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Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Age 67 moons old
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a badger.
Debut SpringClan Archive 4
Last Post Unknown
Father Strongheart
Mother Winterheart
Siblings Frosty, Frostclaw
Mate Grayfur
Kits Darknight, Wintersnow, Iceflow
Mentor Tanglefur
Apprentice Brightwing
Deputy Position
Predecessor Mousefoot
Successor Darknight
Owner Patch
Snowstar is a tawny, beautiful, sleek, fluffy snow-white she-cat with blue eyes, blue paws, sharp claws, blue ears, and a blue tail tip.



Snowstar is kind and playful. She loves helping her Clanmates. She is a very good hunter and fighter. She always catches fresh-kill for her clan first and she never wants to do anything against the warrior code. She loves her mate, Grayfur. She adores her kits, Darknight, Wintersnow, and Iceflow. She is a sweet, kind-hearted cat.


Snowfur is a beautiful snowy white she-cat with blue tail tip, paws, muzzle, and ears. She has beutiful, bright blue eyes. she has multiple pale scars that can barely be seen. She has a gash across her left paw.


Snowfur is healthy she loves to at mole and squirrel.


She can see into the future but nobody but Grayfur knows.


Kithood & Adolescence

Snowkit was born to Winterheart and Strongheart, along with her siblings, Frostkit and Frosty. When the three kits were born, Snowfur's parents decided that she was the only kit fit for clan life and brought the other kits to live with twolegs. When she became and apprentice, her parents left the clan to become kittypets with their other kits, and Snowfur was left with only Grayfur


When she finally became a warrior, she and Grayfur became mates and they have three kits, Icekit, Darkkit and Winterkit. Snowfur continues living in her daily clan life when her kits become apprentices, and is happy to watch her kits grow up into fine warriors. One day, she hears that Iceflow, her daughter, had fallen into the river and drowned. She is devastated. Snowfur is seen later, talking to Icekit and Darkkit, two of Darknight and Snowfern's kits. Snowfern tells her that Icekit, Darknight's daughter, is a reincarnation. Snowfur nods because she already knew that from her behavior. She is one of the only cats who knows that Icestorm is a reincarnation of Iceflow. She is seen a few times talking to Darknight or sharing prey with Wintersnow.he later becomes an elder with Grayfur, and she is seen peering out of the elders den during ceremonies and announcements. She lives a peaceful life as an elder until she recieves an unexpected visit from her brother, Frostclaw, who she never knew existed. She is shocked that she had a brother all this time and never knew, but is happy to see him. Frostclaw joins the clan, and Snowfur asks how her parents had been. Frostclaw tells her that they are in good health, and living with kind twolegs. Later, Frostclaw falls in love with Almondsage, and Snowfur is very happy for him.Later on, she is out in the forest on a walk, because her legs were getting stiff, and she hears a loud stomping through the forest. She runs toward it, and finds a badger who is heading toward SpringClan camp. She attacks it, knowing she had to stop it from attacking the camp, and it throws her against a tree. Darknight comes and scares it off, saving his mother from being killed by the badger. Snowfur's head is bleeding, and she is slowly dying. Darknight cries out that she can't die, and she promises him that the two of them will meet again. Grayfur appears and cries out for her, crying that she can't leave him. She replies that it was her time, and that Snowstar's destiny was complete, and she says goodbye to Darknight and Grayfur, saying that she would meet them again, and to tell Wintersnow that she loved her. Her last ounce of life drains out, and she is gone. As Darknight and Grayfur cry, it begins to rain, and her spirit leaves her body forever. Her body is dragged into camp, and all of her family sits vigil for her, including Icestorm's newly born kits.


She is seen talking to her family in StarClan about Sapphopaw and Cheetahpaw's injuries (Rst coming soon.)


Father: Strongheart - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Mother: Winterheart - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Mother-in-Code: Starlight - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Father-in-Code: Darkpelt - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Sister: Frosty - Living

Brother: Frostclaw - Living

Brother-in-Code: Blacknight - Deceased, Residence: Place of No Stars

Mate: Grayfur - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Son: Darknight - Living

Daughters: Iceflow - Deceased, Residence - StarClan, Wintersnow - Living

Grandsons: Darkslash - Living, Geckokit - Deceased, Residence - Unknown

Granddaughters: Icestorm - Living, Leafstem - Living, Birchtrail - Living , Swanfeather - Living, Spiritheart - Living

Great-Grandson: Cheetahspirit - Living

Great-Grandaughters: Sappho - Living, Tealspark - Living, Enigmamist - Living, Lunapaw - Living, Fawnpaw - Living










Strongheart-Coming Soon


Winterheart-Coming Soon


Frosty-Coming Soon

Frostclaw-Coming Soon

Mate Grayfur-Coming Soon


Darknight-Coming Soon

Iceflow-Coming Soon

Wintersnow-Coming Soon

Love Interests

Grayfur-Coming Soon


Nightfury-Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Life Image


Character Pixels

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  • Snowfur was made to be based off of Snoweh.
  • Snowfur has a whole story written about her that Snoweh wrote.
  • She was originally going to be named Snowpelt, but Snoweh changed it to Snowfur.

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