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Current StarClan
Past WinterClan, Loner
Age Approx. 132 moons at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Thorn (Deceased)
Mother Amber (Unknown)
Sibling Alice (Unknown)
Mate Unnamed mate
Kit Silvie (deceased)
Apprentice Lightningstorm
Owner Crys

Snowshadow is a pure white and pale gray she-cat with sparkling dark blue eyes.


Snowshadow is curious, kind-hearted and proud. She is loyal and wishful. She always tries to understand other cats, and calm them. She never gives up and is fights like a queen protecting her kits in battles, even if she can never succeed. Sometimes, this will risk her life for foolish reasons, as she isn't the greatest fighter. She always do things that can threaten her life, but does it anyways to protect her clan.... or so she thinks.

Snowshadow is someone who can calm a lot of cats, and spreads peace. However, she is easily judged by other cats for who she is and her lack of true clan blood, making her quiet and reserved. She tries to be a good cat, but she feels that she will never be a good warrior, thus making herself push too hard. She is stubborn when she makes her choices, and her brave nature can cause her trouble. Snowshadow judges herself too much, and hates herself for it.


Snowshadow was born a loner and grew up a loner, until her kit and mate died. She ran away from loner life and found WinterClan, where she stayed ever since.

Snowshadow is briefly seen talking to Icekit when lightning strikes Iriskit.

After, She is later seen sleeping, until Silversnow sneaks out to FreeClan. Snowshadow wakes up and follows Silversnow and asks where she was going, along with Mistcloud. Silversnow tells them she was going to FreeClan, and that they needed her. Snowshadow and Mistcloud gets angry and reports to Reedstar.

After Snowshadow tells the clan her plan, they go out to FreeClan camp, where FreeClan attacks. Snowshadow is seen attacking Bark and Tansy. Thornstar attacks her when Snowshadow accidently pushes Tansy into the stream.

Snowshadow is later seen helping Mistcloud. She attacks Thornstar fatally and Reedstar finishes him off, taking away one of his lives. Reedstar tells them to retreat, because they had won the battle, but hangs around. Snowshadow pauses, too. Thornstar wakes up and tackles Reedstar, so Snowshadow slice opens his belly. Reedstar and Snowshadow leaves the FreeClan territory.

Snowshadow is seen talking to Pumpkinpatch in the medicine den. She then talks to Beautifulkit and Moonkit while they fix her up. Beautifulkit talks about the prophecy from Red-eye. Snowshadow notices Stormblaze easdropping and says to Beautifulkit to move to the nursery. They start talking about the prophecy in the nursery.

Snowshadow is the first to notice Crystalheart and Shimmerkit joining the clan. She threatens them, but softens when they join.

Snowshadow tries to help Crystalheart when she is kitting, but fails. Snowshadow grieves heavily.

After, Snowshadow finds Golddust drowning in the lake. She attempts to save Golddust, but fails and nearly dies in the process. Icepaw comes to Snowshadow's rescue and saves her.

Snowshadow is seen with Thornwhisker. She has a small crush on him, but she's too shy to admit it. Snowshadow has a thorn stuck in her paw, and Beautifulpaw fixes it.

She later dies, and goes to StarClan.


Father - Thorn; deceased, unknown residence
Mother - Amber; deceased, unknown residence
Siblings - Alice; status unknown
Mate - Mountain; deceased, unknown residence
Kits - Silvie; deceased, unknown residence


  • "Even when you helped FreeClan, you've chosen us. That is a heart of a true warrior. Now we can share our victory, together. If you fought for FreeClan, you would have never have or trust. You would have never shared the victory. We are proud to have you, Pumpkinpatch." —Snowshadow to Pumpkinpatch in WinterClan after the fight with FreeClan
  • "You're doing great, Moonkit. Your the one who's fixing me up, not Beautifulkit. I have one of the worst injuries, yet you still help me. Not even Beautifulkit can compare to you." Snowshadow to Moonkit in WinterClan

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  • Snowshadow will help Risingspirit and Beautifulkit fullfill their prophecy that will make them the greatest leader and medicine cat WinterClan has ever seen.
    • This prophecy has passed.
  • Snowshadow's mate will be Thornwhisker later on.
    • Because both cats died, they will not become mates.

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