfur discuss the death of Iceflow, Snowfern comes up to them. Shaking her head as tears stream down her cheeks, Snowfern expresses her regrets that if she had still been hunting, Iceflow might have been found. Emphasizing how loyal and wonderful Iceflow was, Snowfern stumbles away, her vision blurred by tears and wondering what potentially could have caused her friend's death.
After Iceflow's body is discovered and evaluated- noted to have another cat's scent nearby- Snowfern declares that the cat who killed the she-cat will regret they had ever been kitted, sobbing in the process. She then pads over to sit vigil for her fallen friend, and is later joined by Wintersnow, who notes her seated next to Darknight. Looking over at Darknight later on, Snowfern grows concerned as his eyes blur with tears. She licks his cheek in comfort, asking if he is alright, to which Darknight simply leans against her, sobbing, and states he is not, but he will avenge his sister.
While Snowfern reclines into Darknight's flank, she strokes it with her tail, grooming his fur. She vows to her close friend that she will be there to avenge the she-cat, with him, following her words with a promise. Purring, she notes how surprised she is through the way he leans into her fur and how his scent wreathes around her. Only then does Snowfern realize- with a pang later replaced with immense determination- that she is in love with the tom.
Later on, Darknight and Snowfern are witnessed hunting together. As Darknight catches the scent of Snowfern wreathing around him, he completely accepts the fact that he was certainly in love with the she-cat. Spotting a squirrel, Darknight attempts to pounce upon it, but the critter flees- directly towards Snowfern's paws. Right after catching it, the two cats lock eyes, and only then does Darknight ask Snowfern to be his mate.
She had kits with Darknight. Their kits are Leafpaw, Icepaw, Birchpaw, and Darkpaw. She is now expecting her second litter. She starts to kit in the middle of the clearing. She has no trouble during her kitting, and gives birth to two healthy kits; Swankit and Spiritkit.


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Love Interests

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